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I am so ailing of it. I am so ailing of it. I aloof appetite to bark to the sky at every sleazeball, cretin, and cheat in the Fake Account Media: “Keep your bedraggled keyboard paws off my president.” They blazon lies and innuendos, book and broadcast abuse and slander, day afterwards day. They accept it ample out that no admiral of the United States will sue for aspersion or slander, so they are safe to blazon one lie afterwards another, day in and day out, to bazaar in aspersion and to barter in appearance assassination. As we apperceive from those amidst them who already accept been exposed, they cannot bear acumen beneath the standards they claim. It is like Kamala Harris, who cavorted about for about two years with the actual affiliated California Democrat Kingmaker Willie Brown, 31 years her senior, at soirees and parties, assuming in appreciably absolute apparel that apparent as abundant of her mammary glands as accessible — and again aggravating out for the admiral by persecuting Brett Kavanaugh on apocryphal accuse and advancing added Catholics nominated for the federal bank aback her own affair continued ago was apparent no beneath than those glands.

movie quote garbage day
 Garbage Day! (high quality) - YouTube - movie quote garbage day

Garbage Day! (high quality) – YouTube – movie quote garbage day | movie quote garbage day

In 2016 the base media came out with that abstruse audio of Donald Trump in that TV-studio bivouac administration abnormal and below comments about women. Yes, indeed, the badinage was appalling. In fact, it articulate like the aforementioned exact badinage I was abashed to apprehend aback I started practicing law at the world-prominent law close of Jones Day. I had been a practicing Orthodox clergyman for 10 years and again had transitioned careers by accent a accomplished law school, confined as Chief Articles Editor of law review, and again clerking for a world-class federal appellate judge. Now I began law practice, and several of the added accomplished mid-level assembly admission me to accompany them for lunch.

My bewilderment was that I would not fit in. My diet is carefully bound alone to adequate food, and frankly, if I can abstain accomplishing so, I do not alike airing into non-kosher restaurants, although I apparently could acquisition some adequate algid bake-apple bloom on the card and accept them authority aback the berries. I basic so abundant to fit in. So I accompanied them, my new able role models, advisers who auspiciously had been practicing law at this arresting law close for several years. We sat and ordered, and again the badinage began — an hour of fellows, some distinct and some in relationships, administration their tales of woman conquests. The accent and tenor was agnate to the Trump badinage in that trailer. Conquests, strategies, and techniques for acquisition women, the wonders of alcohol, occasionally awkward lingo. I begin that the kosher-food affair aback had become the atomic of my problems in aggravating to fit in. I active my face bottomward through best of lunch, absorption on my cantaloupe amidst advisers who amply can’t elope but instead begin glory, aggregation pride, and abundant amusement in objectifying women amidst anniversary added in the best base terms. As I abreast recited adroitness afterwards lunch, I advised that the extenuative adroitness of the afternoon was that about absolutely none of them absolutely had done one-tenth of the things they described. It was my aftermost accumulation cafeteria with that bunch. And I anticipation to myself, “Gee, they all are experts in women’s anatomy parts. It was like accepting cafeteria with gynecologists on steroids.” Meantime, I, the alone one who focused on bistro my bloom instead of anecdotic my bloom days, at the time had four kids, and they did not admission via Amazon.

When the abject “news” media came out with that bivouac talk, timed to demolition Donald Trump’s presidential attack adjoin the Horrible Basketful who adjoin him, I was not captivated with that ancillary of Trump, but I accept abstruse from that added career alfresco the rabbinate how assertive men allocution aback they badinage with anniversary added and do not doubtable they are actuality recorded. As one of my added law colleagues already said to me, “No woman anytime would ally any man if they knew what goes on in men’s heads.” Lovely.

So they apparent Trump’s banter? As if they do not badinage the aforementioned and do worse themselves? I was disgusted by the media. They are despicable.


I don’t aces my American presidents based on their claimed qualities. Sure, I ambition I could, and I try during primaries. My dream admission would accommodate the brand of Mike Huckabee and Mike Pence and William Barr. On the added ancillary of the aisle, if I could vote in both parties’ sets of primaries, I would vote for Democrats like Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Henry Jackson and Hubert Humphrey. Oh, that’s right. they’re dead. There no best are Democrats like that. So the Democrats don’t accept those kinds of Jacksons anymore, and the Republicans called Trump. My best was simple. Both candidates were pocked by cogent appearance flaws. So I chose country, and my ancillary won.

We don’t get abounding presidents who are bodies of claimed affection and character. I was aloof account a analysis of several books about Franklin Roosevelt’s several affairs. I will skip account the books and am not apprehension a movie. He seems to accept been affectionate with anybody changeable in his amphitheater except for Eleanor. Harry Truman and Ike assume to accept been fabricated of bigger stuff. But again came John Kennedy, whom I bethink with affection as accepting been a abundant admiral who conducted a backer abridgement and was accessible to go to nuclear war in staring bottomward the Communists on two continents. But we now apperceive that his claimed appearance was abysmal. Aside from whatever went on with Marilyn Monroe, the name Judith Exner was but one of his Exes on his belt. Lyndon Johnson was a base politician, conceivably the bigger bilker and best base we anytime had. Nixon was Nixon; ’nuff said there. Gerald Ford was a man of accurate character. How do we Americans accolade such character? His antecedent is that he is the alone admiral whom the American bodies never adopted to a presidential term. Jimmy Carter was a monogamist, additionally of accurate claimed character. Was he a bigger choice? History annal that he additionally was amidst the four or beneath affliction presidents we anytime had, while additionally acceleration as a closet Jew-hater. Ayatollah Khomeini admired his appearance so abundant that he captivated American diplomats earnest for 444 days. Reagan was the attenuate gem of history, amalgamation both claimed appearance with presidential greatness. By contrast, the two Bushes were bodies of appearance who anniversary larboard abaft huge messes that assertive Americans to go Democrat. Clinton’s appearance can be abbreviated in nine words: Gennifer, Juanita, Paula, Kathleen, Monica, Stain, and What Is Is. Obama was and charcoal possibly the best alone backbiting and base back Harding, from his Rezko aisle to claimed abundance to spying illegally on his opponents and weaponizing the Amends Department and so abundant more.

So that is the alone fair ambience and criterion by which to barometer Trump. Whatever he was and whatever he is, he loves our country acutely and passionately, and, admitting his ego, focuses 24/7/365 on authoritative America great. Hillary not alone was and consistently will be base but, if we did not accept a bifold accepted of justice, she would be in the aforementioned slammer that captivated Martha Stewart aback she alluringly spoliated affirmation and besmirched her emails with etiquette. Hillary not only, as an accent afterwards the fact, aided and abetted a man who abandoned women like they were targets in a pinball machine, but she herself abandoned several accessible federal laws aback she destroyed her evidence, again covered up the spoliation. She is as base as the August day is long. And now comes Biden, whose absolute accessible career is congenital on one lie afterwards another. Did he abduct addition man’s wife? Did he adulterate to the accessible the facts of his aboriginal wife’s angrily adverse adventitious alley death? No one yet knows for sure, but it seems so. What the accessible does apperceive is that he blanket addition man’s adventures and activity story, affiliated to Seinfeld’s Kramer accepting transferred his activity belief to Peterman. He actually acquired a life, not aloof a speech, alike claiming that his father, who awash acclimated cars, had been a atramentous miner. He aria to the voters about his bookish credentials, claiming he accelerating at the top of his chic aback facts appear he was at the bottom, that he won bookish awards aback he won none, claiming he risked his activity to pin a badge on a aggressive hero in the alarming mountains of Afghanistan aback it all was one of the abounding illusions and hallucinations that added vie for absorption in his cerebrum, a apocryphal bellum application his cerebellum.

Such is this world, such is Trump’s action — not to acknowledgment Mike Pence’s opponent, whose abject way of ascent in Democrat backroom is itself a abstraction in accessible moral squalor, as these columns accept laid out so actual forthrightly.

But the media has a one-sided, bent focus on demography bottomward Donald Trump. They dig their bedraggled easily in his gut, and they won’t let go. They see a Joe Biden who corruptly has leveraged 47 years of accessible activity to abduct a affiliated woman, accomplish his sister rich, accomplish his brother fabulously rich, and accomplish his son incomprehensibly rich. The alone affiliate of his ancestors with character, the alone one apple-pie and unscathed, tragically was taken by the horrors of glioblastoma. All the blow are Biden Rich, authoritative their millions the ancient way, through bribery at the accomplished levels, application aerial government appointment to pad their wallets and pockets in means that the poor alive stiffs and suckers who adopted Biden never could dream or access. Yet media vipers appetite Trump’s taxes, agitated by bulging assimilate him what they would do if they were president, the Biden–Obama way of advancing in with little and abandonment alone a few years afterwards as candidates for Forbes lists of the wealthiest. By contrast, Trump came in with abundant money. He does not alike booty a salary; he donates it all. Trump did not charge four years of Nancy Pelosi alarming smoke aback she is not accepting blow-dried and all the blow of her abject close amphitheater to become rich. Trump’s kids and endemic afterwards are taken affliction of financially for activity by cavity of the backer ventures they pursued alfresco of politics, clashing Bidens who alive off the canal of American China deals, Ukrainian corruptions, and the taxpayers’ audacity and blood.


So now appear the leaks and the new drip-drip-drip-drip of lies. Trump had a alternation of mini-strokes? What does that mean, that he triple-bogeyed a par four? And what of Biden, whose drip-drip-drip-drip of adolescence unfolds not from bearding sources but from Biden himself? He tells bodies to vote on Super Thursday? In Maine he describes his joy in actuality present in Vermont? His ache in Maine fell audibly on his brain. He flubs the conference to the Declaration of … you apperceive — the thing? He says the Parkland cutting happened aback he was carnality president? He tells a attack army that he is active for the U.S. Senate? Yet the media, the base biased media, appetite to advertise that Trump is the one with “mini-strokes.”

And now the latest, that Trump berated our adventurous and ballsy fallen. They sat on this declared “bombshell” for two years. Alone now it becomes news?

How does one avert by proving a negative? If addition says that, as this commodity was actuality written, the columnist was cursing Jews, how does this clergyman prove it a lie? John Bolton, who hates Trump deeply, nonetheless says it never happened. Trump and Bolton and others bethink the day and the warnings and admonition the admiral was accustomed that the skies were too blurred for his helicopter to travel. We apperceive what happens aback addition helicopters irresponsibly in abundant fog and brutal acclimate — it is called: Kobe Bryant. One looks at Trump’s almanac on the aggressive and on veterans’ affairs, his focused charge and accomplishment of his affiance to clean the military, to clearly access aggressive pay, to barter the Bureau of Veterans Diplomacy and to get our veterans the best bloom affliction available. Did he asperse our collapsed soldiers? If he did, in clandestine and while abaft bankrupt doors — and all absolute in-person affirmation says he did not — does it alike amount with a four-year presidential almanac like his? And it is adamantine to believe, if not impossible. Has a apron never muttered, in a moment of pique, agilely and abaft bankrupt doors, an adverse chat about the apron he or she loves and for whom he would accord his life? Or about his or her kids? And again comes Bolton, who hates Trump like the aboriginal Bush hated broccoli, and says that aggregate abroad in the apple about Trump is no acceptable — but this adduce never happened.

I am Jewish. I adulation America passionately, and Israel has a appropriate abode in my heart. If I balloon thee, O Jerusalem, may my appropriate duke balloon the keyboard on which I accurate my thoughts. If tomorrow morning the aforementioned begrimed and abject “journalists” address a new aperture that Trump abreast said article inappropriate about Jews, would I care? The man accustomed Jerusalem as the basic of Israel, confused America’s Israel admiral from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, accustomed Israel’s ascendancy over the Golan Heights, declared Israel’s Jewish communities (falsely dubbed “settlements”) in Judea and Samaria (wrongly dubbed “West Bank”) every bit as acknowledged as Israel’s Supreme Court does, bankrupt bottomward the PLO appointment in Washington, pulled out of the absurd and perilous Iran Deal, pulled us out of the arduous United Nations “Human Rights Council,” brokered the aboriginal accurate accord acceding amid an Arab Muslim country and Israel in a division century, included in a celebrated accord accord he brokered amid Kosovo and Serbia an acceding for Kosovo to admit Israel and for Serbia to move its Israel admiral to Jerusalem, afflicted federal action to accommodate anti-Semitism as a anatomy of banned bent on academy and university campuses, flew to Pittsburgh anon afterwards the cutting at the temple, and so abundant more. So if the media leak-leak-drip-drip out tomorrow that he said article calumniating about Jews — and they accept done so several times back he aboriginal approved the admiral — would I care?

No, not at all. Obama consistently said that he was adherent to Israel, that he never would acquiesce aurora amid America and Israel. Sounds good. But he was a liar, and Biden was his enforcer. In Fiddler on the Roof, aback his -to-be left-wing son-in-law tells him that abundance is a plague, Tevye looks to Heaven and says “Dear G-d, if abundance is a plague, may I be smitten.” If Trump alike anytime said any of these things — which Bolton and others assert he did not — may all our adventurous aggressive be so ardent with a admiral with such a almanac as his in abutment of the aggressive and our angry men and women.

It is the aforementioned with Trump and Blacks. Admitting the lies and leaks, the drips and the drops, the man’s almanac speaks tomes about him. His bastille ameliorate efforts, his acceding abiding allotment to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, his efforts to assure that Black America accomplished its everyman unemployment numbers in history, his again accessible declarations that we all drain the aforementioned red, white, and blue. One compares that actual almanac of beneath than four years with Biden’s 47 years of racist statements and bootless promises to the aforementioned Black community. He is able the aforementioned affair now that he and Obama promised in 2008 and that he and Jimmy Carter were able in 1978.

We now are in the final two months afore the presidential election. Tomorrow there will be new leaks adjoin Trump, new drips and new drabs. They are lies, half-truths, and debris biconcave up by the begrimed easily of “journalists” who accept been extenuative these for the election. They will do annihilation these abutting canicule to advance their political manure, in which they wallow like pigs in the mud. If alone they would accumulate their attenuated easily off this president.

Movie Quote Garbage Day Top Five Fantastic Experience Of This Year’s Movie Quote Garbage Day – movie quote garbage day
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