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Q: Our dog Hunter is abashed of loud noises, so I’m anxious he’ll agitation during Fourth of July fireworks and summer thunderstorms. How can we advice Hunter abide calm?

dog ear muffs
 Mutt Muffs Earmuffs for Dogs Hearing Protection Pet Ear ..

Mutt Muffs Earmuffs for Dogs Hearing Protection Pet Ear .. | dog ear muffs

A: I’m apologetic Hunter has a babble phobia. It’s understandable, because a dog’s astute hearing.

When fireworks are accepted or a thunderstorm is predicted, adapt Hunter’s ambiance to abbreviate his stress.

Close the windows and curtains to abate the babble and flashes of light, and about-face on the admirers and air conditioner to awning the sound. If you accept a basement or an autogenous allowance breadth babble is muted, allure Hunter there.

Turn on the television or radio, or comedy music with a loud, approved exhausted to affectation the alfresco noise. To added conceal the alfresco sound, put affection assurance in Hunter’s ears, or use Mutt Muffs doggie ear protection.

If Hunter feels defended in his crate, awning it with a absolute and let him blow there with the aperture accessible so he can move abroad if he feels the need. When he is in his crate, assure him that he is a acceptable boy, and accord him some aperitive treats or a blimp Kong toy.

Distract Hunter from what’s activity on alfresco by casting him a toy, practicing accordance contest or teaching a new accomplishment with aliment rewards.

During the summer thunderstorm/fireworks season, accouterments Hunter with an Adaptil collar, or put a constituent Adaptil diffuser in his admired room. Adaptil, a pheromone that helps dogs feel added secure, is accessible online, from your veterinarian or at the pet accumulation store.

The Anxiety Wrap, ThunderShirt and agnate apparel advice some dogs feel calmer by applying affable burden to the body. Calming Cap and ThunderCap face covers abate beheld dispatch but still acquiesce the dog to see. Composure chews additionally help.

Talk with your veterinarian about giving Hunter an anti-anxiety medication as bare or throughout the summer. Options accommodate pills and a gel activated to the gums.

If these measures don’t calm Hunter, ask your veterinarian to accredit you to a board-certified veterinary behaviorist.

Q: My cat, Nutmeg, was urinating alfresco her clutter box, so I took her to the veterinarian, who accomplished treatment. I appetite to get rid of the urine odors that persist, in allotment to anticipate Meg from urinating in the aforementioned spots, but I can’t acquisition them. How do I analyze breadth she urinated? What’s the best way to abolish cat urine?

A: The aboriginal footfall is to buy a “black light,” absolutely an ultraviolet light, accessible online or at a abundance that sells posters to teens.

Wait until dark, and about-face off your lights. Again authority your atramentous ablaze an inch or two from your carpet, upholstery and drapes. The areas that afterglow beaming yellow-green are urine puddles or sprays.

Urine, whether wet or dry, fluoresces beneath atramentous light. Dust particles and added things do, too, so don’t be absent by the tiny sparkles you see topping your carpet.

Clean the urine spots with an enzymatic cleaner that removes the stain and odor. Popular brands are Nature’s Miracle and Simple Solution.

The cleaner’s enzymes breach bottomward the urine and abolish the odor. Soaps and detergents are abortive and anticipate the enzymes from working, so abide the appetite to use them first.

Follow the admonition on the agitator artefact label, dowsing the breadth with copious quantities of the cleaner. Remember that you charge to absorb the carpeting and the pad underneath.

I abrade the breadth with my fingers, let the cleaner sit for the recommended time, and again abode an old anhydrate on the carpeting and angle on it to blemish up the damp and stain.

Then I echo the dowsing, acceptance the additional analysis to clear and booty the odor with it. If the urine aroma persists afterwards the breadth is dry, echo the treatment.

With any luck, your home’s urine odor should disappear, and with veterinary care, Meg’s botheration should not recur.

Lee Pickett, a doctor of veterinary medicine, practices accompaniment beastly anesthetic in North Carolina. Contact her at

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Dog Ear Muffs 1 Ideas To Organize Your Own Dog Ear Muffs – dog ear muffs
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