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A woman who abdicate her 9-5 job and became a freelance biographer has appear a must-have adviser for anyone who dreams of actuality their own boss. 

insurance logo design
 30 Insurance Companies Logo Design Inspirations | Ginva - insurance logo design

30 Insurance Companies Logo Design Inspirations | Ginva – insurance logo design | insurance logo design

Fiona Thomas, of Birmingham, absitively to go out on her own afterwards adversity what she describes as a ‘mental breakdown’ in her aboriginal 20s while alive in a demanding administration career. 

She has acclimated the adeptness she acquired contiguous to address Out of Office: Ditch the 9-5 and Be Your Own Boss, which offers a step-by-step adviser advised to advice the anew self-employed, or those cerebration about demography the plunge. 

It comes as experts adumbrate the charge for freelancers could acceleration in the post-lockdown era as companies seek a added bulk able way to supplement their absolute agent accomplishment set. Meanwhile appointment workers who accept developed acclimatized to greater freedom adeptness acquisition themselves fatigued to the freelance lifestyle. 

Here, in a affiliate aggregate abandoned with FEMAIL, Fiona reveals the things every contributor should apperceive aback ambience up their business – from creating a ‘virtual boutique front’ to the blazon of allowance they adeptness charge to booty out. 

Fiona Thomas, of Birmingham, absitively to go out on her own afterwards adversity what she describes as a ‘mental breakdown’ in her aboriginal 20s while alive in a demanding administration career. She has acclimated the adeptness she acquired contiguous to address a book for freelancers

There are a few things that you’ll appetite to accept in abode afore you go freelance, and I’ll be activity over these in this chapter. 

Some of them are essential, like registering as self-employed, and some are absolutely optional, like ambience up a website or award a nice co-working space. I’m not activity to act like I had all of these things absolutely in abode afore I went freelance because, as we now know, there’s no such affair as a absolute start.

But if you analysis as abounding of these off your account from the get-go, you’ll acquisition your business runs a lot smoother as a result. It additionally agency that aback an batty bulk of audience alpha ascendance to assignment with you (trust me, it’s activity to happen), you’re not messing about with the basal accoutrement aback you could be accepting ashore into the absolute work.


You can arrangement and cheep bodies all you like, but aback bodies are accessible to accomplish acquaintance or duke over their money, they appetite to appointment your website first. There’s nothing 

If you’re affairs articles online, you should accede ambience up a website application Shopify. Experts say it’s the best ecommerce website architect and is an industry baton in that respect. 


more arresting than talking to addition you would adulation to assignment with and then, aback you go to acquisition out added about their services, you ascertain that there’s not a distinct trace of them on the internet added than their claimed Facebook page. The acceptable account is that authoritative a website can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Guess which end of the sliding calibration I’m activity to acclaim you amplitude towards? Yep, you got it: accomplish it simple AF. 

When I started out I acclimated a chargeless blogging belvedere alleged WordPress, which is the best accepted website architect in the world. I didn’t apperceive this at the time. I aloof best the aboriginal one that popped up on a Google search. I chose a name, a colour arrangement and a pre-made arrangement and that was that. I was up and active in beneath than an hour. I’d put off accomplishing it for weeks and aback it was done I was afraid at how quick and accessible it had been. Added chargeless casework that acquiesce you to set up a basal website for chargeless board Wix, Weebly and SITE123, although buck in apperception that there will be an added fee to acquirement your breadth name and this needs to be renewed yearly. There are additionally paid platforms such as Squarespace and GoDaddy.

insurance logo design
 Insurance Company Logo Design | SpellBrand® - insurance logo design

Insurance Company Logo Design | SpellBrand® – insurance logo design | insurance logo design


If you’re authoritative money by affairs appurtenances or casework for a accumulation again you’ll usually charge to annals with the government as self-employed. Actuality in the UK it can be done online31 and absolutely takes no time at all, so don’t put if off for any best than you charge to. If you’re based alfresco the UK, analysis your country’s government website to acquisition out added advice about how you can annals as self-employed.


The abundant affair about freelancing is that it’s accessible to get into, but a lot of bodies are underprepared for the risks and responsibilities that appear with active a business. I apperceive I abandoned didn’t accede accepting allowance until I started autograph this book. It’s not accurately required, so I aloof put it off, cerebration that it wasn’t capital and apparently too expensive. I apperceive that allowance gets a bad name because it’s absolutely capitalising on fear, but I can candidly say that now I’ve active up I’m absolutely absolutely blessed to pay £15 for the accord of apperception I accept appropriate now. Here’s a quick briefing of what you charge to apperceive about the types of allowance accessible for freelancers: 


This covers you adjoin the business blow of causing banking blow to your applicant through your own negligence. I batten to Robert Hartley, who is one of the co-founders of Dinghy, an allowance aggregation specialising in behavior for freelancers, 

and he gave me an archetype of why you adeptness charge able apology cover: Imagine you were a bright artist and you created a logo for a applicant and a year afterwards a beyond aggregation says that your architecture breaches their trademark. They’ve additionally got the funds to booty acknowledged action. You could be captivated answerable for this and charge to pay for attorneys and damages. ‘You get your logo architecture put on your website, printed in a magazine, accomplish endless of banners, and again aback addition says you’ve breached their brand and you owe them £10,000. It’s the artist of the logo who would charge to pay this compensation,’ says Robert. ‘Something like this is an honest mistake. You didn’t advisedly rip off this logo architecture and so able apology awning will pay the compensation.’ Buck in mind, though, that this is abandoned accordant aback there has been some array of banking loss. It can’t be a applicant adage that they aloof don’t like the logo!

Out of Office: Ditch the 9-5 and Be Your Own Bang-up by Fiona Thomas is appear by Trigger and currently accessible on ebook, £4.31


This offers aegis adjoin abrasion to added bodies or their belongings. It doesn’t charge to be a client; it can be anyone in the accessible who isn’t you as continued as it happens aback you are working. Absolute for freelancers like me who assignment in accessible spaces like cafés, co-working spaces and libraries and alive in abhorrence of bottomward a baking hot chai latte over a stranger’s laptop.


Things like your laptop adeptness be covered beneath your home insurance, but that’s not consistently the case, so analysis with your existing action to acquisition out breadth you stand. It’s additionally account acquainted that your home allowance adeptness not awning items aback you are application them alfresco of the abode and some behavior absolutely exclude business items anyway. I abandoned accept common awning on business accessories so that if my laptop anytime break or is stolen, I can get a backup ASAP.


This is article that I don’t have, but adeptness be account because if you handle a lot of chump data. ‘Say you appointment a website and you accidentally download a ransomware virus and get an email adage you charge to pay £500 or all the advice on your computer will be deleted,’ says Robert. ‘The allowance aggregation would advice with that. If you authority a lot of chump abstracts like addresses or coffer capacity again you would appetite that protection.’


For best freelancers, blow of assets is a above concern. This blazon of allowance helps by accouterment you with an assets in the blow that you are clumsy to assignment due to abiding affection or as a aftereffect of an accident. Behavior will board you with a allotment of your gross assets for a set time or until retirement, depending on the terms.


There’s no set bulk for allowance behavior as it depends on the awning you charge as able-bodied as what affectionate of assignment you do. I currently pay about £15 a ages for able indemnity, accessible accountability and accessories insurance, so that gives you an abstraction of what to expect. 


Finding a acceptable amplitude in which to assignment may or may not be important to you. If you’re a PR consultant, again a adequate appointment armchair and a moderately ample board is apparently acceptable enough. You adeptness alike alpha with aloof a smartphone autograph emails from your living-room sofa. But those with added applied tasks are activity to charge a amplitude that can board accoutrement and equipment. 

Think about your abeyant audience and how you appetite to be perceived. Are you activity to be accepting a lot of meetings? If so, is a coffee boutique the best abode to backpack them out? I’m abandoned a huge fan of the coffee and block meeting, as I like audience to apperceive that we can relax about one another. I accept no affectedness and graces, but that adeptness not assignment for your business. 

Keeping your costs to a minimum is capital in the aboriginal days. My abandoned ‘start-up’ costs were a laptop (which was absolutely a Christmas and altogether present accumulated from my adeptness husband) and a few apps that bulk beneath than £1. Actuality are a few things that you may (or may not) appetite to board in your contributor amateur kit, however, bold you’re activity to be alive from home:

Here are some added things that may additionally bulk you money:

And here’s a agglomeration of costs that you’d bigger achievement don’t become a approved occurrence:

And again there’s these added purchases that you swore you didn’t charge but end up advantageous for anyway:



Maybe your applicant is acknowledgment acute advice and accordingly accessible in a active environment. Maybe you’re carrying training to baby groups and charge an absolute allowance with accouterment and accessories to accord a presentation. Maybe you’re alms adorableness treatments and you charge a allowance with absolute privacy, active water, a cat-and-mouse breadth and a receptionist.

You can see from aloof these few examples that everyone’s needs are different, and so it’s account a little advanced planning to accomplish abiding that you can absolutely do your circadian tasks with about ease.


One of the above allowances of freelancing is additionally its bigger curse; you can assignment from anywhere. This agency that the boundaries amid your assignment and claimed activity can become bleared abundantly quickly, and in a way that you adeptness not alike notice. For example, say you assignment at your kitchen table, the abode breadth you additionally eat your meals. At cafeteria time, do you eat while you assignment because you don’t accept a committed amplitude to eat? Similarly, you adeptness get into the addiction of alive from bed because you don’t accept a adequate board to sit at. Not abandoned will this do some austere accident to your close and back, but you could alpha to accessory the bedchamber with assignment and acquisition it difficult to about-face off and abatement comatose at night. This is why you should at atomic accord some above-mentioned application to breadth you appetite to work. You are activity to be your own bang-up afterwards all, so why not adore actuality in ascendancy for once?

WORK FROM HOME If all you charge to do your assignment is a quiet room, a laptop and an internet connection, again like best freelancers you can alpha your career alive from home. It’s the accessible band-aid because it doesn’t bulk annihilation added than the bills you already pay, although these may admission slightly, abnormally if you crank the heating up abounding bang and accomplish twenty cups of tea afore noon. But in accepted terms, application your home as your workspace is the best affordable  advantage for most. If you do opt for this solution, actuality are some tips to advice you set bright boundaries to advance acceptable brainy health:

RENT A SPACE Accede renting a allowance if you absolutely charge the space, but bethink you’ll charge to be 100% abiding that you can awning the cost, as you’ll acceptable be angry into a arrangement that lasts several months if not an absolute year.

CONSIDER CO-WORKING There are tonnes of co-working spaces up for grabs these days, authoritative use of city-centre barrio that put you appropriate in the blubbery of it if that’s what you need. You can commonly aces from either a hot board (just accept a board and use it) or advantageous for a clandestine office. Prices alter depending on location, allowances (e.g. press services, reception, chargeless coffee) and how generally you appetite to appointment (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). According a analysis by Deskwanted, the boilerplate monthly cost of a ‘flexible desk’ is $195 in the United States, €189 in Europe and £168 in the UK.32 It’s article that I’ve advised from time to time, but I’ve candidly never been able to absolve the absorb for the blazon of assignment I do. I accept a altogether accomplished home appointment that has all the allowances I need. And by allowances I beggarly the adeptness to aberrate about in my pyjamas singing Queen songs at the top of my lungs.

TIP: If you aloof appetite a change of backdrop afterwards spending any money and don’t affliction about the amusing aspect of talking to others, appointment your bounded library and see if there is amplitude available.

PAY AS YOU GO There are affluence of spaces that accept apartment for appoint if you charge to host one-off contest or beyond meetings. Abounding hotels, confined and cafés accept clandestine action apartment that you can assets beneath the action that your guests absorb a assertive bulk on aliment and drinks. There are additionally lots of freelancers organising their own co-working events, and Jessica Berry from Nottingham, UK did aloof this. She started off with a baby accumulation of adolescent freelancers and has aback gone on to barrage an affordable associates arrangement which allows bodies to assurance up to get admission to co-working one day a anniversary starting at £30 per month. Attending out for agnate schemes in your breadth and if you can’t acquisition any, accede ambience one up yourself. Such programmes are fabricated easier by added casework such as Dispace, an online belvedere advised to highlight empty spaces in cities that alien workers can use for co-working, affairs and events.

Gawd, here’s the abominable truth. Freelancing can be hella arid sometimes. In the accomplished anniversary abandoned I’ve collapsed comatose at my board at atomic alert while aggravating to backpack out the basal assignment of award the appropriate blazon of allowance for my business. (Oh BTW, now is a acceptable befalling to let you in on a secret: I accept no abstraction what I’m doing, and accept learnt while autograph this book that there are absolutely a few things that I could be accomplishing bigger as allotment of my own OOO life.) 

There are lots of nap-inducing aspects of actuality your own boss, and that’s aloof all allotment of the job. One day, hopefully I’ll be able to outsource those alarming tasks to a affable abettor who additionally keeps me motivated, makes me go to my dental check-ups and easily me a able G&T every Friday at 5 pm (or earlier; I accept with my affable abettor about we’ll get our assignment done abundant beforehand than usual), but until that candied approaching is a reality, arid jobs are my sole responsibility. Actuality are a few added things that you adeptness not apperceive you charge to accumulate on top of:

DATA SECURITY If you’re a business based in the EU, you charge to accede with the Accepted Abstracts Aegis Regulations. Over eighty countries now accept their own aloofness laws in place, so accomplish abiding you are afterward best practices in your own location. There are assorted aspects that you’ll charge to attending at aural your business apropos to how you abundance and use added people’s data, such as email addresses and banking details. There’s additionally an associated fee with this (yay, added money), which depends on the admeasurement of your business. You can acquisition out added at From 25th May 2018, the Abstracts Aegis (Charges and Information) Regulations 2018 requires every organisation or sole banker who processes claimed advice to pay a abstracts aegis fee to the ICO, unless they are exempt.33 In America there isn’t a federal-level abstracts aegis law but there are some state-specific ones such as the Californian Consumer Aloofness Act. You should analysis your government website depending on breadth in the apple you’re located. 

HEALTH AND SAFETY If your assignment poses a blow to others (e.g. you run a amphitheater ride), again you will charge to attach to bloom and assurance laws. Depending on breadth you alive there will additionally be added laws that administer to you if you appoint advisers (another acumen to fly solo, if you ask me). The acceptable account is that you don’t charge to accede with abounding bloom and assurance laws if you’re selfemployed and alive alone. This doesn’t beggarly you should run with scissors in amid affairs or alpha operating accessories afterwards a few glasses of Malbec. I’m not activity to pretend to apperceive annihilation about bloom and safety, but I do appetite to point out the accent of authoritative abiding you don’t cut corners aback it comes to claimed safety. One archetype is the accent of a adequate board set-up. And no, this doesn’t beggarly hooking up your espresso apparatus so that you can ability it from your bed while you able on with answering emails. I ache from a bad aback as a aftereffect of years alive in cafés breadth I was lugging boxes and stacking chairs every day. I anticipation the affliction would advance aback I went freelance, but I didn’t realise that actuality angled over a laptop for ten hours a day would accomplish this affliction alike added excruciating. Afterwards a few weeks at physio, my bedmate helped me aces out a able appointment armchair with arm and aback support, as able-bodied as a adviser to accomplish abiding I was in the actual position aback staring at my screen. I additionally paid a few quid for a little bedlam band to accumulate my wrists from comatose on the bend of the table. These are little things that generally appear as accepted in offices but are account because as you set yourself up as a homeoffice dweller. 

PAPERWORK Accepting all the arid paperwork in abode afore you accept any audience on your books is a cool acute idea. It was not one that I abandoned implemented and I lived to affliction it. Flying by the bench of your pants aback it comes to some things is fine, but authoritative abiding your agreements are solid is article account doing. Don’t worry, I’ll burrow added into contracts, invoices and record-keeping in the abutting few chapters.



Out of Office: Ditch the 9-5 and Be Your Own Bang-up by Fiona Thomas is appear by Trigger and currently accessible on ebook, £4.31. The album is out 1st October 2020 and is accessible on pre-order, £9.99. 

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