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Dear Prudence is online annual to babble alive with readers. Here’s an edited archetype of this week’s chat.

Danny Lavery: Good afternoon, everyone. Let’s chat.

Q. Messages: My sister had an ambiguous accord with her health. She developed obsessions with diets, cleanses, and New Age nonsense. She damaged herself to the point of analysis and still banned absolute accurate treatments in favor of “nature.” Her ex larboard her because of this and was accustomed abounding aegis by the courts because my sister banned to hook her 4-year-old and instead put her on a “diet.” My sister died. Afore that, she recorded several video belletrist for her child. I accept watched a few, but they are mostly affected circuitous about her animality circuitous and fixations. There are a few admirable comments, like her talking about her admired poem.

I don’t apperceive what to do. I don’t appetite to accountability my sister’s adolescent with this legacy, but the abstraction of alteration these videos into article placeable makes me queasy. Her ex almost lets my ancestors collaborate anymore. My parents apperceive about the videos but not what they hold. What do I owe the asleep and what do I owe the living? I could accomplish several nice edited videos breadth my sister comes beyond as admiring and not deranged. What should I do?

A: I’m so apologetic that you’re aggravating to cross all of this as you additionally accord with your own complicated grief. I admiration if you accept a trustworthy, closed-mouth acquaintance you can ask to admonition you with the editing, or at atomic with activity through the raw footage and appearance the moments that are best accordant or atomic acid for compilation? I can accept why you ability not appetite to appearance these videos to aloof anyone, but it ability be easier than accepting to sit through all of it yourself.

You additionally accept the advantage of sitting on this for a while—maybe it will be easier to try to abridge article in a year or two back this anguish isn’t so fresh. I don’t anticipate it’s a amount of time-sensitivity or coercion that you get these videos to your niece appropriate now. Accord yourself time, and affluence up on yourself if you can.

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• Alarm the voicemail of the Dear Prudence podcast at 401-371-DEAR (3327) to apprehend your catechism answered on a approaching adventure of the show.

Q. Developed atmosphere tantrums? I accept been dating my admirer for about two years. We afresh confused in together. I accept I am acquainted it added now that we alive together, but he has this odd behavior of throwing atmosphere tantrums back things don’t go his way. His acrimony is never directed at a actuality added than himself, but sometimes he’ll berate an object. He will say things like “I am so stupid, why am I so stupid” and accredit to himself in the third person. He stomps his feet, slams doors, and yells. It’s like a toddler’s behavior, done by a developed man. I cannot acumen with him. The things he is agitated about are things every accustomed animal deals with and are absolutely not annual accepting so agitated about.

I accept approved walking abroad and blank him, aloof abrogation him alone to bandy the tantrum, but his behavior is starting to annual me stress. He additionally has had tantrums in accessible (in a home advance store) and in advanced of ancestors and accompany with adolescent children. It’s embarrassing. I do not apperceive how to stop this, so I told him that activity advanced every time he does it I am activity to almanac him and accomplish him rewatch the incident. He does not anticipate it’s “that bad,” so I am hopeful that this will appearance him that it absolutely is this bad. This man is in his 30s! Has anyone abroad dealt with this?

A: I anticipate a cardinal of bodies accept had to accord with adults who bandy fits back they don’t get their way—but I don’t anticipate a lot of bodies accept been able to breach that botheration by filming the acrimony thrower, assuming them the video, and again accession at a consensus. Say this book out loud to yourself, and ask yourself candidly if it feels reasonable and healthy: “My admirer doesn’t accept me back I acquaint him his outbursts affright and abash me. Now I consistently almanac him so that we can analysis his tantrums together.” I don’t anticipate your admirer is adversity from a abridgement of admonition about his own behavior. Nor do I anticipate he’s activity to acknowledge to these videos with patience, open-mindedness, or gratitude. If you’ve accomplished a point breadth your alone achievement of accepting your accomplice to accept to you is by filming him, it’s time to accept that there has been a absolute breakdown of assurance and annual in your relationship. If an developed man is accepting a accident in a home advance abundance over a petty affliction and addition continuing adjacent says, “Don’t worry, I’m filming this and plan to appearance it to him later,” I don’t anticipate best passersby would be reassured.

I don’t say this to accomplish ablaze of your annoyance and desperation. It’s bright that you feel absolutely afflicted by your boyfriend’s acerbity and impulsivity, and I’m so apologetic that you’ve suffered from his atmosphere for so long. But your acceptance that he’ll assuredly accept what he’s accomplishing is reckless, unnecessary, frightening, and inappropriate if alone you can accommodate abundant cold affirmation is ambitious thinking. You say his acrimony is never directed at anyone else—but he yells, slams doors, and distresses you whenever he does it. His behavior is unpredictable, intimidating, and threatening.

Wouldn’t it be easier to say to yourself, “I deserve a accomplice who knows how to accurate acrimony cautiously and sanely”? Wouldn’t it be easier to breach up with him than to aggrandize your role as his accomplice into actuality his videographer, therapist, and babysitter? He’s displayed no absorption in alteration his behavior or seeing a therapist over it. There’s no acting for alertness back it comes to authoritative absolute changes. You can’t stop these fits, and I don’t anticipate you should try—I anticipate you should attending for a accomplice who doesn’t bandy them in the aboriginal place.

Q. Castle: My bedmate congenital an busy alcazar acropolis for his accouchement back they were young. (They are currently teenagers active abroad with their mother.) We alive on three acreage with fences advised to accumulate livestock in. You can see the acropolis from the angle in the alley but accept to breach beyond a broke acreage and our backyard fence. My bedmate and I both assignment in town. Our breadth has gone through a huge development, with new houses bustling up everywhere. Back the pandemic, we accept appear home and begin strangers application our backyard as a clandestine park. I had a drifter altercate with me that she gets to breach with her accouchement because there are no accessible parks nearby. My bedmate had one adult abuse to alarm the sheriff on him and she backed off alone afterwards my bedmate told her he would do it himself. We put up “No Trespassing” signs and got cameras and a dog. It hasn’t worked. My bedmate came home on a bisected day to acquisition our dog in the advanced yard. The surveillance video showed a woman aperture the gate, cuddle our dog, and bringing her sons into play.

We are at a loss. It feels like our alone choices are calling the sheriff and acute accuse or antibacterial the fort. We can’t allow to absorb bags of dollars on a new fence because of these horrible, abhorrent people. This kills my bedmate because the acropolis was a huge activity of adulation for him and we still adore accepting accompany and ancestors accompany their accouchement over to play. I can’t accept this mindset. I wouldn’t go up to someone’s garden and rip up their roses or use their grill. What do we do here?

A: I anticipate the best important affair you can do is argue a advocate and ask specific questions about “attractive nuisance laws” in your state—you may accept actual little accountability back it comes to trespassers, abnormally if you’ve put up signs and cameras, or you may accept more. You may accept added options than you think. It’s absolutely arresting that so abounding of your neighbors accumulate bent over your fence, blank your signs, and acceptable advancing back you ask them to leave. If anyone abroad has a bigger suggestion, amuse feel chargeless to bell in—but I anticipate at a assertive point, the acropolis becomes added of a accountability than annihilation else, and it’s time to booty it down.

Q. Acid banking abutment to Mom: My mother and I accept lived calm back my parents divorced. I am the alone adolescent (there’s three of us) who is accommodating to host her and pay her rent. She accustomed a appropriate adjustment from the annulment and could accept bought a abode (or fabricated a appropriate bottomward payment) but has consistently been abhorrent with her finances. I’ve now abstruse she’s sending money to a man she met online and claims they’re in adulation (she says she loves him back they allocution on the phone), but she is consistently ambuscade her conversations with him and will bound adhere up if I airing into the room. I anticipate she knows what she’s accomplishing is amiss and that she’s been conned, but she’s accustomed this man all her adjustment and has declared bankruptcy. I’m annoyed of acknowledging her, abnormally back my ancestors debris to admonition (they accomplish added than me). How do I acquaint my mother she needs to stop sending this man money, that she needs to alpha demography affliction of herself, and that I appetite to alpha my own activity and not accept her active with me?

A: By absorption on the third point—starting your own activity and active independently—and by abnegation to booty albatross for the aboriginal two. You don’t charge her permission to alive independently, aloof able apprehension afore your move-out date so she has time to accomplish added arrange (or abort to accomplish added arrangements, as the case may be). You can acquaint her: “I anticipate you should stop giving this man money—if he absolutely admired you, he would not be allurement you for so abundant money that you broke yourself. I can’t acquaint you what to do with your own money, but I achievement you’ll at atomic argue a advocate or a banking artist and try to get applied advice.” Again leave it alone. If she wants to squander her money on a bad boyfriend, you can (and should!) try to actuate her otherwise, but you can’t wrest abroad ascendancy of her coffer annual and acquaint her what to do.

You’re never activity to argue your mother to stop allurement you to bond her out. You aloof accept to adjudge to stop. Again you accept to amount out how you’ll advance an abutting assets of backbone back she tries to change your mind. That assignment can booty a continued time to complete, but it’s actual abundant annual doing. Attending for a new apartment, focus on your own accumulation account, get acclimated to acid conversations about money short, and be bright with your mother about what she can and can’t apprehend from you. If you delay for the day that your mother says “You’re right, I’m activity to stop allurement you to abutment me” of her own volition, or because you’ve assuredly argued in agreement so bright and actuating she comes about to your point of view, I’m abashed that day will never come.

Q. Bye bi: I am a bisexual woman currently affiliated to a heterosexual man. Prior to affair him I actively anachronous men and had some accidental encounters with women. At the alpha of our accord I told him about my acquaintance with men and women, but my female is not article that I had anytime been adequate talking about. This June I accept been advancing out to my abutting ancestors and accompany and accept started to aboveboard use the chat bisexual to alarm myself. This has been a absolutely blithesome acquaintance for me. It’s nice to be honest about who I am with those I affliction about. But there’s a catch: My bedmate doesn’t absolutely accept I am bi and says my antecedent acquaintance with women “doesn’t count,” that that was annihilation added than a phase, and that he knows I am absolutely straight.

I fabricated it bright that what he said was acutely disrespectful, but he’s not abetment down. I’m not allurement him to accessible our marriage. I aloof appetite him to accept me and—it shouldn’t be too abundant to ask—find this to be an absorbing allotment of who I am. Unfortunately he is unwilling, and I am exhausted. I am broken amid absent to ambit this beneath the rug and absent to end our eight-year relationship—there charge be some average ground! It sounds antic to write, but do you accept any tips for how to cross these kinds of conversations? How can I accomplish my bedmate accept that I am bisexual?

A: I anticipate it’s analytical to reframe this catechism as: “Given that I cannot accomplish my bedmate accept annihilation he has already broke his apperception against, how can I seek out abutment and association behindhand of his stance?” If your bedmate is bent to abatement and avoid your bisexuality, it won’t admonition to accompany him “evidence” or attack to actuate him by administration added claimed disclosures. You’ll alone feel added tired, added exposed, added vulnerable, and added pushed-aside, and he won’t acknowledge to these moments of vulnerability and attempts at acquaintance with respect, patience, or open-mindedness. What affectionate of bodies do you appetite to be about appropriate now? Who do you appetite to altercate your bisexuality with? Do you accept accompany who are out? Are there any abutment groups for bi women with unsupportive beeline ally in your area? Can you accumulate accepting conversations about your female with the accompany who accept already apparent themselves to be receptive?

I don’t say this because I anticipate it’s activity to be a long-term, acceptable band-aid to accept a bisexual association that exists abundantly alfresco your marriage. But I do anticipate it will accomplish it bright that you don’t accept to achieve for this affectionate of analysis from your partner, and he’ll apprehend he can either bolt up with the blow of the accumulation or eventually get larboard behind.

Q. Re: Castle: How about putting up a fence about the acropolis itself? That has to be beneath big-ticket than putting one about the absolute yard.

A: I accept that is an option! There accept been a cardinal of belletrist to this effect, advertence that “10-foot alfresco dog pens are about abundant cheaper than abounding backyard fencing,” that “another advantage is to accomplish it airedale to use, putting continued abundant chains beyond slides and swings, and ambience up motion-activated sprinklers,” and “going to the neighbors and absolutely beating home the point that they can’t do this, reminding the kids that it’s wrong.” That aloof all sounds absolutely atrocious and like committing to activity beneath annoy in a way that I can’t brainstorm fosters claimed achievement or peacefulness.

Q. Re: Developed atmosphere tantrums? For the woman whose admirer throws tantrums, I would get out now. I was with addition who behaved in the exact way you’re describing. Like your boyfriend, his tantrums were never “directed at me”—until they were. Addition who is accommodating to behave this way is eventually activity to ability a point breadth he doesn’t feel he has to arrest himself from auction on his partner. You don’t accept to delay for it to get to that point. His behavior is awkward and inappropriate, it’s a ache to alive with, and he doesn’t see the big deal—you can booty all that as acumen abundant to leave.

A: I anticipate that’s dead-on. The tantrums are a appearance of force advised to alarm and cow added bodies into abstracted him bottomward and giving him what he wants. This is acceptable acumen to airing away.

Q. Re: Castle: Your acknowledgment is absolutely off base. The affiche did not ask about her risks of accountability to strangers, which would accession the adorable nuisance issue. She asked how to affably accumulate trespassers off her property. Since she has acquaint and put up cameras, the admonition should accept been to argue with the bounded sheriff.

A: I cannot admonish addition to alarm the badge to assure a backyard acropolis back we apperceive how generally calling the badge after-effects in the afterlife of citizens.

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Q. My wife is abundant by addition man: A little afterwards my wife and I accommodated from our separation, we apparent she was pregnant. Although we were accepting conjugal problems, we were activity through alliance analysis and I absolutely capital to accord it addition try. I was, of course, over the moon about acceptable a father. Things were starting to attending up, until I apparent an ultrasound browse address which showed my wife was added forth in the abundance than she told me. Afterwards a bitter, acrimonious altercation she accepted she conceived the babyish with addition abroad while we were separated. She said she anticipation she was acting for the best because she knew I would be blessed about the pregnancy. (One of the abounding affidavit why we initially afar was because I capital to alpha a ancestors and she didn’t.) To cut the continued adventure short, I absitively to get a divorce. Back I confused out, my wife has been overextension awful rumors that I alone her and “our baby.” She’s been ailing due to complications in her abundance and I got a lot of abhorrence mails/calls from her ancestors and accompany for not assuming up. I don’t appetite to get bent up in a bedraggled action so I accept been blank these. But I’m accepting more affronted that she is beating my acceptability through lies. Should I bright my name, alike if it agency airing our bedraggled laundry in public? Apprehend what Prudie had to say.

Danny M. Lavery’s new book, Something That May Shock and Discredit You, is out now.

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