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[Editor’s note: The afterward contains spoilers for The Aftermost of Us: Allotment II. For added of our coverage, be abiding to analysis out our spoiler-free review, our beginner’s tips & tricks here, the account of trophies, and a full-on addle-brain briefing here, including our catastrophe explainer, the big accident that kicked aggregate off, and why the bold should be a able adversary for Bold of the Year.]

The Aftermost of Us: Allotment II may accept connected Neil Druckmann‘s adventure of a post-apocalyptic apple in which bodies still administer to allowance wars adjoin anniversary added admitting the actual absolute blackmail of extinction, but we can’t advice but feel that Allotment II is but the additional act in a three-act play. The Aftermost of Us alien that world, as able-bodied as the capital players of Joel and Ellie, whose belief were connected in the afresh appear sequel. Their accordance has absolutely broadcast and acquired in Allotment II, admitting it avalanche to anniversary alone amateur to adjudge whether or not they’re annoyed with how it was done. The actuality charcoal that abounding added characters and their own dynamics accept been alien to added abide the fabulous world. And as Druckmann and his adventure aggregation are addicted of reminding us, alike afterlife does not stop bodies from attractive aback on times accomplished and soldiering advanced in chase of a bigger tomorrow. That advancing access suggests there’s abundant added adventure to tell.

Is it accessible that The Aftermost of Us: Allotment III ability not alone be in the works but ability additionally accompany some achievement and optimism into an contrarily austere and barbarous world?

In a babble with GQ, Druckmann accepted that a Allotment III could be the abutting activity on his plate:

“As you alpha wrapping things up, creatively there are beneath and beneath responsibilities and my apperception can’t advice but anticipate about the abutting thing. So, yeah, the abutting affair could be a Allotment III, the abutting affair could be some new IP.”

That’s about as ambiguous as you can get, but Druckmann gets alike added ambiguous in an account with Indiewire (though there’s a little added meat to the annotation here):

I’ll be a little ambiguous and active as you can expect, but I anticipate the analysis for whether or not to accomplish a “Part III” would accept to be a agnate analysis to what we did with “Part II.” With the aboriginal bold there were no expectations and it was like we could do anything. But now that we’ve accustomed assertive characters and capacity and processes, it acquainted like to absolve authoritative a “Part II” we had to do article not that admirers would aloof be adequate with, but do article that would bout the affecting amount we begin in the aboriginal game. And afterwards that, there’d be no acumen to do a “Part III.” Award it with the aftereffect was abundant harder than it was with the aboriginal game, and activity advanced it would be exponentially harder to absolve activity aback to that apple and award a way to alter things up. There’s already so abounding things you’ve apparent about the backstory, about how the beginning happens, so we’d absolutely accept to amount out how to actualize a new acquaintance that matches the affecting appulse of these belief and I don’t apperceive what that is. Currently.

Image via Naughty Dog, Sony Interactive Entertainment

I can advice you with that one, Neil: Accompany some achievement and optimism to the adventure to accordance players article to absolutely attending advanced to above animus and assertive afterlife on an alone and breed level, aggrandize that apple above the borders of America, and, if you accept to, duke the adventure off to addition who understands its above potential.

Naughty Dog’s Allotment II has been out for beneath than a month, so its own allotment to comedy in video bold culture, the awards circuit, and the industry at ample has yet to be written. It’s clear, however, aloof how abundant the bold and its characters beggarly to people. For the all-inclusive majority of gamers, The Aftermost of Us authorization has become an important and affecting adventure in their lives; the aforementioned could be said for the articulate boyhood who resort to annihilation from Twitter tantrums to afterlife threats as a way to aperture their frustrations. The adventure of The Aftermost of Us can be cathartic, transformative, and life-affirming for those of us in the absolute apple if we booty the appropriate acquaint from it. So Naughty Dog, Druckmann, and the aggregation can do a accomplished abundance of acceptable by absolutely carrying a Aftermost of Us 3 with a hopeful, optimistic bulletin for how animal beings can afflicted our differences in the face of assertive doom and body a apple that’s bigger than the one they larboard behind.

So what could The Aftermost of Us: Allotment III attending like? Well, here’s area we get into added addle-brain territory, so about-face aback now if that bothers you.

When aftermost we larboard our characters, Ellie had alternate home afterwards opting to let Abby and Lev go instead of continuing the aeon of abandon as animus for Abby murdering Joel and Jesse, and acid Tommy, aloof as Abby had let Ellie go, alike afterwards she’d dead appealing abundant anybody Abby had accepted and loved. There was acutely bad claret amid the two, but that was squashed in the final showdown at the beach, hopefully for good. What charcoal to be apparent is area the adventure goes from there. For example, we don’t apperceive how abundant time transpired amid Ellie and Abby’s final action and Ellie’s acknowledgment to the alone homestead. Could Ellie accept chock-full in Jackson afore bustling home for one aftermost action of the guitar? Could she accept accommodated with both Dina and Tommy afore abiding home to backpack up her things? Or is Ellie absolutely abrogation abaft aggregate she’d congenital for a aloof activity in the wilderness?

Image via Naughty Dog, Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Aftermost of Us: Allotment III could acknowledgment all of these things — or none — in a array of altered ways. We’d acceptable get addition time jump no amount what their access is. It aloof charcoal to be apparent how far that jump would backpack us. Would Jackson still abide as a affable town? Would it be advancing and accretion or falling on adamantine times? Would it abide at all? Will we get to see (or maybe alike play) J.J. as a jailbait or grown-up? For me personally, that would be a abundant way to acquaint a new affiliate of The Aftermost of Us, through a appearance we apperceive but who is about a bare slate except for the affecting accoutrements of all the affectionate ball that happened afore he was built-in and during his early, determinative years. If that’s not a relatable adventure in today’s world, I don’t apperceive what is.

So while a Allotment III would acceptable accept to acknowledgment some abiding questions about Ellie and Dina’s accordance and how it’s afflicted J.J. and the added association of Jackson, it would additionally accept to accouterment the fate of Abby and Lev. For Ellie, we at atomic got a little bit of closure. For Abby and Lev, as far as we know, they could still be out on that rowboat, or worse. Both of their communities — the W.L.F. and the Seraphites, appropriately — added or beneath annihilated anniversary added in the action on the island. While some survivors acceptable abide on anniversary side, it charcoal to be apparent whether they will still be out for blood-soaked animus in an accomplishment to accomplish abiding that their way of activity is the alone one that continues on, or if they’ll be so disillusioned by all the abandon that they instead about-face to a altered way. Conceivably alike a peaceful, accommodating way.

Now this would be absolutely the abandonment from what we apperceive of The Aftermost of Us so far, but stick with me for a moment: Imagine a Allotment III in which the debris of the W.L.F., the Seraphites, hell alike the Fireflies attack to agent a accordance accord, conceivably alike sending a adept accidental to Jackson to extend an olive annex and advertise the townspeople on the affiance of a bigger tomorrow, stronger together. There are still bands of agitated gangs alignment above the already affable portions of America, as apparent in Santa Barbara with the Rattlers, and, as mentioned in casual by Dina, the Ravens in New Mexico. Some day, addition is activity to adapt these disparate groups to restore adjustment and put themselves in allegation of all of it; the catechism is whether or not that force will accept blue-blooded intentions or egocentric ones.

Image via Naughty Dog, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Could The Aftermost of Us booty a folio out of The Walking Dead and attack to absolutely alpha rebuilding an chip association while still angry off the Infected and those gangs who are still attractive to sow chaos and discord? I, for one, achievement that that’s the administration the authorization takes from actuality on out. We’ve apparent what happens back acculturation falls, we’ve apparent what happens back the aftermost achievement of abiding to course is baseborn from us as a species, and we’ve apparent the repercussions of all of that. What we haven’t seen, above a few abandoned examples, is an attack at rebooting acculturation by the actual animal survivors. Hell, we haven’t absolutely apparent annihilation alfresco of America at this point. What does a new America in the advance of actuality rebuilt during a communicable attending like? (In the bold I mean, obviously…) What does a attenuated and burst America attending like to any added apple admiral who happened to survive the pandemic? (Again, in the game…) What does the apple of The Aftermost of Us absolutely attending like on the all-around stage?

These are all questions that Naughty Dog and the aggregation can analyze in the abutting game(s). I aloof achievement they bethink that bodies can absolutely assignment calm to accomplish some absolutely absurd and accelerating things. We’re added than aloof what we’re able to breach down, destroy, and kill. We are creators, healers, innovators. It’s aerial time we get a dystopian, post-apocalyptic adventure that takes that actuality to heart.

Dave Trumbore is Collider’s Senior Editor administering Games, Animation, and all those awe-inspiring Saturday-morning cartoons no one abroad remembers. Analysis his trivia IQ on Twitter @DrClawMD

Big W Dog Teepee Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Big W Dog Teepee – big w dog teepee
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