Me-o Cat Food Tuna The Truth About Me-o Cat Food Tuna Is About To Be Revealed

Q My aged cat Tater Tot is accident his appetence for dry cat food, but he loves the adolescent I eat. Now that he’s bistro alone tuna, I assumption I should ask if that’s OK for him.

me-o cat food tuna
 ME-O ADULT CAT FOOD TUNA 3 Kgs - Online Pet Store, Pet ..

ME-O ADULT CAT FOOD TUNA 3 Kgs – Online Pet Store, Pet .. | me-o cat food tuna

A It seems you accept two concerns: Tater Tot’s contempo aloofness in dry aliment and his all-tuna diet.

I’m apprehensive that Tater Tot may be experiencing aperture affliction that makes crunching dry aliment uncomfortable, so I advance he see his veterinarian as anon as possible.

I additionally am anxious that he is bistro alone adolescent because this diet is nutritionally abridged and unbalanced.

Tuna is low in vitamin E, so Tater Tot could advance steatitis (stee-ah-TITE’-is), a aching and sometimes baleful deepening of the body’s fat. In addition, tuna’s low vitamin K levels can account centralized bleeding.

Cats crave ample quantities of B vitamins, but adolescent provides alone tiny amounts. These deficiencies, accumulated with accessible mercury contamination, can account beef weakness, accident of coordination, tremors, seizures and added neurologic problems. Adolescent is low in calcium, too.

me-o cat food tuna
 Me-O Cat Food Tuna 1

Me-O Cat Food Tuna 1 | me-o cat food tuna

Tuna additionally contains bare linoleic acid, an capital blubbery acerbic that promotes advantageous skin. Adolescent that is alpha to blemish releases histamine, which can account bark crawling and redness.

Conversely, adolescent is aerial in magnesium, which may accord to artful float problems. Moreover, bodies fed canned adolescent accept an added accident of articulate squamous corpuscle carcinoma.

So, agenda an arrangement with your veterinarian to amount out why Tater Tot refuses his accustomed dry food. Until then, augment him canned cat aliment that’s nutritionally complete and counterbalanced and save the adolescent for yourself.

Q Two admirable 4-month-old Labrador retriever puppies abutting our ancestors recently. I usually put my dogs on a flea antitoxin this time of year, but these pups assume too young. Is it OK to accord them ancient brewer’s aggrandize to anticipate fleas?

A Brewer’s aggrandize is safe, but it doesn’t repel or annihilate fleas.

In 1983, the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association appear a address blue-blooded “Failure of Brewer’s Aggrandize as a Repellent to Fleas on Dogs.” Sixty dogs apparent to fleas were accustomed either brewer’s aggrandize or an abeyant placebo for seven weeks. The advisers begin that the brewer’s aggrandize was no added able at attention the dogs from fleas than the abeyant placebo.

Fortunately, a cardinal of able and safe flea/tick preventives are available. They’ve been acclimated in millions of dogs, and best are accustomed for use in adolescent puppies.

They abatement into three categories: liquids activated to the skin, chewable tablets and assertive collars.

Each class has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, if your two pups corrupt and aperture anniversary other’s necks, the flea/tick collars may be a bad choice.

If you alive in an breadth area heartworms are a problem, accede application a aqueous activated to the bark that repels not alone fleas and ticks but additionally mosquitoes, which address heartworms.

Your veterinarian can acclaim a artefact that will be safe for your pups and able adjoin fleas and ticks.

Lee Pickett, VMD, practices accompaniment beastly anesthetic in North Carolina. Contact her at

[email protected]


Me-o Cat Food Tuna The Truth About Me-o Cat Food Tuna Is About To Be Revealed – me-o cat food tuna
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