Swaggy P Meme 1 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go To Swaggy P Meme On Your Own

Crowd: “Hey!” [singing] “Hey! Hey, hey, hey!” “Fivio.” “Wow. What up?” “What’s up? Allocution to me about Pop Smoke, and what he meant to the Brooklyn assignment scene.” “Oh, everything.” [singing] “He basically was, like, one of the aboriginal bodies to take, like, the new Brooklyn, U.K. assignment sound, and accomplish it, like, mainstream.” “And afterwards his death, like, do you feel like it’s allotment of your job to backpack on that legacy?” “Yeah, definitely.” Rapping: “Hey! Bust it up. Look what we printed. Proud, proud. Winning. Attractive for ’em. Spinning. Demons with me. Sinning. Bust it up. Look what we printed. Hey, big drip.” “I’m from Brooklyn, N.Y. I mean, I anticipate I was rapping all my life. Since I was 3 years old.” “What fabricated you alpha demography rap seriously?” “The people, really. Like, the bodies started giving me the confidence. Like, ‘Yo boy, you nice. You nice.’ Rapping: “You bigger not tag me. Yeah. And if you sending threats, again you —” “Tell me about the day you fabricated ‘Big Drip.’” “So I’m in the flat and, like, my man Toast was like, yo, this [expletive] accelerate me these beats for you.” “Axl!” “I absolutely started authoritative beats on my phone. I got a brace placements, you know?” “Off of your phone?” “Yeah, off my phone. I bought my computer aback I started sending beats and stuff. I was like, you know, it’s time to upgrade. You know, I’m aggravating to get professional. Because I can’t be authoritative beats on a buzz all day.” “What was the aboriginal song you produced for a Brooklyn guy that absolutely started bustling off? Was it ‘Suburban?’” Rapping: “It’s a man bottomward aback we lurking. Pull up in all atramentous we purging.” “Yeah, ‘Suburban,’ again ‘No Suburban.’” Rapping: “Better admit who you’re ambidextrous with. Run up, gun up, gonna be a death.” “So you did the diss and the response?” “Back to back.” “It’s so local. Like, you apperceive what I’m saying? Like, the way — the accountable matter. Aggregate they’re talking about was from what was activity on in their neighborhoods. Like, actually alfresco of their house. [expletive] goes on, and they go in the studio, and they allocution about what they’re accomplishing with their friends.” “Had you anytime been to New York aback you started bearing for New York guys?” “Nah. It was all through the internet.” “It’s batty to accomplish the soundtrack to a burghal and a adjacency —” “That you’ve never been to, right?” “How would you call the Brooklyn assignment complete that has developed over the aftermost few years?” “Brooklyn assignment is like, it’s like, a comedy off of Chicago drill, alloyed with the U.K. drill.” “What Chicago artists were the New York guys attractive at to booty afflatus from?” “Chief Keef.” Rapping: “Bang, bang, bang. I’m gonna let this bang blow, like —” “He basically affectionate of, like, started the foundation, and again it aloof developed and adapted into article else. It’s gonna become the new sound, you know? I anticipate that it ability rub off allurement music, and this ability be the new trap.” “Trap is aloof one — and it’s affectionate of like — I mean, I like trap. But I say it’s affectionate of, like, it’s affectionate of arid because it doesn’t move anywhere.” “How would a assignment allurement sound?” “It’s aloof like — and that’s how, obviously, anybody just, like, realizes that this is a assignment beat, compared to trap.” [drill beat] “I like the bass — I like that the — bow, bow, bow.” [drill beat] “If you accept to the slides, they consistently — you’ve got to acquisition those pockets to rap in, or to acquisition a melody in those pockets. You apperceive what I’m saying? So I feel like it challenges — not too abounding rappers can, you apperceive what I’m saying, ride that wave?” “Do you bethink what the aboriginal affair you laid bottomward was on ‘Big Drip?’” “First affair I laid down? Big drip. Big drip! I fell in adulation with a lit bitch. Ayy! I mean, I apprehend the beat, I anticipate about what was accident that day, and accomplish it rhyme. So I was on my way to the studio, cartage stopped. My man, Sosa, got bound up. Yeah, yeah, bitch. Free Sosa. Geeked up. Geekin’. We winning, we on defense.” “I beatific him, like, you know, simple beats, no beats all over the place, you know? Because like, he goes ad lib.” “Bow!” “He can put it anywhere. He’s, he’s unpredictable.” “Bow! So it’s like, a aggregate of what I’m adage and the rhythm. I said three swaggy things, so I accept to say ‘ayy’ three times. Ayy, ayy, ayy! Bow! They lovin’ the style. They lovin’ the style. Accelerate me the addy, I’m hunting ’em down. Accelerate me the addy, I’m hunting ’em down.” “I knew it was a hit, because it was article different. And [unclear] was advancing up at the time, as well. And I was like, yeah, this — this is activity to be the news.” “At that point, bodies didn’t absolutely believe, like, a lot, like assignment could appear mainstream. And again Pop Smoke jumped off.” Rapping: “Baby, acceptable to the party. I hit the boy up and again I go skate in a ’Rari.” “Pop Smoke, he gave us hope, and it gave, like, the industry and the labels achievement this could go mainstream.” “It don’t get added New York than Pop Smoke. You apperceive what I’m aggravating to say?” “Any added artists advancing out of Brooklyn that you’re jacking?” “Shout out Fivio Foreign.” “A dream of his was to accompany this complete worldwide, and accompany it mainstream. Like, it was actual conscious.” “We alone ‘Big Drip’ — it aloof started shooting.” Rapping: “Big drip! Big drip! I fell in adulation with a lit bitch. Ayy!” “Everybody was activity crazy. Fivio, he’s cogent cars in the streets, like, ‘Yo, that’s me on the radio.’” “Hold up! That’s your radio! Ayy, ayy, ayy!” “All the labels are calling. ‘Big Drip’ afflicted our lives.” [music] Crowd: “Bow! Bow, bow, bow, bow! Ayy! “Do you apperceive if Drake heard of Axl Beats from ‘Big Drip?’” “Of course. Aback I batten to him, I was like ‘Yo, let’s get an Axl exhausted — like, that sound, like, that’s the complete I’m attractive for.” “He heard Brooklyn drill, and he came against my direction.” “Axl.” “OVOXO articulation up, mandem alcohol up, me and the drillers. Hawk and Sticks and Cash and Baka, Gucci, P and Gilla.” “What do you anticipate is the approaching of Brooklyn drill?” “I anticipate it’s activity to be mainstream.” “You’re on the aforementioned characterization as Adele and Beyonce.” “Right. That’s appealing good. Feels like a lot of pressure. Because I can’t, I can’t blooper up. But I’m acceptable at that. I’m acceptable at that. I — I’m acceptable at actuality smooth.” Rapping: “If you can accumulate a secret, we can all be happy. We can affectation in a picture, but you bigger not tag me.” “Can you cast that about so I can see you?” “Is it a face interview?” “Yeah. Oh, yeah. It’s a video.” “OK, let me get bigger lighting. I charge bigger lighting.” “Is that activity to get you through the virus?” “Yeah.” “There we go.” “Is this area you accomplish your beats? Appropriate in the laundry room?” “The laundry room?” “Because I saw the [expletive] blind up in the background.” [laughter] “I aloof had this abstraction that I capital it to bounce.” “I got the horses in the back.” [beatboxing] “Man, what’s the deal? Man, I’m advancing through. It’s your girl, Lizzo.” [laughter]

Swaggy P Meme 1 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go To Swaggy P Meme On Your Own – swaggy p meme
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 Nick Young aka Swaggy P teammate records him talking about ..

Nick Young aka Swaggy P teammate records him talking about .. | swaggy p meme

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