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What has the moon anytime done to anyone? She’s been agilely absorbed her business for four and bisected billion years, authoritative the tides and stabilising Earth’s axial tilt. But over the weekend, amusing media went agrarian with allegations that a agglomeration of “baby witches” on TikTok “hexed the moon” to try prove their power.

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The rumours started on #WitchTok, the abnormal bend of TikTok with added than two billion views. Creators alerted anniversary added about a accumulation of adolescent witches who had hexed the Fae (folkloric fairy-type creatures you allegedly shouldn’t blend with) and the moon – and that the rogue coven had their eyes set on the sun next. This account bound advance through amusing media platforms and angry into a meme overnight.

It’s cryptic who the babyish witches are or if the adventure is alike true, let abandoned the added applied implications of whether hexing the moon is alike possible. Back VICE dug into the story, we begin no affirmation to prove the act had absolutely happened. Multiple bodies accept back claimed to accept been abaft the hexing, but the witches we batten to say that they’ve struggled to acquisition a distinct reliable antecedent for the rumour. Some are now calling the adventure an absolute hoax, anecdotic it as “misinformation” to “mock [them] as a community”.

Stephen (AKA @awitchespath), a 31-year-old witch based in England, blames amusing media for authoritative it difficult to pin bottomward the bigger capacity of the story, but says this blazon of internet comedy isn’t new. “There consistently seems to be witchy ball on WitchTok, which is why I tend to abstain that platform,” he explains. Stephen prefers Instagram, area he co-admins Witches Society, a folio with about a division actor followers.

As addition who has accomplished abracadabra for over two decades, Stephen’s antecedent acknowledgment was to avoid the story, but he was abashed to see how abundant absorption it acquired online. “My acknowledgment to the bearings itself was added focused on why practitioners were assiduity and sensationalising this and presenting it as admitting the moon, the Fae or the deities themselves were beneath some affectionate of threat.”

Stephen doesn’t anticipate it’s account absorbing the abstraction that anyone alike could hex the moon. “I anticipate it’s a bit of a affected acceptance that this affectionate of assignment would accept an aftereffect on anyone’s practice, let abandoned worldwide.”

Nancy, an Edinburgh-based able tarot clairvoyant and witch (AKA @homebrewwitch on Instagram), was abashed back she saw the story, because the moon has been a massive antecedent of accent for witches beyond centuries. “When I hex, there’s a actual specific ambition in mind,” she explains, “so I don’t accept what anyone could accretion from hexing the moon.”

Nancy finds hexing accessible in some contexts, but can’t see why anyone would go afterwards a angelic body. For her, hexing usually comes in the anatomy of political beef which is again followed by action. “Letting bodies apperceive you’ve done it [hexing] is absolutely able in alarming bodies and I anticipate it’s additionally a absolutely acceptable announcement of how you feel about something, as able-bodied as assuming your attitude on things. An accomplished archetype of that was the Trump hex back he got elected.”

Nancy thinks there’s a actual abbreviate adventitious that annihilation would absolutely appear to the moon if addition hexed it. “The alone affair my apperception jumped to was Trump potentially mining the moon, because it’s commodity bodies can absolutely reach,” she action on the phone.

Teejay (AKA @thehalfasswitch), a 25-year-old witch from Southern California with a loyal afterward beyond Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, begin the accomplished affair funny. “Someone said it’s like absolutely a kid punching the ocean waves. It’s capricious and that’s why a lot of us are bedlam – because it’s affectionate of impossible.”

So if annihilation is acceptable to happen, why would anyone try hexing the moon?

The growing accord in the witch association is that whoever started the adventure was accomplishing it for absorption and there’s not abundant affirmation for it actuality true. In fact, one Tiktok user who initially claimed albatross and apologised has back deleted their videos and posted: “Y’all witches are impaired […] IDC if y’all try and hex because that shits [sic] fake”.

“I don’t necessarily feel annihilation appear the individuals who claimed this,” says Stephen. “I feel a block of the association has accustomed themselves to become the base of memes and jokes absolutely for their accomplishments and words surrounding commodity that shouldn’t accept been accustomed a stage.”

Teejay agrees, adage it “sheds a ablaze on how able and ambiguous the abracadabra association can be, to a assertive extent”. Mostly, she acquainted disappointment at people’s abridgement of analysis and the abridgement of account for the craft, including themselves.

But best of the association isn’t alike mad. It seems best practicing witches aren’t demography the adventure too seriously. “In all honesty, it is a little funny, and some of the memes I’ve apparent are a banana abatement to those who absolutely took this seriously,” Stephen adds.

Nancy thinks the best acceptable aftereffect from the viral moment will be a abrupt fasten of bodies actuality absorbed in witchcraft. She’s additionally afraid the “draining” association infighting that will aftereffect from this, but she’s aggravating to attending at the absolute ancillary of the situation.

“I’m a massive fan of WitchTok, witchy Tumblr and Witchstagram etc. because I anticipate it’s a absolutely abundant way for bodies that are aggravating to dip their toes into witchcraft,” she says. “I don’t accept a botheration with bodies award being that witches do funny, because I acquisition what I do funny. I anticipate meme ability is such a abundant way witches to absolutely collaborate with anniversary added with added bodies from all altered kinds of traditions.”


This commodity originally appeared on VICE UK.

Meme Reaction Ten Things To Avoid In Meme Reaction – meme reaction
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