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It’s advancing that Lorraine Ali chose to bolster and added compose in the minds of Americans the abstraction that Karens are abominable bodies [“Why We Fear the Karens,” July 12].

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Think of all those adolescent kids called Karen who are now actuality addled and afraid for artlessly actuality called “Karen.” Ask yourself, “How would I feel if my name were acclimated this way?”

Karen Miller

Anaheim Hills


I’ve aloof apprehend Ali’s annotation on white bellicism and the animal behavior of the “Karens” in our world. I accede that their behavior is abominable and awful and charge be changed. It cannot be tolerated.

Where I disagree is aback she takes a attempt at Fox Account anchors by advertence that they advance assortment as the enemy. I aboveboard disagree.

I try to apprehend assorted sources of account and I resent it aback journalists advance added accepted new sources as the enemy. The best this blazon of autograph goes on, the eventually bodies will stop account and watching boilerplate account like the L.A. Times.

Jenny Amoroso



Why is there no Jason meme?

I’m an old-time absolute feminist — aback aback feminism was multi-racial, multi-age and multi-class. My aboriginal civilian rights admirers was in Chicago in 1960, my aboriginal women’s rights beef in the the aboriginal ’70s.

What if this banderole had read: “The Internet Meme of the Affronted Black Woman” or “The Internet Meme of the Affronted American Muslim Woman”? Get the picture?

Ali should apprehend she stands on the amateur of earlier feminists and booty this criticism to abound — and use her ability to admiration in The Times why there is no Jason meme.

Mary Sojourner

Flagstaff, Ariz.

It should be acclaimed that Ali’s commodity did altercate men “getting a pass”: “Several progressives, critics and feminists altercate that the internet’s changeable archetypal of white advantage is in itself sexist, allotment of an age-old accomplishment to abashment women who allege out. Why does the guy continuing abutting to Karen usually get a pass? But don’t aberration Karens for Gloria Steinem. Because the absolute acumen best of these videos accept catapulted to the top of your chase after-effects comes bottomward to one thing: racism.”

Canceling the ‘cancel culture’

Mary McNamara opens her appraisal of the Harper’s letter with a booty that’s been circulating blithely on Twitter all week: that those calling to abolish “cancel culture” are hypocrites.

McNamara misses the point. Her ample analogue of abandoning — a catchall for aggregate from boycotts to abhorrence mail to duels — trivializes what’s altered about this moment. Conceding that amusing media allows opinions to anatomy at the acceleration of WiFi, McNamara neglects to accede which way the accord is agilely building.

Political barbarism isn’t the new cool; wokeness is.

I generally anticipate about how in 1978, the ACLU dedicated neo-Nazis’ appropriate to advance in Skokie, Ill., acquainted that the 1st Amendment protects all announcement — alike dumb, angry, abandoned expression. If the ACLU took this position today, bodies would abolish their donations.

Alma Cook

Los Angeles

Diversity in theater

Regarding amphitheater analyzer Charles McNulty’s cavalcade “Awareness Arrives With a Jolt” [July 5]: Playwrights of blush charge to amount out how to get audiences of blush to appear their productions. A arrangement of factors are involved, not the atomic of which are admission prices, traffic, etc., but the absoluteness is that the aggregate of alive nonprofit amphitheater audiences are earlier white people.

What theaters will assuredly be accountable to do is advance a adolescent audience, a large, multicultural demographic to appear alive theater.

Angus MacDonald

Culver City

A awe-inspiring moment

I accepted Christopher Knight’s annotation about the Jefferson Davis cairn in Bakersfield [“SoCal Racist Plaque Gets the Boot,” July 14].

It is awkward that so abounding bodies may not apperceive ambiguous aspects of our history and how they bell today. Artlessly administration of or ambuscade monuments misses an befalling to teach. As George Santayana and Winston Churchill warned, those who abort to apprentice from history are accursed to echo it.

Our Constitution calls for the accumulation of a added absolute abutment — commodity that will appear about alone if we apprentice from our mistakes. Added accessories in The Times about our ambiguous history would advice in our appetite for that added absolute union.

Susan Scrivner


Mask persuasion

Regarding “Mask Marketing Needs a Cast Quip” [July 3] by Mary McNamara: I accede that we charge a acute PSA to advance cutting a mask.

However, we charge accustomed Californians to actualize PSAs from the affection on why they abrasion masks, rather than a cogent professionally crafted attack — commodity New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo broke into aback he created a challenge for his state.

For the aftermost few weeks, I’ve proposed to an arrangement of government admiral at the accompaniment and bounded akin that California barrage a abrasion a affectation ad antagonism — modeled afterwards New York’s contest. They all anesthetized on the idea.

Californians will charge to deathwatch up to the actuality that if we appetite a bold, honest and alarming PSA on cutting masks, we’ll charge to bearing it on our own after the government’s help.

I appetite my adolescent Californians to accompany me and actualize such a competition. We should be acute abounding to apperceive aback to carbon addition state’s acceptable idea. We are absolutely avant-garde abounding to put own different circuit on it.

Steven Lutzer

Los Angeles


A cast badinage apropos affectation wearing. I fabricated this up weeks ago: Don’t be a maskhole, abrasion your mask.

Ronni Bedell

Los Angeles


I don’t absolutely accept why bodies debris to abrasion masks out in public. They either don’t anticipate the atypical coronavirus blackmail is absolute or they anticipate cutting a affectation is a assurance of weakness. Maybe affectation cutting is not adult or hip, but all the bloom experts accede that cutting them helps accommodate the advance of the virus. Maybe a able byword and ad campaigns would help. I’m not in advertising, but I am a writer, so how about:

“Be a superhero — affectation up!”

Or: “COVID-19 doesn’t appetite you to abrasion a mask!” With activated atypical coronavirus critters amusement as they fly through the air and access bodies not cutting masks.

People in L.A. who do this blazon of affair charge to footfall up.

Jeff Rack


Music for affection and health

Mark Swed’s beautifully accounting commodity on Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 15 in A Minor, a.k.a. Opus 132 [“An Ailing Beethoven Looks Acutely Within,” July 5], aggressive me to revisit the piece.

In about every aspect, Swed was acutely advertent and affably insightful, decidedly capturing the affecting aspect of Beethoven angry his infirmities, alternately acquisition and actuality afflicted by challenges, and its affiliation to our time. But there’s one allotment of musically ambiguous advice that should be acclaimed for ambitious musicians.

My baby artifice on Swed’s high-quality author is that he declared the Lydian approach as actuality all the white keys.

Since the music apple defaults to accede the agenda C as the starting point, or axial point, of all scales and modes, this is misleading.

The Lydian approach would be every white key starting from F to an octave aloft F. Every white key from C to C is the far added banal and accustomed Ionian mode. The aloft 4th signifies Lydian. By the way, this allotment has alone tiny hints of that mode; it isn’t featured at all. Best of the average area is in the all white key, C to C mode. That’s not Lydian. It’s alone faintly hinted at, and Lydian contains appreciably added harmonic astriction than Ionian. Curious why Beethoven called it that. The final A accessory area has added of the collapsed 5th/quasi-Lydian aspect in it than the molto adagio does, admirable as it is. The actual end hits it added aboveboard on.

Use of the authentic Lydian approach in Beethoven’s time was attenuate or nonexistent. You ability accept to go aback to the time of Italian blueblood and artisan Carlo Gesualdo (1566-1613) to acquisition abounding use of that mode.

As a constant lover of Lydian, I acceptable got my aboriginal acknowledgment from Frank Zappa. The Lydian approach has been arresting in Indian ragas aback forever, and its use in accepted music has consistently ashore out to me. In the song “Moon River,” the agenda on the chat “wider” is the aspect of that mode. In “Bali Hi,” it’s the agenda on the chat “hi.” The song “Pretty Ballerina,” a haunting, goose bumps-inducing classic, was the aboriginal ’60s pop song to affection the Lydian mode, as far as I’m aware. Lydian has affluence of adapted tension.

In any event, acknowledgment to Swed for alarming me to burrow aback into an amazing allotment of work. I’m alert to it with new ears, and it’s a assignment of greatness.

Fuzzbee Morse

Los Angeles

Origin adventure of words and music

Mark Swed’s “The Genesis of Modern Music” [July 8] seems to accept been accounting accurately for me — because my best listened to Pandora base is Guillaume de Machaut Radio.

I acquisition it alluring that composers leave the argument for the accustomed of the Mass (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus and Agnus Dei) adored and unchanged, while ambience that argument to agreeable compositions that reflect abreast rhythms, harmonies and counterpoint.

That’s absolutely a spectrum, from plainchant to composers Leonard Bernstein, György Ligeti and the bedrock accumulation the Electric Prunes.

From a accustomed affiliate of the Hildegard von Bingen fan club, acknowledgment for a alluring article.

Walter Gajewski

Long Beach

Remember ‘Cinema Paradiso’

Regarding Randall Roberts’ “His Scores Set the Tone” [July 12]: I was actual afflicted to apprehend that my adolescent agriculturist Ennio Morricone had larboard us, and I apprehend with agog absorption this commodity as I was alert to his music.

While I apperceive that it’s absurd to abridge all his assignment in a abrupt list, I anticipate the account for the 1988 blur “Cinema Paradiso” should accept been mentioned.

That soundtrack is authentic magic, abnormally the allotment at the actual end that highlights so able-bodied the acuteness of the moment as the capital appearance is reminiscing.

Thank you and ciao, Ennio. Your melodies will never leave us.

Michela Merlo

Los Angeles

True then, accurate now

The commodity by Justin Chang and Glenn Whipp about Spike Lee’s cine “Do the Appropriate Thing” [“This Blur Consistently Feels Timely,” July 9] was admirable and insightful, but the best important allotment was the three aftermost words, “Vote in November.”

Jim Plannette

Beverly Hills

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