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“We’re in a blend adapted now,” Mariel Hemingway laments. “I anticipate of my grandfathering and think, what would he see in this? How would he attending at this, and what would his acumen of what’s activity on be? This is not an America that we recognize.”

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Hemingway’s grandfather, of course, is none added than Ernest Hemingway, the macho, laconic, and boozy arcane titan, and the “mess” is acknowledgment in no baby allotment to President Donald Trump, the cowardly, teetotal business artifice and game-show host who’s accustomed the atypical coronavirus to run roughshod over the country, claiming over 215,000 American lives and abrogation tens of millions out of work.

The extra has been spending lockdown at her ancestors home in Sun Valley, Idaho—the abode area she grew up and where, on the morning of July 2, 1961, her grandfathering took his own life. Brainy illness, suicide, and alcoholism run in Hemingway’s family, which she explored in the 2013 documentary Running From Crazy. She’s aback committed her activity to allowance those aggressive brainy illness, giving speeches beyond the country, ablution the Dead Poets Foundation (a suicide-prevention nonprofit), autograph books, and bearing documentaries.

Hemingway’s apparent it all, accepting braved her anarchic ancestors and entered Hollywood at the age of 14, with her Golden Globe-nominated about-face adverse sister Margaux in Lipstick, and afresh star-making one as 43-year-old Woody Allen’s 17-year-old brood in Manhattan. (She wrote about her adventures in the 2015 account Out Came the Sun.) The role has been befuddled into bluff abatement accustomed the consecutive corruption allegations adjoin Allen—by Babi Christina Engelhardt, the 16-year-old archetypal who aggressive Manhattan, and Allen’s adopted babe Dylan Farrow, who claims he confused her aback she was 7. Her latest blur is The Bank of Mexico, a banter about a affluent Mexican ancestors who body a bank about their acreage to accumulate poor, conspiracy-minded Americans from burglary their able-bodied water.

Though she’s understandably bottomward about the accepted accompaniment of things, there is a big ablaze spot: her longtime accomplice Bobby Williams.

“I’m activity to be 59 soon, and to anticipate that this is area we are? Although maybe the apple has to breach afore a new archetype comes. It’s through anarchy that we ascertain the accuracy about things,” she offers, afterwards adding, “I’ve begin my person, and I’ve begin my place. As abundant as there accept been hardships and scariness, it’s like I’m 18 again.”

The Daily Beast batten with Hemingway about her adventure through Hollywood—and life.

I accept a altered name too so I’m consistently absorbed by their origin. Is it accurate that you were alleged afterwards the Cuban anchorage of Mariel?

Yes! I was indeed. Obviously my grandfathering spent a abundant accord of time in Havana, and my parents lived there for a brace of years afore I was born. My dad acclimated to go to this little fishing apple alleged Mariel—prior to the Marielitos advancing over from Cuba, which agency I was never so agog about administering area my name came from. They acclimated to go there and fish, and my dad admired the place, so that’s what I was alleged after. I’ve been there absolutely a few times, apparently seven times, and I adulation the Cuban people. I anticipate it’s an amazing country.

Your grandfathering is absolutely the figure over there.

I know! And they aloof like me for actuality me. I’m like, wow, this is great, I don’t accept to do anything! [Laughs] You aloof accept to be accompanying to Ernest Hemingway and you’re acceptable to go.

You know, I anticipate the best big-ticket cocktail I’ve anytime purchased was at Bar Hemingway in Paris. I wasn’t absolutely advantageous absorption to pricing, got the bill, and my eyes about arched out of my head.

I additionally went there! One of the aboriginal times I went to Paris was with my father, who took me aback I was about 11, and we backward at the Ritz in Paris, which was appealing amazing. I bethink activity into that bar and… it was expensive, and it’s apparently alike added big-ticket now!

Wall of Mexico is absolutely a adapted film. It provides a annotation on American ageism against Mexicans via a role-reversal, area the Mexican ancestors is affluent and bourgeois and demography advantage of white laborers.

Film is an art anatomy area you can accurate an assessment afterwards aboveboard cogent an opinion, and is a absorption of our time. I like that it comes at it from this changed way that’s unexpected, surprising, and ironic. And for me, accomplishing absolute blur and acknowledging absolute blur is important—especially in the apple that we alive in—because it’s one of the aftermost above agency we can accurate ourselves culturally, our cultural systems and insecurities, and additionally what brings cultural change. In these agitated times, I like to anticipate that acceptable things are coming. At atomic I appetite to achievement that. There’s got to be article acceptable at the end of all this.

Hopefully November 3rd.

Yeah, I achievement so!

And it is a brainwork on Trump’s bank on the U.S.-Mexico border. The ageism and anti-immigrant mindset of this administering has been appealing shocking, and seems to run antipode to what America should aspire to be.

I’m political in my own way but I debris to allotment that because I anticipate it’s a glace slope, but yes, I’m a big accepter in how America is fabricated up of bodies from all walks of life—and this is not a annotation on who I like or don’t like—but America’s consistently accepted the actuality that we’re mutts, and that’s what makes us American, and I accept to accept that we can get aback to an America area we embrace added cultures and people, because we are not fabricated up of one affectionate of person. The arrangement has been breaking for a continued time, and I anticipate that things charge to change.

When we allocution about representation in cinema, I’ve continued admired the ablaze you’ve shined on the LGBTQ community—with roles in Claimed Best, Roseanne, etc. What aggressive you to accord articulation to the hopes and struggles of that association able-bodied afore alike films like Philadelphia came out?

Well, I’ve consistently acquainted that bodies accept all kinds of relationships, and these relationships are about access and love. Alike aback I was a kid and I played these roles, I never anticipation it was wrong. I never saw the affiliation of adulation from that perspective. I aloof thought, that’s who this actuality resonates with. It never agitated me, because I never saw it as amiss or had any acumen about it. Because really, who am I to say?

“I accept to accept that we can get aback to an America area we embrace added cultures and people, because we are not fabricated up of one affectionate of person. The arrangement has been breaking for a continued time, and I anticipate that things charge to change.”

I grew up account your grandfather’s books and I’m abiding you get asked this ad nauseam but what do you anticipate of his work?

I admired my grandfather’s work. I admired it alike as a child. Aback my ancestor took me to Paris aback I was 11, he had me apprehend A Moveable Feast and took me to all the places he grew up. I’m bearing a short-form television alternation about A Moveable Feast, and it’s because of my adulation for my grandfather’s eyes of the world—how he saw nature, how he saw women, how he saw relationships. He’s been accounting about as this blowing macho chauvinist, but that was a persona. Aback you absolutely apprehend his writing, he was so compassionate of relationships, men and women, how you alive life, and the fears that appear aback adverse danger. I’m so adored to be a allotment of that heritage, and I ambition I had that affectionate of adeptness to construe words into images in somebody’s mind.

You mentioned the “macho” persona, and I’m analytical how you feel about that array of caricaturish representation of him in things like, say, Midnight in Paris?

Actually, I admired it. I anticipation it was hilarious. I anticipate amusement is the best way to accurate people’s assessment or eyes of somebody. The actuality that he comes on the awning and drinks for apparently two minutes—he’s asthmatic and asthmatic and it’s like it never ends!—and in that moment of comedy, you apperceive he drank too much, lived too much, and was too much. Aback you account somebody that way through humor, it’s one of the abundant agency to account somebody.

It seems his bubbler does get glamorized a lot, but at the aforementioned time it doesn’t assume like abundant bodies apperceive about the basis account of that drinking.

Thank you for that. Affectionate of my mission in activity is to advice bodies with mental-health issues that use booze to self-medicate, and acumen that my grandfathering was this absurd man who lived this abundant life, and was he bubbler because he was a “man’s man” and capital to exhausted bodies up, or was he bubbler because he was activity through a amazing bulk of affliction that was actual difficult to accommodate every day of his life? I accept addiction and activity through activity that way as a agency to survive.

I apprehend your account and accept heard speeches you’ve accustomed about growing up in the Hemingway domiciliary as a kid, charwoman up liquor bottles and ablution claret from the walls. How did you administer to action off the demons, so to speak?

I don’t say that to be like, “Oh, poor me.” I grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho. I did apple-pie up liquor bottles and blood, and was abashed at times for my life. Aback I started to accept that that was not normal, I was like, “Oh shit. I don’t appetite to end up like that.” My agency of adaptation were like activity full-tilt into “health”—and I use quotes because I anticipation what I was accomplishing was healthy, but it was obsessive. It was an addiction—diets, afterward “holistic” doctors and gurus. I was consistently analytic because I was abashed that I would deathwatch up one day and be crazy aloof like my family. But already I delved into the affidavit why my ancestors was the way that they were, there was no fear. Aback you accept your history, and accept area you appear from, you get to accomplish your own choices.

You entered Hollywood at 14, which is an abundantly adolescent age. I can’t brainstorm entering the spotlight at 14. And there are abounding abhorrence belief from bodies who entered the industry so young. What was that acquaintance like for you?

At times, it was a challenge. But I affectionate of fell into it. My sister asked me to comedy her little sister in this cine alleged Lipstick, afresh I got acceptable reviews and got to go out to L.A. and accomplish movies. Really, I didn’t apperceive what the fuck I was doing. Somehow I did one TV thing, and afresh Woody Allen calls my abode in Idaho. I don’t apperceive who Woody Allen is, and my mother was all abashed and like, “Yeah, you do! He was the one abrading that egg in that awe-inspiring movie,” and I was like, “Oh…” She’s like, “Get on the phone! He’s on the buzz for you.” I was absolutely absent to the action but advantageous that I got to do absurd projects actual aboriginal in my life. At the aforementioned time, afterwards 22, there was a abrupt activation that activity was far added complicated.

“Really, I didn’t apperceive what the fuck I was doing.”

I accept consistently been actual abashed to not be normal. I never capital to assume “abnormal,” or be apparent as the kid who absent clue of who they were or area they came from. I was consistently an Idaho girl, and that was absolutely important to me. It apparently affected my adeptness to become a huge extra but it was important for me to get married, accept kids, and be a mom. And I absolutely capital to do that well, because I grew up in a abode area bodies drank too much. I was accomplishing all these things that you do to actual the past. So I kept Hollywood at a distance. Still to this day, I’m like, Shit… I accept to go to a premiere?

Was allotment of the acumen why you kept Hollywood at a ambit too because you seemed to be targeted by a lot of awful men? In your memoir, you wrote about Bob Fosse block you about a auberge apartment and that Robert De Niro additionally fabricated a canyon at you.

I feel affectionate of bad about the De Niro story, because it’s been taken out of context. He was an actor’s actor, and aback I met him aboriginal he was arena Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull, and he was a adjustment actor. I didn’t absolutely accept anything. And I met him years afterwards at an audience for Awakenings, and he couldn’t accept been kinder or sweeter. I anticipate I larboard that adventure out, and I shouldn’t have. But I aloof didn’t accept adjustment actors, and that accomplished thing. With Fosse, did he do some aberrant things? Yes, he did. But I additionally said no, and he admired that. He was affectionate of periodically affronted with me, but he admired me at the end of the day, and I abstruse a lot from him. Hollywood is strange. In this apple that we alive in now with anybody talking about what happened to them, I could name a lot of adventures in my life. But I was aloof too abundant of a prude, and I had an inherent affair of, “No, I’m not activity there.” I anticipate I was admired in that regard, and luckily so, because so abounding accept had not-so-good experiences.

I grew up adequate Manhattan but I rewatched Manhattan about a year ago for the aboriginal time aback I was a kid, and alive what we all apperceive now about Woody Allen, I absolutely beheld it with a altered lens. What is your accord with that blur like now?

That blur put me on the map. I mean, it fabricated me an extra and fabricated me appetite to act. I had an amazing time authoritative that film. Woody Allen was admirable to me. Did he like me? Yeah, he admired me. I didn’t accept a accord with him though. He admired that I didn’t appetite to accept that. I was too young. I was absolutely young. I was way adolescent than the babe I was arena in the movie. And for me, I attending at it as this jewel of a film—and I will consistently anticipate that. I don’t apperceive [Allen] anymore, and my acquaintance with him is not of this dark, animal thing. Yes, I was a adolescent woman. And yes, would Woody accept admired to have… with me? Yes. But I was too young…

There is an adventure you wrote about in your book area Woody Allen came to break at your home in Idaho. You were aloof 17 and he was 43, and he propositioned you and afresh begged you to let him booty you to Paris.

Yeah. Ugh. I was like, “I’m not activity to go to Paris with you, because I don’t anticipate I’m activity to get my own room.”

You saw through that accomplished ruse.

I assumption it was a ruse. Bodies can appearance it in abounding altered agency but I was admired aback I said, “No, I can’t do this because it’s not right,” and afresh he left. What was sad to me at the time was that, because I acquainted he anticipation I was able and all this added stuff, it acquainted like I was accident a ancestors member, or a friend. But you know… you move on with your life.

Watching Manhattan afresh admitting recently, and alive aggregate we apperceive now about Woody Allen and his aftertaste for abundantly adolescent women, the age gap—a 42-year-old man with a 17-year-old girl—really addled me as aberrant and far from appropriate. And you were 16 aback you filmed it, right?

Yeah, you’re right. It is crazy. And as a parent, if I watch it from that perspective—a woman my age—I’m not activity to lie to you, I will adjudicator that bits all over the place, and be crazy with that. If alike somebody who was 60 was afterwards my babe at 30 I would be berserk uncomfortable. But abnormally 16? I was a kid.

But aback I said, “That can’t happen,” and that was respected, that’s aloof how it went bottomward [with Allen]. But… I absolutely adjudicator that stuff. I don’t like if earlier men are activity afterwards 16-year-olds, because for the best part, 16-year-olds absolutely are kids. Alike admitting I anticipation I was cool able and worldly, I’d never had a admirer before—or slept with anybody. So… I didn’t apperceive what I was accepting myself into.

If you could do it all over, would you access Hollywood at 14 or conceivably delay longer?

Would I accept done it differently? I don’t anticipate so. It helped me to leave my home, which was emotionally arduous for me and exhausting—because my mother was sick, and all that actuality was activity on. It gave me a lot of opportunity, and I don’t apperceive if I’d accept become an extra if I’d done it by the numbers, like best people. I apparently absent out on some adolescence experiences, but added so from caring for a mother who had blight and a ancestors who had been in their accompaniment of pain. It was added from that, that fabricated me lose out on childhood. Hollywood didn’t accomplish me lose out on adolescence as abundant as me cerebration I would be the actuality who would fix my family. It’s one of the affidavit why I do a lot of talks on brainy health, because I anticipate there are a lot of bodies who accept had agnate experiences.

And you’re alive on a documentary about teen-suicide prevention?

Actually it’s not a documentary but a alternation that I’ll be presenting and hosting on the blockage of suicide for teenagers. But I additionally anticipate it will be for a lot of people. I’m abiding you’re acquainted that there are so abounding added suicides now with COVID, the banking issues bodies are having, our government. Bodies are freaking the fuck out, and they charge help, and they charge to apperceive that they’re not alone. My mission is to acquaint a adventure but additionally accord solutions. I appetite bodies to apperceive that there is a association out there that can abutment them.

You know, bodies blanket from me. The apple is aloof bizarre. Bits avalanche apart, and what you anticipation would never happen, happens. There are so abounding bodies in the aforementioned position. The apple is camp and alarming but I’m such a fighter that I consistently anticipate we’ll acquisition a solution. I’m never activity to aback down. And I’m assertive that my own claimed struggles were there so that I can see the angle that added bodies accept that get in such acute positions that it freezes you and you don’t apperceive how to move forward.

If you don’t apperception me asking, who blanket from you?

It was somebody who formed actual abutting to me. They were burglary money. An assistant—it was an abettor and a bookkeeper. It’s aloof dumb. It’s the aforementioned old Hollywood story. But you apperceive who’s culpable? I am. I didn’t accessible my eyes to it. I assurance people, and that’s a assignment on me. Bad on me, and I feel like an idiot, but I alone accept myself to blame, because I wasn’t advantageous abutting abundant attention. So, how do I move forward? Because I am a dupe person, and I don’t appetite to lose that.

I anticipate you’re actuality appealing adamantine on yourself! I don’t anticipate you can accusation yourself for dipping a toe in the baptize and accepting apathetic by a leech.

You’re right. I acknowledge that you said that, and now I don’t feel as bad. But affective forward, I aloof charge to accept my eyes open.

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