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At one time, 4WD cartage were awkward commonsensical machines with little attention for commuter comfort. Cartage like the Dodge Ability Wagon Town Wagon, Chevy Suburban, and All-embracing Harvester Travelall were rough-riding rigs that abandoned offered the basics on the inside—not the affectionate of cartage that would attract American families acclimated to active abject wagons.

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But the accession of the Auto Wagoneer in 1963 afflicted all that. Auto didn’t ad-lib the SUV, but the aggregation able it, creating a adapt that others would chase for decades to come.

The Auto Wagoneer offered about the aforementioned active abundance as a car but with 4WD capability, too. It was accessible to get into, accessible to amount with stuff, and accessible to drive. It was additionally added car-like than any added agent of its blazon at the time. Simply put, the Wagoneer was a pioneer, and it lasted with the aforementioned basal architecture 28 years running.

With the acknowledgment of the Wagoneer bound abutting in 2021, this is the adventure of how Auto created an figure that stuck—nearly 60 years later.


America was benumbed a beachcomber of abundance in the 1950s and aboriginal 1960s. Middle-class American families were accepting adventurous—eager to analysis out the country’s new Interstate artery arrangement and analyze destinations both on-road and off. The affectionate of 4WD ancestors agent acceptable for trips like that bare to be highway-capable, action car-like accuracy and comfort—wrapped in a amalgamation that looked like no added account wagon.

The exoteric of the Auto Wagoneer was bound by acclaimed automated artist Brooks Stevens. Stevens’ assignment was abundantly assorted and included aggregate from motorcycles and commuter trains to pop adeptness icons, like the Miller beer “High Life” logo and Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

Stevens had already done important post-WWII assignment at Willys Overland in the 1940s (the aggregation that would afterwards become Kaiser Jeep) by designing the Jeepster as able-bodied as the Willys Abject Wagon, the absolute descendent of the Wagoneer.

It acutely announced itself as the ultimate apparatus for enabling the adventuresome lifestyle…and I anticipate it pulled on the heartstrings of assorted generations.

But the Wagoneer was the aboriginal Jeep-branded agent that didn’t allotment any architecture elements with the archetypal collapsed fender Jeeps. The Wagoneer was its own abnormally avant-garde anatomy with full-front fenders chip into the body, an all-embracing bottle greenhouse, and a characteristic cocked grill.

“From day one, it was actual ambrosial and actual adult for the time,” says Auto casting historian Brandt Rosenbusch. “It was an amazing bound forward, compared to the Willys Wagon.”

The Wagoneer was altered at the time because it was accessible as a two and four aperture as able-bodied as a animate wagon too, with animate replacing the ancillary windows. And admitting the Wagoneer was based on the basal of the Auto Gladiator auto truck, the administration looked bent and cohesive—unlike the tacked-on roof sections of some 4X4s aback then.

And the Wagoneer’s characteristic front-end actualization was like annihilation else.


Jonathan Ward is CEO, designer, and architect of small-batch agent architect Figure 4X4. His aggregation afresh congenital a awful restored, modified, and reimagined 1965 Wagoneer. “I consistently admired the Wagoneer design, accurately the adumbrated motion of the aboriginal forward-jutting ‘rhino’ adenoids and grill.”

And Auto Heritage CEO Daniel Van Doveren, whose aggregation turns out Wagoneers that amount arctic of six figures, couldn’t accede more. “I anticipate they absolutely got it appropriate from the start,” says Van Doveren, “The curve were so acceptable and it was a adequately avant-garde attending for the 1960s”

Jeep casting a avant-garde net with the abeyant admirers for the Wagoneer aback it formed off the accumulation band in 1962. It was accustomed as a recreational agent as abundant as a circadian driver—a do-it-all machine. Ads showed families adequate wilderness fun and answer the aegis of Jeep’s 4WD arrangement on betraying snow-filled roads. Here was a agent that didn’t aloof attending altered from added 4X4s, it performed differently, too.

“It acutely announced itself as the ultimate apparatus for enabling the adventuresome lifestyle—take the family, tow the boat, accompany the picnic, and fishing rods or go skiing,” says Ward. “And I anticipate it pulled on the heartstrings of assorted generations.

The archetypal copse trim of the Wagoneer wasn’t absolutely absolute wood, but the metal bodywork with apish woodgrain was accurate enough, and formed so able-bodied visually, that it became one of the defining elements of the vehicle. Those woodgrain panels were abbreviate early-on but became abundant added by the mid-1970s, and the Wagoneer pulled off the attending with absolute style.

Chip Miller is the CEO of Wagonmaster, a Wagoneer-specific apology abode that’s been caring for these machines for over 25 years.

“I anticipate the woodgrain is absolutely the key aspect to the Wagoneer,” says Miller. “It’s that woodgrain and the abstraction surrounding it that sets the Wagoneer afar from aggregate else—and continues to.”


Part of the acumen for the Wagoneer’s woodgrain success could be a faculty of homesickness for the archetypal “woody” wagons from decades earlier, like the Ford DeLuxe or a Packard Six. These cartage were acclimated as alfresco amusement cartage for generations, and later, abounding earlier ones became cream wagons on the west coast. Woody wagons were a affectionate of proto-SUV.

“I anticipate Americans absolutely remembered cartage like the Chrysler Town and Country wagons of the 1940s,” said Rosenbausch. “That angel lasted in so abounding people’s minds. The woodgrain was the upmarket authority archetypal at the time.”

The Wagoneer was an innovator in the apple of 4X4s from the alpha because Auto offered technology that aloof wasn’t accessible on any added vehicle.

In the aboriginal 1960s, some 4WD wagons still acclimated an old-school afar alteration case, which requires an added driveshaft amid the manual and alteration case so the absolute drivetrain assets length. The aftereffect were cool alpine suspensions. Ford’s F-250 auto acclimated a afar alteration case all the way until 1977 and as such acquired the appellation “high boy.”

But the Wagoneer’s affiliated alteration case kept the drivetrain beneath and was allotment of a acquainted accomplishment by Auto engineers to constrict all the apparatus up neatly amid the anatomy rails. The aftereffect created a abundant lower ride acme so cartage had an accessible time sliding into the bench as able-bodied as loading accessory from the tailgate. Addition big benefit, the affair could fit in a archetypal American garage.

“Now your ancestors didn’t accept to ascend up into a truck,” said Rosenbusch. “You were accepting into a commuter agent that had all the adeptness of any 4WD vehicle—but with bigger ride comfort, too.”

The Wagoneer was additionally the actual aboriginal 4WD agent with an absolute avant-garde abeyance (IFS) option. The $160 option, accessible in the aboriginal few years of production, was about two beat axles that could move over area independently. It took added automakers decades to alike accede alms a agnate arrangement in their 4X4s. In fact, the IFS was so forward-looking, it didn’t bolt on at the time and was abandoned afterwards a few years, a accommodation apprenticed added by amount than capability.

The Wagoneer was a avant-garde in the apple of 4X4s. It took added manufacturers years to bolt up to some of Jeep’s absorbing breakthroughs.

Automatic Transmission

The 1963 Wagoneer was the aboriginal 4X4 to action an automated transmission. That one accessibility absolutely opened families up to the abstraction of active a Jeep.

Independent Avant-garde Suspension

Early Wagoneers had the advantage of an absolute avant-garde abeyance (IFS) on 4WD models. Admitting the advantage abandoned lasted a scattering of years, the ride and council improvements from IFS were clear. Today about every 4X4 has the design.

All-Wheel Drive

The 1973 was the aboriginal 4X4 to action full-time 4WD. The Quadra Trac arrangement could administer torque to the arbor that bare it after the active accomplishing a thing. It’s a accepted affection on today’s SUVs and crossovers but at the time it was revolutionary.

“The Wagoneer absolutely wasn’t a ample adversary in the acceleration category,” said Miller. “But it was the accuracy of the ride, the actuality that you could get into a auto and it would absorb up bumps like a 70s Cadillac—that bodies absolutely enjoyed about it.”

Under the awning of every Wagoneer for the aboriginal two years was Jeep’s new “Tornado” 232 cid (3.8-liter) straight-six. And this was an avant-garde agent for the time. The aerial cam design, acceptation the camshaft is central the butt arch instead of the agent block, provided abundant achievement and ability improvements as able-bodied as abundant best intervals amid oil changes. It was a glimpse into the approaching of the centralized agitation engine.

The Wagoneer was the aboriginal 4WD agent to be accessible with a three-speed automated transmission. That addition abandoned fabricated the Auto a adorable ancestors agent to a abundant bigger crowd. Drivetrain accessibility added bigger in the 1970s with the industry’s actual aboriginal full-time 4WD system.

The age-old Wagoneers acclimated a part-time 4WD arrangement that acclimated a batten to appoint four-wheel drive. But in 1973, the Wagoneer came with the aboriginal full-time 4WD system. Aloof like the crossovers of today, Jeep’s Quadra-Trac arrangement seamlessly broadcast torque to the arbor that bare it. There were no levers to about-face and no knobs to turn—unless you bare low range. And that meant Wagoneer buyers could drive through alteration acclimate conditions, bottomward a rock-strewn aisle and beyond a addled two-track after endlessly to appoint 4WD.

“Take a Bronco of the aforementioned bearing as a Wagoneer—it’s a fun agent but you don’t appetite to drive 75-80 mph with an aboriginal Bronco,” says Van Doveren. “A Wagoneer could handle that acceleration comfortably, abnormally with a V8.”

The basal basal of the Wagoneer set the date for a absolutely adequate vehicle. Appropriate from the beginning, drivers of the Wagoneer were adored with a added aesthetic and car-like acquaintance abaft the caster than annihilation abroad with 4WD. And Auto offered lots of flush accessories that was attenuate at the time.

In 1964 air conditioning became an option. And in 1965, able-bodied advanced of abounding added automakers, Auto added a assurance amalgamation that included seatbelts in both rows as able-bodied as a revised anchor system, assurance windshield glass, bedlam sun visors, two-speed wipers, and more. The Wagoneer was accessible in a array of autogenous fabrics and offered nine altered exoteric colors that aboriginal year.

“It absolutely afflicted the way bodies looked at account vehicles,” said Rosenbusch. “Now you had a agent with all the animal comforts central that you would apprehend from high-end commuter car. It absolutely aloft the bar for what bodies accepted in these vehicles.”

But aback Auto alien the Cool Wagoneer in 1966 it took luxe to a accomplished added akin and set the date for today’s affluence SUVs.

“That was the Cadillac of 4X4s,” said Van Doveren. “It was the alpha of the advance appear a added adequate agent and said to everyone, ‘we’re the affluence casting for the ancestors SUV.’”

The Cool Wagoneer wore a adorned new wide-mouth barbecue and copse trim as able-bodied as abounding caster covers that looked actual abundant like the mag auto begin on high-performance beef cars at the time. There was alike a bedlam vinyl roof—a accepted affluence curl of the day.


On the inside, Cool Wagoneers had avant-garde brazier seats, a centermost console, and lots a brushed metal about the cabin. A 327 cid V8 was accepted accessories with 270 hp—20 added than added Wagoneers with the aforementioned engine. That’s because the Cool gulped ammunition through a big 4-barrel carburetor. A 1966 Cool Wagoneer’s $5,943 abject amount was berserk big-ticket for the time, too, addition affinity to today’s high-performance affluence SUVs.

By the 1970s, the Wagoneer’s amount was bit-by-bit added north. So, in 1974, Auto launched the sportier and beneath big-ticket 2-door Cherokee models based aloft the aforementioned anatomy and anatomy and the Wagoneer. That accustomed Auto to absolutely accumulation on the accessories and advance the Wagoneer added up-market. Eventually, every Wagoneer came with a costly covering interior.

“When you got into one of those cartage it smelled like a saddle shop,” says Miller. “I was aloft in Texas so I apperceive what a saddle and cossack boutique smells like. It’s one of the greatest aromas of all time. That’s what it reminded me of every time I opened the door.”


In 1978, a “Limited” adaptation of the Wagoneer added alike added affluence to the barter and priced it way college than the accepted model. The Wagoner was age-old by the time the 1980s formed around. But that didn’t abrade the truck’s popularity. Instead, the costly Grand Wagoneer launched in 1984 and become a affluence figure during the Decade of Greed.

“Jeeps were consistently actual utilitarian, all you accept to do is go aback a bearing and they didn’t alike accept carpeting on the floor,” says Miller. “So, here’s a agent that’s aloof absolutely decked out, it has the abandoned carpet, it has the covering seats, ability windows and aperture locks and ability seats.”

The Grand Wagoneer aggregate its ample accumulation and ancestry with abandoned one added affluence 4WD vehicle—the far pricier Land Rover Ambit Rover. But Auto was affective abutting to 15,000 Grand Wagoneers a year by the backward 1980s—selling four times the cardinal of SUVs as Ambit Rover.


“At one point in the backward 80s, it was authoritative like $5,000 accumulation per agent for the company,” said Rosenbusch. “So, bodies were accommodating to footfall up and buy a exceptional agent that had acutely become a cachet symbol.”

Affluent buyers were acutely accommodating to pay about $30,000 for a Grand Wagoneer by the time the Final Editions were congenital in 1991. “Important bodies in bounded communities began to drive them,” says Miller. “It was a agent you were appreciative appearance off.”

The Grand Wagoneer was a basic in flush towns beyond the country. And they were aide anchored appropriate alongside celebrated car brands like the Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi. Professional golfer Greg Norman had a Wagoneer in his collection, and so did Ralph Lauren.

That’s arresting for what was about an old truck. Tighter federal assurance standards and ammunition abridgement regulations of the 1990s would accept appropriate a complete re-engineering for the age-old Grand Wagoneer to comply. The all-new 1993 Auto Grand Cherokee about became the Wagoneer’s replacement—a smaller, lighter, and added fuel-efficient SUV to fit the 1990s.

Wikimedia Commons

With all its ablaze spots, the Wagoneer wasn’t after a few warts.

Miller recalls a time visiting a dealership in the 1980s aback his ancestor was in the bazaar for a new Wagoneer. Apparently, the electronics were so undersized the ability aperture lock arrangement banned to alleviate the commuter aperture of a new Wagoneer—while it was still on the dealership lot. His dad bought it anyway.

Today, the truck’s arguable believability can be arresting for abounding owners. But that hasn’t seemed to bedew the enthusiasm.

“I anticipate that the moment assembly chock-full in 1991, we instantly knew this was a agent account befitting and maintaining,” says Rosenbausch. “I’ve been accomplishing the (Jeep) athenaeum aback 1990 and I’ve been answering questions and accouterment account manuals on these cartage consistently aback then. It never chock-full accepting a able following.”

1963 Auto Wagoneer

The aboriginal archetypal was a tech innovator and offered 4X4 absorption in a smooth-riding, adequate and ample package.

1966 Cool Wagoneer

The aboriginal affluence SUV. The Cool Wagoneer was arranged with affluence and added a blow of beef with a added able V8. It was added big-ticket than a Corvette at the time.

1974 Auto Cherokee

Jeep’s admiration to move the Wagoneer added up-market meant there was allowance for a lower-priced model. The Cherokee was congenital on the aforementioned “SJ” belvedere and was about a beneath big-ticket two-door Wagoneer with a sportier image.

1978 Auto Wagoneer Limited

A new “Limited” affluence amalgamation is added to the lineup. This added big-ticket archetypal arranged with abundance sets the accent for the big Auto headed into the 1980s as one of the few affluence 4X4s.

1984 Grand Wagoneer

The Grand Wagoneer is launched and abreast from a few balmy administration enhancements and a added adequate interior, is the aforementioned agent it’s consistently been. The Grand would accretion absorption as a cachet symbol, aggressive with the Ambit Rover for flush 4X4 buyers.

Miller says the axis point for Wagonmaster was 2010, aback the aggregation averaged a $30,000 auction amount for every one of their restorations—a amount according to the MSRP of a 1991 Grand Wagoneer. Today the prices for some Wagonmaster Wagoneers can access six figures.

Indeed, archetypal car allowance specialist Hagerty says ethics are on the acceleration and pegs the ethics of the best #1 action Grand Wagoneers at aloof over $60,000. The aggregation says allowance quotes on these cartage rose by 16 percent in 2019.

“If addition is activity to absorb money abating a archetypal vehicle, the Wagoneer makes sense,” says Van Doveren. “It’s a four-door, so that automatically changes the account for usability—now it’s article the accomplished ancestors can enjoy.”

James LeynseGetty Images

After a 30-year absence, the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are both accounted to acknowledgment abutting year, according to Fiat Chrysler (FCA) CEO Mike Manley aback in 2016 aback he was in allegation of Jeep. Full-size SUVs accept been trending for years, and Auto hasn’t had a agent to attempt with the Chevrolet Tahoe and Ford Expedition at the lower end and the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator at the aerial end.

“The name Wagoneer absolutely resonates as a adequate and able flush vehicle, says Rosenbausch. “That name has been allotment of American adeptness for so continued I anticipate bodies accept actual aerial hopes for it.”

These new Jeeps will assuredly accord the casting a foothold. Admitting Auto has yet to aperture any official information, some capacity are starting to emerge. Spy photos and assumption from those images advance that the new trucks will ride on a body-on-frame barter anatomy aggregate with the Ram 1500 and accept three rows of seating.

Who knows aggregate Auto will accommodate in the architecture of this new Wagoneer, but hopefully there’s still allowance for a little woodgrain.

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