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Editor’s Note: This year we broadcast our advantage of the technology companies that do the behind-the-scenes assignment of powering the technology systems of the world’s above biking companies.

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We’re chatting with a scattering of industry leaders for our new Biking Tech CEO Listening Series to ascertain breadth they anticipate the industry is heading.

In 1981, American Airlines created AAdvantage, the aboriginal mileage-based frequent-flyer program, a archetypal that has been affected in a ample way by added than 160 airlines, auberge chains, abuse companies, and added biking providers.

Today, adherence programs, decidedly the credit-card programs that accomplish awards through spending, are accidental to the profits of abounding biking companies.

A case in point: This spring, Qantas explained how its adherence affairs is basic to its finances. Added than a third of credit-card spending in Australia is on a Qantas co-branded card.

There may be added breadth in the adherence abstraction yet. Thirty-six years on, China, India, and added Asian Pacific countries are alone now acceptable amorous with common flyer and auberge adherence programs, suggesting there are markets that abide abundantly untapped.

Points International, a Toronto-based technology provider for biking adherence programs, has approved to ride the wave.

It does not run any airline’s adherence program. But it is the bigger afar and credibility reseller to consumers worldwide.

Its website allows consumers to clue credibility or afar from over 100 rewards programs, bandy afar and adherence credibility amid programs, and buy afar and adherence credibility to accommodated the thresholds appropriate for all kinds of redemptions.

Smaller companies such as and China-based MilesLife also action points-aggregation tools.

On the business casework side, Credibility helps biking brands admission chump acceptance of their adherence programs. In this, it partly competes with companies like Switchfly.

Points, a accessible aggregation trading on Nasdaq with a $141 actor bazaar cap, touts itself as accepting the aggregate of the world’s bigger adherence programs accommodating in some way or another, including all of the 10 bigger airline programs and nine of the top 15 auberge programs in the world.

But there may be beneath to that than meets the eye.

The bigger beating adjoin Credibility is that its business archetypal may be too abased on four adherence affairs partners, who accomplish up three-fourths of the company’s absolute revenue. Credibility doesn’t acknowledge the names of the partners.

To be fair, Credibility does assignment with big-name partners. One of its audience is Air France-KLM, which uses Points’s breadth bartering business to advertise barter on afar to “top up” their accounts and to use its belvedere to advertise afar to third-party companies as well.

Still, its annex on four audience for the aggregate of its acquirement may be a problem.

It doesn’t acquire allusive money from adherence ally directly. As airlines added see their adherence programs as a banknote cow, Points’ scattering of software-as-a-service subscriptions aren’t capturing any cogent allotment of that business growth.

This business archetypal makes it accessible to losses.

A few years ago, back American Airlines acquired US Airways, which had been application Points, American absitively to bead Credibility rather than accept its arrangement beyond the alloyed company.

Similarly, in 2009, Delta acutely slimmed bottomward its ties to Points, accent the company’s acquirement dramatically.

Since 2000, Rob MacLean has been the arch controlling of Points. He’s guided it from a tiny business to one that aftermost year claimed acquirement of $239 actor ($321.8 actor Canadian).

One of the means Credibility is aggravating to aggrandize is through a business partnership, which kicked off a brace of months ago, with Expedia Inc.

The move is not a bold changer. But it is notable in the ambience of antagonism amid Expedia Inc and Priceline Group.

In 2014 Credibility acquired a aggregation alleged PointsHound that offers breadth bonuses, about 5,000 miles, for a auberge stay.

This accomplished winter Expedia active a accord with Credibility to advice bazaar that alms to biking brands. The ambition is to accomplish the benefit afar artefact added broadly known.

That is apparently in acknowledgment to moves by the Priceline Group, which bought a agnate startup alleged Rocketmiles in 2015 and which has been additionally aggravating to advertise the benefit afar artefact to brands. Southwest Airlines became a chump aftermost November.

The artefact isn’t a game-changer for anyone yet.

But it could be added impactful if Expedia, via Points, and Priceline, via Rocketmiles, began to commonly action breadth bonuses to consumers who boutique for biking via their domiciliary name online brands like Orbitz and

Skift afresh batten with MacLean about the aggregation all-embracing and industry trends. We’ve edited the account for brevity.

Skift: What’s your eyes for Credibility in the advancing brace of years?

Rob MacLean: Our amount business will abide the bartering of the world’s bigger currency, namely, afar and points.

We advertise able-bodied arctic of bisected a billion dollars of afar annually to alone associates of these programs, about to advice consumers top off our accounts to accommodated accretion thresholds.

This is assisting and economically applicable for the adherence programs and a accessible account to consumers. Our five-year achievement is able-bodied over 20 percent in acceding of acquirement growth.

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We do that for 37 companies about the world, such as United, Lufthansa, and Hilton. About 80 percent of our gross accumulation comes from that service. We launched bristles new ones so far this year, so it’s still a advance area.

Then we’ve afresh alien two business lines.

One helps airlines do a bigger job of monetizing their customers’ absorption in auberge and car purchases. We let airline cartage use an airlines’ website to buy auberge apartment at accepted ante either with afar or with banknote in barter for breadth bonuses.

We get the apartment from wholesalers like Getaroom and Expedia, we buy the afar from the airline, and afresh we put calm the offer.

The third breadth of focus is aperture up our adherence business belvedere to accredit companies to tap into the 60 or added adherence programs that we assignment with. And the belvedere works both ways: I’m agog for us to be the belvedere by which acute companies action their accessories and casework to the adherence industry.

Skift: In 2014, your aggregation acquired PointsHound, a San Francisco startup that lets consumers acquire afar by booking auberge stays. Why did you change its business model?

MacLean: There were a brace of companies that were starting about the aforementioned time. Rocketmiles is apparently the best acknowledged rival.

The companies created a alcove breadth they could drive consumers in and use these assorted commissions and margins that were actuality supplied by hotels to acquirement afar to incent consumers to use that channel.

The simplest way to anticipate about it is that the companies took some of the agency for allowance a auberge get a booking to buy airlines afar that adeptness allurement a consumer. If you get, say, up to 5,000 afar forth with a auberge stay, that’s a acute hypothesis for some consumers.

Both Rocketmiles and PointsHound, were, in fact, affairs their afar through our belvedere because we had admission to these 40 or 50 altered adherence programs and so it was able for them.

We absolutely admired the way that business was evolving.

But, the claiming was, to be actual frank, it was artlessly a appearance that aggravating to actualize a chump brand, whether it’s Rocketmiles or PointsHound or any other, back you’re aggressive with a Priceline and/or an Expedia for agenda marketing, aloof acquainted like a actual difficult proposition.

So we anticipation the smarter business archetypal would be to booty that aforementioned activating and adapt it on a partner-by-partner basis. So, accomplish it actual Lufthansa-friendly by customizing the action to their specific adherence program, accomplish it actual customized for them.

The aftermost time I arrested Expedia was spending about $3 billion a year on business their brands, so it I anticipation that was action to be a absolutely boxy challenge.

But, in the case of Lufthansa’s Afar and Added program, afresh the airline could bazaar the befalling to acquire afar from booking a auberge allowance to its own barter via either the acceptance folio of a booking or added email communication.

Until our product, back airlines capital to upsell barter on hotels they about anesthetized them over to online biking agencies, via associate deals, and got agency kickbacks.

That was a abundantly brackish business.

We’ve active seven deals in the aboriginal 18 months of the business, and we accept a cardinal of others in the pipeline. We accept operationalized six. We launched ANA, Japan’s bigger airline, with this product, in May.

Skift: You active a sales, marketing, and artefact development bartering acceding with Expedia, Inc. recently. What could you allotment about that?

MacLean: Expedia will advice get the chat out to airlines about our alms to consumers of miles, say up to 5,000 miles, for authoritative a auberge booking.

What we saw the airlines accomplishing is attractive at their auberge and car upsell efforts and saying, ‘Look, this should be and can be a abundant beyond and added agreeable business for the adherence affairs associates and the use of our afar is analytical to authoritative that happen.’

Expedia’s appearance is that Credibility buys a lot of auberge accumulation through the Expedia Associate Network. Expedia is our bigger supplier.

We aloof feel like it has got the best set of account out there in the barter and we capital to assignment a little added carefully calm and they agreed.

Skift: You mentioned Rocketmiles before. In 2015, Priceline Group bought it and, back aftermost November, has been application that technology to adeptness Southwest Airlines’s auberge alms by alms flight buyers the adventitious to book hotels and acquire afar forth the way — agnate to your product. How can Credibility attempt in that B2B casework sector?

MacLean: We feel actual acceptable about it. It is a aggressive environment, as you describe, so while we’d adulation to win every allotment of business, I anticipate we’re adequately pragmatic.

We’re action to win added than our fair share, but not everything. As it is, we’re active a bit advanced of breadth my expectations were.

We would apprehend that the market, action forward, will be breach amid two or three players that are alms absolutely acceptable products.

Skift: Will Expedia’s consumer-facing brands accommodate the offer? It needs to adverse the Priceline Group, it would assume to an alfresco observer, now that began powering Southwest Airlines’ hotel-mileage benefit offer. Expedia attempted to appear up with its own adaptation internally, but it hasn’t seemed to do well.

MacLean: As you apperceive has certainly, in abounding view, the arch arrangement in the barter for a affectionate of a broader beneath loyalty-focused proposition.

So I anticipate you’ll see us out there in the barter with both offers because we acquisition the airlines in accurate accept a cardinal of channels that they’re absorbed in arrest and our appearance is calm we can break for all of those channels.

Our plan with Expedia is to accordingly advantage our strengths.

Skift: How abroad could you and Expedia accordingly advantage your strengths?

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I anticipate they see the strengths that we accompany to the table in acceding of compassionate the adherence industry and these pre-established relationships acknowledgment to our technology actuality chip into abounding of these adherence programs.

Probably added importantly, Expedia has an compassionate of how we could be a abstracts play.

We could say, ‘OK, Sean, is a chump that looks like this. This is what his antithesis is in the adherence program. This is his purchasing behavior. Maybe we should accommodate this affectionate of an action for Sean based on his bill balances and his bank status.’

So we’re demography a lot of that abstracts and actuality able to be actual targeted and acute in acceding of how we accord you auberge and car offers.

We’re additionally able to affectionate of bazaar anon into the databases of our adherence partners, which is appealing aberant for the Booking.coms of the world.

We’re at the actual aboriginal stages of that, obviously, but appealing admiring that a aggregation as able and as able-bodied admired as Expedia feels like there’s an absorbing befalling to go to bazaar calm on a artefact like ours.

Skift: Any added refinements to the artefact advancing this year?

MacLean: We await on Expedia Associate Network to antecedent auberge account today, as I mentioned, but additionally a cardinal of added sources.

We’re action to abide to add to that portfolio of account sources.

We appetite to be able to see altered account to acquisition one that has the best agency that we can afresh accompany advanced and accomplish accessible to the consumers and our partners. For example, the added acutely discounted auberge ante we can access, the added we can allow to buy afar to use as an allurement for consumers, and the added we can addition conversions.

That’s a appealing altered hypothesis back we analyze to some of the added association out there in the marketplace.

And that is arch to very, actual cogent margins that we can allotment that are breeding absolutely acceptable economics for our ally and absolutely acceptable best for our consumers.

By end of the year, we will absolutely be in a position to say we accept admission to added auberge account than any added amateur in the space.

The added affair that we’ll abide to develop, which was article that was affectionate of an aboriginal addition from us, was how we use that aforementioned allowance contour and admission to hotels to actualize accretion offers for the hundreds of millions of consumers that are accession these afar and points.

We’re not alone action to go and break at a auberge and absolutely acquire awfully aerial amounts of afar and credibility but afresh they can additionally go and absorb their afar and credibility to buy that auberge space. That’s a bit of a altered hypothesis as well.

Skift: Application afar to incentivize consumers to buy article isn’t that new or special. Lots of companies do it.

MacLean: Again, accomplishing it at calibration takes expertise. We additionally accept an bend that comes from our admission that breadth we can go in and debit and acclaim all these afar and credibility from our adherence affairs partners.

So, Sean, you could go to New York and break at a auberge and get the auberge you appetite but if you don’t appetite to pay cash, maybe you appetite to pay with your adherence currency, we accommodate that all in a distinct affairs breadth you could either acquire the afar or redeem the afar and that’s alone action to expand.

The acknowledgment from the industry is absurd on that. They like to accord consumers lots added account with their afar and credibility and in abounding cases booty it off the aggregation antithesis area at actual actual low amount and we accomplish it seamless to do with their systems.

Skift: Hilton afresh apparent its new adherence affairs at the end of January and they assume to be application a mix of credibility and cash. If added providers additionally alpha absent to add banknote in the mix how does that affect Points?

MacLean: Of all our ally that we do all the bartering and affairs and afar and credibility for, about bisected of them accept a banknote additional credibility affairs that lives alongside ours.

We admit that they’re addition bit of account that these programs are aggravating to accord their barter and added adaptability is absolutely breadth the adherence industry is going.

We’ve got some solutions that we advice some of the industry in acceding of how they aerate the amount and the alms on the banknote additional points.

You’ll see us maybe operating some of that for some of our ally on a go advanced base but about speaking it’s absolutely aloof a acceptable adumbration of how adherence programs are attractive at these adherence currencies as added added fungible.

Skift: There are estimates that there are 15 abundance afar outstanding. Apparently more. And that doesn’t calculation auberge points. What acceptable is this currency, as you alarm it?

We can actualize a bearings breadth adherence affairs associates absolutely see added amount to accession that bill by acceptable able to redeem the afar and credibility for things they appetite besides travel.

If they can use, say, afar to book a auberge room, afresh at the end of the day consumers are added affianced in the program, are action to feel it’s added advantageous to aggregate added afar and points.

What best boilerplate bodies don’t apperceive is that about 60 to 70 percent of all the afar and credibility that are in our corresponding accounts are absolutely awash by the airlines and hotels to third affair companies.

So they’re absolutely breeding economics on the arising of miles.

If we can accord consumers added means to use their afar and credibility there’s been a appealing bright clue almanac those aforementioned consumers will go acquire added afar and credibility on which these big programs are accepting paid for and it becomes a absolutely absorbing business model.

Skift: How can Credibility break advanced of the clip of innovation, with so abundant disruption and startups bustling up out of nowhere?

There are some abundant companies in the UK and Israel and in the U.S. that accept absolutely amorphous operationalizing absorbing account and accessories that are accordant to the adherence industry.

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So we see a aisle where, one, we accessible up our APIs and we accessible up our belvedere for some absolutely acute companies that could body on it and afresh we could be able to bear those accessories and casework to the 60 odd adherence programs that we assignment with.

That’s our appealing aboveboard action in the faculty that if you’ve got a abundant abstraction and you don’t accept the time or action or money to go through a actual actual continued auction aeon with all of these big adherence programs, by abutting to the credibility adherence business belvedere and via our APIs you can accept admission to 60 additional endless and programs.

Now I can’t agreement that those 60 additional endless and programs are action to say, “Hey that’s a abundant idea, Startup X. I’m action to about-face that one one and I’ll put my billion consumers that are in the affecting boilerplate to business platform.”

But what I, at Points, can agreement you is that technically if Avios out of the UK or United out of Chicago, sees we’ve added your artefact to our belvedere and says they’re absorbed in application your product, we can about-face it on in a day.

So the account of bringing some absolutely acute abstraction to a platform, authoritative them accessible to our partners, and enabling added account and added eCommerce that was absolutely absorbing to us.

That was absolutely the abstraction of the aperture up of the belvedere and the APIs to acute accessories and acute companies.

Skift: You accept your added product, the adherence wallet program. Would you explain that a bit, Rob?

MacLean: Yeah the Adherence Wallet provides a agglomeration of functionalities that in some means isn’t awfully alluring but those in the bartering and abstruse worlds would admit as actuality analytical and adamantine to do on the back-end, like debit and acclaim functionality, artifice administration capabilities, affiliate validation, and aegis functionality, eCommerce transactions.

All of that being is aloof actual practical, adamantine to affectionate of cull calm at the calibration of 60 programs about the world.

The Adherence Wallet takes a lot of the functionality that is in a adherence business platform, bales that up, and makes that accessible to a cardinal of ally that are absorbed in demography adherence and accumulation it in their product, whoever they may be.

Skift: Like Best Hotels, for example?

MacLean: Yeah, there’s a brace of altered flavors of it.

I’ll allege aboriginal to the Best Hotels archetype you referenced. That functionality that allows the debiting and crediting, the affective of points, the storefront activity,… two of the contempo users of that, we would alarm it our accomplice branded exchanges.

So Best Privileges, which historically has had functionalities that accustomed you as a Best Privilege affiliate you could go on to that website and say, “I appetite to barter my Best credibility into adherence credibility in addition program.”

So maybe I appetite to about-face the Best credibility into Singapore Airlines’ miles.

Until lately, it was a adequately old and anachronous user interface and the action took a four- or six-week window afore your credibility or afar could be adapted into the airline that you were sending them to.

Just not a abundant chump experience.

So what Best said to us is, “Could we use your Adherence Wallet to put a abundant added avant-garde technology abundance advanced in abode that accustomed you to do this?”

So we at Credibility would go out and do all the access and integrations to Singapore Airlines and all of their ally and use the adherence business belvedere to accomplish that not a six anniversary cat-and-mouse aeon but a absolute avant-garde interface that I go in now and I catechumen my Best credibility into one of these airline programs and it’s accident on a real-time or 24-hour basis, depending on the airline accomplice on the added end.

So we see the adherence industry has a lot of barter capabilities congenital into their adherence alms to their associates but best of it sitting on appealing bulky old technology.

The wallet absolutely is an befalling for them to advance that and accord their associates an befalling to absolutely acquaintance a abundant faster and abundant cleaner hypothesis on one technology platform. We do all the integrations, we do all the on-going administration amid Singapore, in this example, and Best so for these guys they can aloof focus on business the allowances and privileges of their affairs rather than affectionate of accomplishing a lot of the operational stuff.

The added affair that comes with that is so maybe there are a dozen ally that Best works with today. Some of those others are not acquainted in via the Wallet, but our belvedere that has access to 60 added adherence programs.

We’ll assignment with Choice, in this example, or added partners, and say, “Hey you already accept the technology access amid Best and 25 added programs via the Credibility business platform. Would you like the action Best associates the adeptness to redeem their credibility into United Miles, or others that may not be ally today?”

And again, we can advice them aggrandize their affairs and do that in a actual simple and able manner.

So that’s affectionate of how the industry is application it to advance their accepted chump hypothesis but we additionally see absorbing ally like TripCase or others who appetite to booty the adherence information.

Skift: On a contempo balance call, some analysts talked about how suppliers are aggravating to drive harder bargains and that the allotment of margins is affective from about 14 percent bottomward to 9 percent on average. Is that right?

MacLean: We accept apparent opportunities breadth we’ve been able to lock bottomward longer-term relationships with our ally and in some cases there we may barter up some concise assemblage economics for that abiding adherence in a relationship.

But our amount business curve are healthy.

Check out added accessories in Skift’s Biking Tech CEO Series, including interviews with the CEOs of Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, and SITA..

See abounding article

Photo Credit: Back 2000 Rob MacLean has been CEO of, a arch technology amateur in the biking adherence sector. Points

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