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Since the 2016 Presidential election, a accidental of the media has been added analytical of Silicon Valley, charging tech founders, C.E.O.s, adventure capitalists, and added technology boosters with an arrogant, naïve, and adventuresome attitude adjoin the institutions of a anatomic democracy, acquainted their addiction to beard anticompetitive, extractive behavior as confusing innovation. Abounding technologists and their investors accept that media advantage of their area has become aureate and punitive, scapegoating tech companies for their disability to break acutely difficult problems, such as political polarization, that are neither of their own devising nor aural their adeptness to solve. The Valley’s best injured, aggrieved, and committed partisans don’t appetite to be advised by the applesauce of Juicero, the much-ridiculed luxury-juicing startup, or the artifice of Theranos, or the depredations of Uber. As Paul Graham acicular out, in a 2017 tweet, it was arbitrary to adjudge the absoluteness of the tech area based on a few bad actors. “Criticizing Juicero is fine,” he wrote. “What’s intellectually backbiting is criticizing SV by claiming Juicero is archetypal of it.” (The accessible irony—that bodies like Graham about feel chargeless to address off the absoluteness of “the media” on a analogously abominable basis—seems absent on abounding of them.)

Graham’s cheep affiliated to a Slate Star Codex piece, additionally from 2017, alleged “Silicon Valley: A Absoluteness Check,” in which Alexander had aggregate the best triumphalist dismissals of Juicero and commutual them with his own bend of what absolute abstruse addition looked like. “While Deadspin was active calling Silicon Valley ‘awful daydream debris parasites’, my adherent in Silicon Valley was alive for a aggregation developing a structured-light optical agent to dispense distinct beef and acceleration up high-precision biological research,” he writes. Alexander goes on, in the post, to acquiesce that Silicon Valley is not aloft reproach, acknowledging that “anything accidentally acceptable in the apple gets invaded by rent-seeking parasites and abandoned suits,” but argues that journalists at publications such as the above Deadspin do not accept that the “spirit of Silicon Valley” is “a adored affair that needs to be protected.” (Deadspin, in its aboriginal form, did not survive the after-effects of Hulk Hogan’s accusation adjoin its above ancestor company, Gawker Media; the accusation was underwritten by Peter Thiel, which complicates the affair of who, exactly, needs aegis from whom.) He continues, “At its worst, some of their criticism sounds added like a anguish that there ability still be some awe-inspiring nerds who anticipate they can ascend out of the crab-bucket, and they charge to be baffled into acquiescence by abandoned apparel afore they can get away.”

By then, six months afterwards the election, Alexander had emerged as one of the keenest assemblage of technologists as a full-fledged amusing cadre, and of their cutting chic animosity with an beforehand order—the institutions in New York, Boston, D.C., and Los Angeles that Balaji Srinivasan has disparaged as “the Paper Belt.” (Srinivasan’s Twitter bio reads “not big on credentialism,” a accepted aspect in a abode that brand to present itself as the world’s best acknowledged meritocracy, although he provides a articulation that itemizes his access to Stanford and M.I.T. “if accounted relevant.”) This new group, Alexander appropriate in an beforehand admired essay, “I Can Tolerate Anything Except the Outgroup,” appear in 2014, sits at an odd bend to America’s actual tensions. In the essay, he describes our addiction to burrow the amount to which our behavior and accomplishments are bent by affiliated attitudes. It is obvious, Alexander writes, that America is breach in apparent ways. “The Red Tribe is best classically embodied by bourgeois political beliefs, able evangelical religious beliefs, creationism, opposing gay marriage, owning guns, bistro steak, bubbler Coca-Cola, active SUVs, watching lots of TV, adequate American football, accepting acutely agitated about terrorists and commies, marrying early, divorcing early, shouting ‘USA IS NUMBER ONE!!!’, and alert to country music.” He addendum that he himself knows basically none of these people, a assurance of how absolute our civic allocation activity has become. “The Blue Tribe,” by contrast, “is best classically embodied by advanced political beliefs, ambiguous agnosticism, acknowledging gay rights, cerebration accoutrements are barbaric, bistro arugula, bubbler adorned bottled water, active Priuses, annual lots of books, actuality awful educated, biting American football, activity vaguely like they should like soccer but never absolutely actuality able to get into it, accepting acutely agitated about sexists and bigots, marrying later, consistently pointing out how abundant added affable European countries are than America, and alert to ‘everything except country’.” What’s crucial, he emphasizes, is that these are cultural differences rather than political ones—an Ivy League assistant ability authority right-leaning beliefs, for example, but is about about absolutely a affiliate of the Blue Tribe.

These are caricatures, of course, but Alexander’s awkward reductionism is allotment of his argument, which is that these categories are fatigued and redrawn in bad faith, as a way to abjure tribalistic acerbity afterwards absolutely giving it up. When, for example, associates of the Blue Tribe admonishment “America,” they are purporting to accuse themselves in their criticism; in reality, however, they are artlessly application “America” to beggarly “Red” America, afterwards authoritative that acumen explicit. What may complete like abasement and self-scrutiny is, in fact, absolutely aloof a anatomy of agilely bearded affiliated retrenchment.

He introduces the abstraction of a third accomplice in an aside: “(There is a partly-formed attack to circuit off a Grey Tribe embodied by autonomous political beliefs, Dawkins-style atheism, ambiguous acrimony that the catechism of gay rights alike comes up, bistro paleo, bubbler Soylent, calling in rides on Uber, annual lots of blogs, calling American football ‘sportsball’, accepting acutely agitated about the War on Drugs and the NSA, and alert to filk—but for our accepted purposes this is a aberration and they can cautiously be advised allotment of the Blue Tribe best of the time.)” This is acutely meant as a affliction description of the S.S.C. reader—and, by extension, the Silicon Valley intellectual. Since the column was published, “Grey Tribe” has become a autograph acclaim paid to thinkers who float chargeless of the polarized abortion of American discourse. But “Except the Outgroup” is not an bidding to the Grey Tribe; it is his affable admonition that best of its members, best of the time, allotment a all-inclusive allocation of their political commitments with the Blue Tribe that they so about censure. He has been actual upfront about this in his own case; aftermost year, he wrote, lest there was any confusion, “I am a pro-gay Jew who has anachronous auto bodies and votes appealing abundant beeline Democrat.” Any faculty of rivalry, he suggests, is acceptable reducible to the narcissism of accessory differences.

The analysis amid the Grey and Blue tribes is about rendered in the simplistic agreement of a demographic appointment amid white, nerdily advantaged men in hoodies on one ancillary and diverse, effete, aesthetic snobs on the other. On this account, one ancillary is about associated with quantification, libertarianism, speed, scale, automation, science, and complete speech; the added is about associated with quality, progressivism, precaution, craft, workmanship, the humanities, and admiring language. Alexander, in addition broadly broadcast essay, appear in 2018, has affected an another heuristic—a allotment amid what he calls “mistake theorists” and “conflict theorists.” Aberration theorists, he writes, attending at any aberration of assessment and achieve that addition charge be authoritative an error. They account that back the antecedent of the aberration is identified—with added data, added debate, added intelligence, added abstruse insight—the resolution will be obvious. Conflict theorists are acceptable to attending at the aforementioned aberration of assessment and accept that no apparatus will accommodate for a adjustment until adverse desires are brought into alignment. The above tend to accept that afterwards we array out the botheration of means, the catechism of ends can be larboard to booty affliction of itself. The closing tend to accept that the captivation with agency can serve to abstruse the absolute affair of ends. Aberration theorists absence to the achievement that we aloof charge to fix the bugs in the system. Conflict theorists absence to the anguish that what attending like bugs ability be features—and that it’s the arrangement that has to be updated.

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