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This is a blitz archetype from “The Greg Gutfeld Show,” June 27, 2020. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: It was the abhorrence abomination that wasn’t — again, but did that stop the media?


JOHN KING, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: He has the Atramentous Lives Matter logo on his car. He comes aback to his barn arrest and there’s a noose.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: A asphyxiate was larboard central Bubba Wallace’s barn stall.

JOHN BERMAN, CNN ANCHOR: Incredibly abashing and atramentous that this asphyxiate was found.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: An animal bulletin of abhorrence was placed in his garage.

BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN HOST: This is this abominable affectation of abhorrence that happened overnight, a asphyxiate was begin blind in Bubba Wallace’s garage.


GUTFELD: So how can you apprehend that and not admiration how these idiots managed to get to assignment every day. I mean, by work, I beggarly abounding addled babble from their amusement pie holes.

Imagine accustomed animate up to account that is a echo of aftermost week’s account or aftermost year’s account and assuming it doesn’t exist. It’s like “The Groundhog Day” adventure of “The Walking Dead.” But we bethink Jussie.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don’t like that it’s actuality put out there in the media that this is a accessible abhorrence crime. I anticipate that alike sows the berry that makes bodies feel like, well, is he authoritative this up?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He was demeaned. He was degraded. He had achromatize caked assimilate him.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Alike if it was a hoax. This is absolutely accident all the time. And alike if it was a hoax for the account of bringing absorption to this, afresh I’m like that’s low key noble.


GUTFELD: So, it doesn’t alike accept to be real. And afresh aloof canicule ago, this happened.


MAYOR LIBBY SCHAAF (D), OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA: These are symbols of ache and ancestral violence.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (voice over): Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf is so abashed by the video she saw of a braiding that looked like a asphyxiate in a timberline at Lake Merritt. She is calling for a abhorrence abomination investigation.

Victor Sengbe told us the braiding is allotment of a accouterment acclimated by him and his accompany as allotment of a beyond exhausted system. He alike aggregate this video of it in action.

VICTOR SENGBE: No one has anticipation that it looked anywhere abutting to a noose. All right, association accept acclimated it for exercise. Association — it was absolutely a fun accession to the park.


GUTFELD: I appetite to adhere out with him seriously. Anyway, for the media to abide this acumen they charge see the skepticism of the announcer barter and pretend they were built-in yesterday.

Or they would bethink that those nooses founded in a esplanade angry out to be swings installed by a atramentous man. How racist?

You anticipate that would accomplish these asinine anchors absolutely think? But they can’t. They’re programmed. They’re conduits and generators of this avant-garde hysteria, area commonsense is replaced by acerbity farming.

And aback it fails, they never learn, they aloof columnist repeat. It’s funny if it’s harmless, but this ain’t harmless. Seriously, afterwards three weeks of hell that broke lives with agitation and burning, they embrace this ambiguous adventure that could accomplish aggregate worse. And why? Because they don’t accord a damn.

Even if this adventure bodes angrily for a country, they are psyched because they accept article to apply all of us with.

Meanwhile, studies appearance that beneath than a third of these declared ads absolutely about-face out to be real. Meeting abundant of this is media breed hysteria.

Right now in Australia, they’re arguing over the inherent racism of chess because the white pieces go first. Wait until they accouterment checkers.

How can a red allotment jumping a atramentous allotment not be a abhorrence crime? Actuality is, you can accomplish any adventure added atomic by abacus the “it’s racist layer.” It’s a simple equation. Topic additional chase equals new adventure and maybe and Emmy.

Monday, you could do a allotment on summer fashions. Tuesday, you could do a allotment on the abstruse racism of summer fashions.

Why is aggregate so white? Except afterwards Activity Day? What’s that mean? What are they adage about activity and bark color?

So this is not about Bubba Wallace. It’s not his fault. Addition abroad begin the braiding and I can see how that abashed matters. The barn aperture braiding and the attending of a asphyxiate affectionate of go duke in hand. But that asphyxiate is for a hand.

So area were all of those audacious reporters aggravating to bare the truth? Cat-and-mouse for addition account adventure to abatement into their laps. This adventure should accept concluded in one hour. Instead, Bubba was acclimated as a assurance to accumulate this alienated blaze alive.


BUBBA WALLACE, NASCAR DRIVER: Bodies that appetite to alarm it a barn cull and put out old videos and photos of knots actuality in there — as their evidence, go ahead, but from the affirmation that we accept — that I have, it’s a beeline up noose.


GUTFELD: Addition equation, booty annihilation bad and the media makes it worse. Instead of cogent relief, this wasn’t racist. The media abjure that abhorrence abomination is so attenuate because that undermines their affected narrative.

But it’s not about Bubba. He came out of this adorable appealing good. It’s the media who advisedly forgets the accomplished to adviser the future. Check out this guest.


AL SHARPTON, MSNBC ANCHOR: It’s bright what a asphyxiate represents —

And afresh did addition apperceive that it was in the arrest aback they did belatedly accredit Bubba there? I don’t not anticipate that we’ve apparent cease in this accurate inquiry.


GUTFELD: So why is MSNBC interviewing Al Sharpton over a affected abhorrence crime? Because he about invented them. He was the one who pushed the Tawana Brawley adventure decades ago. She was a adolescent atramentous babe who didn’t appear home in time and rather than agitated her parents, she claimed she was raped by a agglomeration of white guys.

Al pushed her adventure big time and fabricated his name adjoin this hoax assuming his self-promotion was absolutely victim advocacy. It broke lives, but you know, he is still accomplishing fine, acknowledgment to the MSNBC bookers.

So we’re active in a arbiter analogue of a panic. What we are told isn’t accident is and if you angle up to baffle it, you could lose everything.

Meanwhile, the media ignores mobs waging agitated war on our streets preferring to demonize added citizens aloof continuing by who were afraid sick.

Riots, burnings, destruction, lies, hoaxes, nooses, and smears. And what do we do? Americans of all colors angle in our yards cat-and-mouse patiently for it to end so we can get aback to actuality a country.

But what if it doesn’t end? Or what if this is how it ends? It’s not acceptable for you and me. But CNN is animated all the way to the bank.


GUTFELD: Let’s acceptable tonight’s guests. He’s so patriotic, his alarmist stands for the National Anthem. Author of “American Crusade,” “Fox and Friends” Weekend cohost, Pete Hegseth. There he is. All those flags.

He claims he’s deplorable, but I anticipate he’s adorable. Cohost of “The Deplorables Tour” now on Fox Nation, comedian, Terrence K. Williams.

She lives her activity by one code. That codes are stupid, so alcohol tequila. Host of “Sincerely, Kat” on Fox Nation, Kat Timpf.

And to him, mountains are birthmark hills. My massive accessory and host of “Nuff Said” on Fox Nation. Tyrus.

All right, Tyrus, what the hell happened? What do you anticipate happened? Because I don’t know.

GEORGE “TYRUS” MURDOCH, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: What the hell happened? Well, the adolescent man Bubba Wallace, I couldn’t be prouder of in agreement of demography the belvedere that he has and we’re absolutely on the bend of some real, absolute acceptable changes.

You know, we’re seeing some actuality with badge reform. We’re accepting the chat about adequation and accepting according actuality for schools.

We’ve got a lot of acceptable things activity on. There’s a lot of acquaintance and there’s a lot of bodies advancing advanced allurement questions and we’re adorable for a bigger tomorrow.

But unfortunately, we still accept to accord with the media, but I acclaim NASCAR and how they handled the situation. They handled what they anticipation article was a abhorrence crime, a noose, I get it. They advised it, and they showed that it wasn’t.

And the media didn’t affliction about the results. They cared about befitting the blaze going. Befitting it because it’s the amiss message. We’re seeing a lot of that stuff.

We’re seeing music groups that haven’t been accordant in years advancing up adage we’re activity to change our name, you know?


MURDOCH: Dixie Chicks are like we’re not Dixie anymore, were the Chicks.


MURDOCH: I’m appealing abiding there’s a accumulation that would accept a botheration with calling yourself Chicks.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

MURDOCH: You apperceive what I am saying? You know? So I mean, that’s aloof — we accept to be acquainted of during this time.

I am animated I anticipate NASCAR is demography bottomward the Confederate flags, it is a abundant thing. I anticipate permanency with the Confederate banderole is not necessary.

If a man wants to accept a Confederate banderole on his car window, no botheration with it. No botheration with it. But again, it’s about the bigger prizes and this blazon of actuality is like, attending what we’re accomplishing for you. Attending what we’re accomplishing for you — but you’re not accomplishing anything.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

MURDOCH: Abundant ado about nothing.

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Dog Man and Cat Kid Book Trailer – YouTube – dog man and cat kid pictures | dog man and cat kid pictures

GUTFELD: It is so — that’s a funny thing. Terrence, you apperceive what I noticed aback I was watching the news? It’s the white journalists that are abdicate exaggerating these stories. And it consistently seems to me — it was like Robert Johnson of BET who was aloof like afraid his arch like going, what is activity on? But it’s consistently like the cutting advantage signaling of the journalists that makes this worse.

TERRENCE K. WILLIAMS, ACTOR AND COMEDIAN: You know, it’s consistently the bedlam white liberals that gets this started. They’re consistently rounding up atramentous bodies about racism.

Black bodies never accuse about actuality sometimes until the white journalists get on TV acquaint them what is racist and what they should be affronted about. And this Bubba Wallace affair was absolutely ridiculous.

And to be honest with you, NASCAR should accept waited. They could accept waited until the F.B.I. investigated. They didn’t accept to acquaint CNN and they didn’t accept to acquaint MSNBC and the absolute apple the crazy allotment is, Bubba Wallace never saw the braiding and he still went on “The View.” He still went on CNN. He should accept waited.

You know, I mean, what’s next? They’re authoritative aggregate about racism. I mean, I wouldn’t be afraid if they started investigating shoelaces, you know? Like, why are these shoe laces adorable like nooses? These bodies are ridiculous, Greg.

GUTFELD: Yes. You know, Pete, I accept a approach based on what Terrence aloof said that I couldn’t accessory myself with white losers. I would rather accessory myself with atramentous winners.

So it’s absolutely not a chase thing. It’s like an accomplishment thing. It’s like I am absolutely adjoin — like, aback I see white activists and protesters, I go, no, don’t put me with them. I’d rather be with atramentous winners than white losers.

PETE HEGSETH, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST: I anticipate that’s fair. I’d rather aloof be with winners all together.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

HEGSETH: Whenever possible. I mean, the accomplished abstraction of your agreeable of your character, not the blush of your bark is area we were declared to be going.

Now, it’s chess. Okay, they’re authoritative us anticipate this way, Greg. They’re banishment this into our accuracy in means we never anticipate before.

Now, aback I appetite to cantankerous the bridge and I attending up, and I see the white man in the crosswalk, because it’s a white guy that tells you, you can airing or a white duke that tells you to stop. Is that racist? Should I be cerebration that way?

What about aback I’m adorable at the — what about the Joe Biden accident area the white circles were about the bristles attendees that were there? Should accept they been white?

I mean, here’s the affair that I accept with Bubba Wallace. Listen, if he was told about it, or whether he saw it, NASCAR overreacted.

My affair with Bubba Wallace is that already he knew it wasn’t an advised abhorrence crime, he didn’t aback off it and that’s what frustrates assemblage on the outside.

It’s like listen, guy, you can — listen, man, you can accept you fabricated him mistake, and that you were maybe quick to acknowledge to it. But afresh admit that to say, no, no, no, it still is to me — it makes a lot of bodies feel like well, you can’t win in that scenario.

GUTFELD: I will accord them credit. I will accord them acclaim aback he did his Twitter response. And he said, I’m okay. I would rather be ashamed by my behavior than this absolutely be actuality real.

And I anticipation that was a absolutely acute — I mean, acutely it was PR and PR bodies apperceive how to cilia that needle, but Kat, I don’t accept is how does the media address these belief as if they’d never happened before? So, it’s like we apperceive — the esplanade exhausted adventure was a anniversary before. It was a anniversary before.

KATHERINE TIMPF, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, and I aloof feel like aggregate is absolute upside bottomward adapted now with the way that it’s handled.

I saw a allotment in CNN that was talking about and I absolutely got the consequence that this was in a chastising way, and there’s some bodies who are adulatory the actuality that it wasn’t a asphyxiate on Twitter because they anticipation it was hoax.

I’m like, authority on a minute. I apprehend it again. I was like so, these are bad bodies and they’re racist because they’re blessed that it was not a noose, but you’re an anti-racist if you are aghast it wasn’t.

Because I aloof anticipate that, you know, the anti-noose seems to be the acutely non-racist, absolute opinion, but they’re chastising bodies for that, because it’s abuse aloft all abroad rather than facts.

GUTFELD: Yes, acceptable point. All right. Washington, Jefferson Hamilton, who’s abutting on the statute abandoning tour? They bigger accumulate their easily off my Lou Dobbs figurine.


GUTFELD: They came from a quarry. Now, they are the quarry. What a abundant lead.

A bad anniversary for bodies fabricated of stone. Protesters in Portland tore bottomward statues of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. D.C. protesters went afterwards Andrew Jackson and in San Francisco, vandals agitated the brownish of U.S. Grant. That’s Ulysses S. Grant. I assumption that’s the acknowledgment he gets for acquisition the Confederacy.

Remember aback Trump predicted this in 2017, and this guy mocked him?


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I noticed that Stonewall Jackson is advancing down. I wonder, is it George Washington abutting week? And is it Thomas Jefferson the anniversary after?

You know, you absolutely do accept to ask yourself, area does it stop?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Okay, I’ll acquaint you area it stops, somewhere.


GUTFELD: That didn’t age well, Oliver. He’s affectionate of a cantankerous amid Harry Potter and Benjamin Button. Anyway, the guy who saw this advancing wants bastille time for these losers. But what about as far as Democrats are concerned?


TRUMP: As far as Democrats are concerned, I anticipate they could affliction beneath whether or not it happens.


GUTFELD: Yes, they’re not adage much. So, conceivably it won’t stop with statues of Presidents. If that’s true, I accept suggestions for approaching targets.

What about Michelangelo’s David? The dude has been advertisement himself to millions of bodies for years. He’s a pervert. What about Bob’s Big Boy? Beeline up fat shaming. A absolute agleam face.

Pizza Hut? Nomadic cultures alive in huts and you appetite to advertise pizza out of them? It’s disgusting. Caesar’s bloom name for a claret agog dictator. No, acknowledge you.

Crazy bread? Authoritative ablaze of brainy illness. I won’t eat it. And “The Karate Kid” which appointed Japanese aegis methods to alarm adolescence in the San Fernando Valley. We can’t balloon that.

All right, Pete, aback you attending at the brownish pullers, I’ve absolutely never apparent a sadder accumulation of people. They’re mostly these pasty, white, airedale individuals. It aloof — it’s true, and I can’t advice but admiration is it the —

TIMPF: Worst of all, they are not hot.

GUTFELD: I didn’t say they were —

MURDOCH: Or jacked.

GUTFELD: Yes, they are not jacked. No. It’s awe-inspiring though. I’m wondering, is it the craven or the egg? Are aloof unlikable, abhorrent bodies approach appear annoying activism or does activism actualize the annoying person?

HEGSETH: Ooh, that’s a abundant question. I anticipate they allegedly approach adjoin it, a lot of time in their parents basement, a lot of time on the internet, a lot of aerial holes, not a lot of weight appropriation sets bottomward there or sunshine.

So, aback they acquisition themselves on the street, they acquisition a agglomeration of added bodies to grab a few ropes and try to cull statues down. Aboriginal of all, don’t blow my Pizza Hut, Greg, adapted all they appetite is my admired pizza on the planet.

The President was absolutely absolute three years ago. We accept no abstraction area this ends, and it is absolutely because they abhorrence America because they see America as authentic by her sins, as adjoin to what we accept affected over all these abounding years.

I mean, there’s a brownish of Vladimir Lenin. I accept it’s in Seattle or Portland. I mean, booty your pick. They’re not disturbing that one down. They’re active by that credo and — George Washington. They’re talking about absent to breach bottomward statues of Jesus Christ.

Anything that could be a attribute of Western acculturation is article they appetite to destroy. You can’t accommodate with these people. You can’t say, well, you apperceive what, let’s sit bottomward and allocution about bordering tax rates.

No, they appetite to topple the Affiliated States of America. The President should go alike stronger than he has so far.

GUTFELD: You’ve got Washington. You’ve got Jackson. Who’s next? The Jeffersons? If they booty that off the air, all hell breach loose. Kat, I accept a antic for you. Do you appetite to apprehend my joke?

TIMPF: I would adulation to.

GUTFELD: Okay. What did Drew Carey say to “The Price is Right” adversary dressed as a statue?

TIMPF: What?

GUTFELD: Appear on down.

TIMPF: There you go. There you go. Yes, that’s my question. So, all right. I’ll leave it advanced open.

MURDOCH: Can I go to commercial?

TIMPF: Attending — I’m aloof — with the brownish stuff.

GUTFELD: I’m sorry.

TIMPF: I’m not brownish gal myself, I don’t — I anticipate they’re a little — it’s aloof like, why is this animal in brownish and gold, whatever?

But aback it comes to these statues, I additionally know, I’m a white lady, right? And so I don’t apperceive what it’s like to see a brownish of a actuality and apperceive that that actuality had apprenticed my ancestors during that time. My ancestors didn’t go — I mean, my ancestors wasn’t alike here, we were in Poland, so neither actuality nor there.

But on the one hand, you bodies say this is traumatizing. It’s not accept to accept this here. These bodies on the left, but afresh they are the aforementioned bodies who will say, it’s so amiss that we are blank animal things in our country’s history and bark our country’s history and that is a allotment of our country’s history and our country’s reality.

So, I aloof appetite to know, which is it and what do we do? I’d like to accept conversations about okay, now that that’s on fire, what do we do about it?

GUTFELD: Right. Terrence, at a assertive point, are bodies aloof activity to say we’ve had abundant and this could get — like what if we alpha like, okay, you booty bottomward that statue, we’re activity to booty bottomward one of castigation and afresh it’s activity to — it’s like a Scott Adams calls it like a behemothic bold of chess. Everybody is like demography anniversary other’s pieces.

WILLIAMS: You know, they should be demography bottomward Ronald McDonald because let’s be honest, he is one footfall abroad from atramentous face. This is accepting ridiculous, you know.

And I heard that there is a address out to booty bottomward Mount Rushmore.


WILLIAMS: Now let’s be honest, these apathetic bedlam liberals, they can accept that project. I’ll accord them two days, maybe three abnormal and they will accord up. You know, this is ridiculous. We shouldn’t be aggravating to abolish history at all, you know? Yes, white bodies endemic slaves, but white bodies additionally freed disciplinarian also.

You know, let’s not alive in the past. We are, you know, we can bethink the accomplished but we don’t charge to alive in the past. You know, we accept appear so far.

Martin Luther King, this man dies so that we can all be united, you know, and they’re demography us aback and we charge to move forward.

GUTFELD: Tyrus, you could allegedly abolish statues afterwards any help. What is your activity on these brownish —

MURDOCH: I addled a car in academy one time and apologetic —

GUTFELD: Was it a white car?

MURDOCH: Matter of actuality it was. I was arena Burt Bacharach and I aloof had it. I’m activity to be honest, I get you know, you appetite to booty bottomward the Jesus brownish because he invented wine, which I’m abiding acquired alcoholism.

But here’s the deal, I anticipate a lot of the Confederate statues charge to go, but what I don’t anticipate needs to go, I don’t anticipate anyone has the adapted to abort accessible property.

I don’t anticipate anyone has the adapted to put a braiding on article and breach it down. You’re no altered than a agitator or a looter. You’re not agitation anything. You’re abasing acreage and causing destruction, and you’re bringing abandon allegedly to stop violence.

So annihilation gets acclimatized with that. So anyone who does those things needs to be arrested and charged. There needs to be restitution. No one in this country has the adapted to go abort or asperse something.

You don’t like it, you go to the able channels. You get it voted out. You get a petition. If you appetite to beef about it. Great. No botheration with that. But you don’t put your easily on property, you’re not — you’re not accomplishing annihilation by actuality quote, unquote, “a thug,” behindhand of your color. That’s what you are.

And if I absitively that, you apperceive what, I absolutely don’t like the actuality that I accept to pay for my food. So I’ll aloof go into a restaurant and bore in the kitchen, booty what I appetite and airing out.

You know, I don’t accept the adapted to do that. I can’t do that.

So again, this is no different. Like this — it is alarming to me that we’re sitting about acting like, oh, they tore a brownish down. Anybody in that video should afresh accept a nice bright 8×10 like this and like this.

Like that’s absolutely how it should be. You don’t put your easily on annihilation in this country.

GUTFELD: Yes. Although, I anticipate you could allegedly go in any restaurant you want, Tyrus, and eat and I anticipate —

MURDOCH: But I’m still activity to pay.

WILLIAMS: Speaking of food, they charge to leave Aunt Jemima alone.

MURDOCH: I agree. Agree.

GUTFELD: There you go. See, I can’t counterbalance in. I can’t counterbalance in on that because you know. I am added of a Butterworth lady, but I don’t apperceive annihilation about Butterworth.

MURDOCH: He is gone. He won’t be actuality afterwards the break.

GUTFELD: All right, baseball is back. Well, array of. We discussed. It’s weird.


ASHLEY STROHMIER, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CORRESPONDENT: This is a Fox Account Alert. I’m Ashley Strohmier.

At atomic two bodies are asleep afterwards a apache opened blaze at a Walmart administration centermost in Red Bluff, California. Authorities say four added bodies were hurt, but are in fair condition. One attestant letters audition 40 to 50 gunshots. About 200 bodies were alive at the time of the shooting.

The doubtable was attempt in the chest. No chat yet on a motive.

And Mississippi could anon band the Confederate attribute from its 126-year old accompaniment flag. Lawmakers are accepted to agitation the admeasurement on Sunday afterwards allowance a above procedural hurdle today.

A Commission would afresh be amenable for designing a new banderole that includes the words, “In God We Trust.” Voters would counterbalance in on the new architecture in November.

Mississippi is reportedly the alone accompaniment whose banderole still includes the Confederate emblem.

Stay with Fox Account as we abide to amend you on the civic protests throughout the night. I’m Ashley Strohmier. Now aback to THE GREG GUTFELD SHOW.

GUTFELD: Already again, it’s time for —

ANNOUNCER: Pandemic-Con.

GUTFELD: Aboriginal up, potentially acceptable news. A new abstraction finds that the midday summer sun can clean out 90 percent of the coronavirus on surfaces in aloof 34 minutes. That’s the aforementioned time it takes me to break a Rubik’s Cube. If by analytic you beggarly eating, although it takes best to pass, Tyrus.

Anyway, but that abstraction is acceptable account for the boys of summer, which is what I alarm my abs. Above League Baseball is set to comedy a 60-games division starting in backward July, and there’s a few notable aphorism changes.

If it’s angry afterwards nine innings, the 10th inning will alpha with a agent on additional abject and he’ll be absolutely nude — I’m kidding, actually, he’ll still accept his helmet on.

Still, I am disappointed. I absolutely beatific a advancement of what I’d like to see the players wear.


GUTFELD: I did that. I can’t exhausted up, Tyrus, but I apperceive that I can accomplish him ailing to his stomach. And I anticipate I did that with that segment. Did I accomplish you ailing to your stomach?

MURDOCH: I absence the blooming room. Listen, I didn’t anticipate there was any acumen to accompany kids into Above League Baseball, but acceptable for you, Greg, you did it.

I anticipate the division advancing aback is great. Me and Pete actually, aftermost time Pete was on the show, we talked about it, and I had to amend it. Because originally I was like, let’s aloof not accept it. I’ll booty it. I can’t watch any added absoluteness TV. So I am aflame that baseball is appear back.

GUTFELD: Yes, it’s true.

MURDOCH: The alone affair I don’t like is the ninth inning, the 10th inning with a guy on second. If you appetite to accomplish it fun, you appetite to accomplish a different. Why don’t you aloof booty a folio out of hockey’s book, accept a Home Run Derby, article air-conditioned or fun like that, you know? Adjoin to aloof putting the guy on second.

You know, aloof teams up, whoever hits the best home runs, you know, Home Run Derby, and accomplish it exciting. Everybody goes home. But that’s aloof — that’s my opinion, but I’m animated it’s back.

GUTFELD: Yes, you know, I accept to say I candidly abhorrence it. I candidly abhorrence it aback guys go beeline to second. It’s aloof so rude.

MURDOCH: Okay. Can I go to commercial?

GUTFELD: Terrence, you apperceive who was adapted about sunlight? President Trump. Bethink he kept adage that — he had this — he basically sensed that this actuality would affectionate of like die in the summertime, although we are seeing a spike. But I anticipate that has to do with boundless testing and adolescent bodies because the afterlife amount seems to be low. I’m aloof babbling, feel chargeless to acknowledgment any catechism you want.

WILLIAMS: You know, they fabricated fun of President Trump aback he said that, but now they’re adage that it’s true, you know, but to be honest with you, Greg, our sunlight can’t annihilate stupidity. Because if it could, we should leave a lot of all these bedlam liberals and Democrats in the sun and let the sun bake the applesauce out of their heads.

But President Trump took the virus — listen, I was with the President at the White House, and he was demography this affair absolute serious. Okay.

So, he was the aboriginal one to say let’s put a biking ban on China. Let’s stop this from coming. And they alleged the man a racist. They alleged him brainless aback he said the sun can annihilate the virus in seconds. They told him he charge be out of his mind.

So the President has been adapted this accomplished time.

GUTFELD: Yes. Kat, are you aflame about baseball advancing back? You apperceive what baseball is, right?

TIMPF: Yes, you know, I’ve got to say that the communicable has been absolute tragic. I’m not adage it’s not, however, I’ve affectionate of enjoyed the no sports.

And accumulate in mind, afore you get upset, baseball, I’m absolutely accept with. I’m accomplished with baseball. I am accomplished with hockey, but I never anytime appetite football to anytime appear back.

And don’t get mad at me because I am a victim. Okay. You anticipate that I adore not affection article that anybody abroad brand that consumes the world? I try to accept it. And I apperceive what some — I apperceive what interception is. I apperceive what aces is and they are the aforementioned thing.

And aftermost year, I ample out what aces six was. You get a touchdown, because there are six points. I anticipation they were seven points, but that’s aback you bang for a new one.

So I was gearing up to watch the Super Bowl. And afresh I begin out there’s article alleged the run for two. What’s that? They’re active in two? I don’t know. How do bodies apprentice this stuff? It’s like a adventure botheration on a algebraic assay with like tights and helmets and I abhorrence it.

Baseball I affectionate of get that’s okay, but football, I don’t accept it. I’m a victim and I’m actuality taunted by a ability that tries to accomplish me like it.

GUTFELD: We should breach bottomward all the statues of football players in account of Kat.


GUTFELD: Because she’s a victim.

TIMPF: I am.

GUTFELD: Pete, what do you accomplish of it like what Tyrus brought up, this awe-inspiring additional abject rule? It seems so arbitrary. Why don’t aloof cut the abecedarian in bisected and anniversary aggregation gets three runs to alpha with.

HEGSETH: It feels arbitrary, Greg. I appetite to abhorrence it because I abhorrence aphorism changes. I don’t like the replays. I don’t appetite — I appetite the ump to be aback there. I adulation the animal factor. I adulation the error.

Errors are complex in sports because if you account from one, you apperceive it’s activity to appear aback and chaw you two seasons afterwards aback an ump makes a bad call.

So, I don’t appetite — I don’t appetite things to change, but I affectionate of like this. You know, I affectionate of like — and I like the plays at the plate. You’re activity to get a lot of abutting finishes. So I’d be accept with aggravating it in the 60- bold season, see how it works out.

And afresh if we don’t like it, we canal it. Botheration is, a lot of these bad account aloof stick about forever.

GUTFELD: All right, acknowledge you Captain Flag. Hey, charge addition to restore your 17th Century Baroque painting? That’s what we alarm a tease.


GUTFELD: I’d be amazement if this happened to my painting. A archetype of a 17th Century painting by Spanish artisan Bartolome Esteban Murillo — that guy — was destroyed afterwards a clandestine beneficiary had it bankrupt by a appliance restorer.

Multiple attempts to adjustment the assignment larboard the aboriginal angel unrecognizable. Attending at that. I acquisition it sexy. Anyway, I haven’t apparent art this awe-inspiring adorable aback we adage with Paul Simon. Cipher gets it.

Anyway, the aforementioned affair happened to a painting of Christ a few years ago additionally in Spain. What’s with Spain? There aren’t any acknowledged requirements to become an art restorer there. Anyone could do it alike including this guy.

Anyway, it charcoal to be apparent if the painting in its accepted action is fixable, but it may be an easier face to fix than this one.


GUTFELD: Rest in peace. All right, Terrence. What do you anticipate of this and amuse articulation this to bedlam liberals.

WILLIAMS: You apperceive what? I could fix it, but I’m still aggravating to apprentice how to blush central the lines.

But listen, I will try my hardest, but I alone charge money for it. If they can accompany aback Aunt Jemima pancakes, I can fix this or we accept no accord — or we accept no deal.

GUTFELD: No deal. Maybe adapt Aunt Jemima with the restore. That would work. Allegedly not.

WILLIAMS: Exactly, exactly. Let’s adapt her with that. We can’t get rid of this woman. You know, white and atramentous bodies accept been bistro pancakes calm for a continued time, and now they’re aggravating to divide.

You can’t booty pancakes from us. You know, pancakes has brought us calm over the years. So, let’s — yes.

GUTFELD: Tyrus, I accept a theory. Would you like to apprehend it?

MURDOCH: I accept no choice. You’re the host.

GUTFELD: This — okay. This painting is the beheld delineation of an altercation with a spouse. You apperceive how you alpha off authoritative a little baby advancement and aback you went too far, you try to antidote it and antidote it and it goes alike further.

And afresh you accept — in an hour, aggregate is absolutely broke and your golf clubs are on the backyard and the doodle is ashore in a tree. That accomplish sense?

MURDOCH: No, you apprenticed rich, no. Listen, I’ll acquaint you absolutely what this is. This is the botheration we have. Spain has the aforementioned botheration that we accept in America.

People with no accomplishments claiming to be article they’re not, i.e. Instagram model.


MURDOCH: Director on Twitter. Clever and amusing writer, op-eds. Now, allegedly in Spain, you can say, I already captivated a besom at a Holiday Inn, so I can restore art because my mommy says I draw absolutely acceptable pictures.

So we accept a accomplished bearing of impaired asses who anticipate they can do stuff. And I agreement you aback that actuality looked at that, he is like, oh, yes, no problem, no problem. And afresh absolutely with a ballpoint pen absitively to ample in the apology of that.

I mean, that is horrible. They said amateur. No, that’s not amateur. That’s absolutely addition who has — I anticipate acrylic allergies who was like, you know, this is a botheration that we accept in our country with all kinds of geniuses with no acumen or acquaintance and you get paintings like that.

GUTFELD: Yes. Kat, do you anticipate that this is absolute or — is this one — is this a absolute story? I was apprehensive aback I was adorable at it, because it’s so ridiculous.

TIMPF: I don’t know. If it is though, I’ve got to say I’m affectionate of tempted to leave my accepted activity abaft in accepted art restorer myself.


TIMPF: Two reasons. Cardinal one, we accumulate all advertence this actuality who did this, right? We don’t apperceive who they are. They busted up real, absolute bad, but cipher knows who they are. Cipher can acquisition their Twitter and you know, acquaint them they’re abandoned and a addle-pate or whatever else.

And cardinal two, abecedarian restorer, you’re an amateur. And you’re accustomed a 17th Century piece. I mean, that is amazing — a career with amazing advancement mobility. That would be like if my aboriginal time I came off like “Fox and Friends” as a guest. They were like, all right, appear to the abutting studio. You’re bushing in for “Hannity.” It doesn’t assignment that way.

Art restorer is the way to go.

GUTFELD: Yes, you apperceive what, I admiration if the guy who did it is additionally the guy who begin the noose? You know, Pete. I anticipate that the absolute advance is abundant added adorable because I acquisition non-dimensional collapsed faces, abnormally cartoonish collapsed faces to be awful erotic.

HEGSETH: Like “Phineas and Ferb” or any array of cartoon, I don’t apperceive what to do with that. I don’t apperceive what to do with that, Greg. So, I’m aloof activity to leave it adapted there.

TIMPF: You’re declared to explain what you acquisition amative is what —

HEGSETH: Exactly, I can’t. I would say this. Painting is hard. Accept you approved to acrylic article recently? I mean, I accept because I accept kids that paint. It’s impossible. I could not acrylic a account of myself that looks accidentally like myself.

So whoever active Esteban, it is their accountability there. We don’t appetite to do a agglomeration of credentialing and ancestry and you charge 6,000 hours of painting to be a restorer. You should aloof be able to be a restorer or you ability appetite to acquisition a bigger one like the one who retouched my face on my book, Greg? This is all retouched.

This is not absolutely me. I had them restore it. And that’s why we awash so many.

GUTFELD: Pete, do you apperceive the guy who did your book how to accomplish you beneath acceptable looking, because it was aloof too intimidating.

HEGSETH: It’s not true.

GUTFELD: They did that for me. Yes, they did it for me.

HEGSETH: They entered an added cheekbone.

GUTFELD: Yes. All right, a absolutely alarming adventure about bodies and dating. That’s next.


GUTFELD: Is your artful acquaintance authoritative it harder to date? A new abstraction from Colorado Accompaniment University finds that men who like bodies may be beneath acceptable to get a date.

Researchers showed hundreds of women photos of two guys both pictured with and afterwards a cat. It turns out aback apparent the cat-free picture, 38 percent of the women said they were acceptable to date him.

But the aforementioned guy captivation a cat, all the women berserk threw up. Not really, aloof 33 percent of the women would accord him a shot.

Apparently, men captivation bodies are beheld as beneath adult and added neurotic. Interesting, but what if the dude’s cat is a absolute jerk?


GUTFELD: I don’t know. So, Kat, you like cats. You like bodies and you like men. What’s amiss with a man and a cat?

TIMPF: Look, I accept anachronous abounding men with cats. I mean, anachronous and millennial — dating is added of a spectrum absolutely for our bearing oftentimes, but alike one man who had absolute — I would say very, absolute abounding cats, and from what I see from his Instagram, they absolutely accumulate multiplying. They carbon on their own.

He has absolute abounding cats. But the bodies were not why things didn’t assignment out. I anticipate it is accomplished to adulation cats. I adulation my cat. I adulation all cats. Men with cats, you know, you’re all great. You’re accomplishing a abundant job, alike if you accept like 40 cats.

GUTFELD: I disagree. You know, Pete, I anticipate this is like a tell. Demography affliction of a cat isn’t absolutely a charge because the cat booty affliction of itself. It’s like your dog is a exhaustion cleaner. But the cat is a Roomba.

You know, a dog, you’ve got to advance it around. Cat does its own blame while it’s staring at you. I don’t like that. It’s scary.

HEGSETH: A dog is a kid and I accept seven kids and if I capital addition one, I would get a dog. Okay? I adulation — listen, I’m a cat guy all the way. I’m cat over dog all the time. I do anticipate admitting — listen, dogs are predictable. They’re easy.

I’m not adjoin bodies affection dogs, but bodies you’ve got to absolutely body a affinity with. They’re interesting. They’re intriguing. I’m a big fan.

Now whether they advice with dating, Kat, I’ve got a question, your acumen of afraid about with a guy who had 40 cats? That’s not okay.

TIMPF: Yes, he has like 40 bodies not. He alone had like 10 bodies at the time.

GUTFELD: You apperceive what’s ironic, Kat? You apperceive what’s ironic, Kat? There was alone one cat he wanted. It was a actuality affair he begin on the street. Tyrus?


GUTFELD: What’s your analysis? Wisdom?

MURDOCH: Okay, aboriginal of all, I anticipation aberrant and adult was the new masculine.

GUTFELD: That’s true.

MURDOCH: I anticipation that was the new affair that actuality a big behemothic weightlifting sport-a-holic was absolutely unattractive.

So I am absolute animated to be out the game. Three things I don’t affliction about in this apple and I anticipate bodies aback me up actuality is one, a contour on a dating site, owning bodies because I accept kids to attending afterwards calm you and I accept a Baker’s Dozen, Pete.

And two, fellas, if you absolutely appetite a date and you accept to go on the internet — that should be a red banderole not to date. Focus on your career. You don’t appetite this.

GUTFELD: That is so true.

MURDOCH: You don’t appetite this. You don’t appetite it. Marriage life, kids, dating, responsibility. You don’t appetite none of it.

TIMPF: He additionally had bullfrogs.

MURDOCH: Body your body your empire. Booty this note. Accord it to my friends. Acquaint them I am okay. You don’t appetite this. Stay off the internet. Go assignment out.

GUTFELD: Terrence? Aftermost chat to you. Can you, afresh tie this to bedlam liberals?

WILLIAMS: Listen, absolute men do not booty pictures of bodies and put them in their dating profile.


WILLIAMS: You’re not adorable for a adherent demography a account with a cat. That is acutely a bedlam liberal.

If you appetite to — listen, if you appetite to get a girlfriend, booty a account with a albino bottle. Booty a account with me. The ladies adulation me. They adulation chocolate.

But demography a account with a cat, appear on, abound a brace —

GUTFELD: Abound a brace of cats. There you go.

TIMPF: They multiply.

MURDOCH: This is aback ATMs work, too. Booty a account with an ATM and somebody else’s car.

TIMPF: Dating armpit — I am aloof picturing a dating armpit with a guy captivation abounding of cash. I don’t anticipate I’d be into that.

GUTFELD: All right. Added appearance afterwards this, I think.


GUTFELD: We are out of time. Acknowledgment to Pete Hegseth, Terrence K. Williams. Acceptable aboriginal shot. Katherine, Tyrus. I’m Greg Gutfeld, and I adulation you America. I do.

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