Creative Curriculum Lesson Plan Template Seven Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Creative Curriculum Lesson Plan Template

 (This is the added cavalcade in a three-part series. You can see Part One here.)

creative curriculum lesson plan template
 Creative Curriculum Blank Lesson Plan | CREATIVE CURRICULUM WEEKLY ... - creative curriculum lesson plan template

Creative Curriculum Blank Lesson Plan | CREATIVE CURRICULUM WEEKLY … – creative curriculum lesson plan template | creative curriculum lesson plan template

creative curriculum lesson plan template
 Creative Curriculum Toddler Lesson Plan Template | Besttemplate5 ... - creative curriculum lesson plan template

Creative Curriculum Toddler Lesson Plan Template | Besttemplate5 … – creative curriculum lesson plan template | creative curriculum lesson plan template

creative curriculum lesson plan template
 Creative Curriculum lesson template by KidAtHeart | TpT - creative curriculum lesson plan template

Creative Curriculum lesson template by KidAtHeart | TpT – creative curriculum lesson plan template | creative curriculum lesson plan template

creative curriculum lesson plan template
 Print Creative Curriculum Lesson Plan - Bing Images … | Creative ... - creative curriculum lesson plan template

Print Creative Curriculum Lesson Plan – Bing Images … | Creative … – creative curriculum lesson plan template | creative curriculum lesson plan template

The new question-of-the-week is:

How can you best differentiate apprenticeship for English-language learners in a “mainstream” classroom?

Part One’s responses came from Valentina Gonzalez, Jenny Vo, Tonya Ward Singer, Carol Ann Tomlinson, and Nélida Rubio. You can accept to a 10-minute conversation I had with Valentina, Jenny, and Tonya on my BAM! Radio Show. You can additionally acquisition a account of, and links to, previous shows here.

Today, Sandra C. Figueroa, Becky Corr, Sydney Snyder, Adria Klein, Michael D. Toth, and Barbara Gottschalk allotment their suggestions.

Response From Sandra C. Figueroa

Sandra C. Figueroa, who has adherent her action to accretion opportunities and articulacy ability for underserved students, has served as a teacher, drillmaster abecedary and leader, elementary principal, K-12 administrator of curriculum, and English-language specialist:

The aboriginal footfall in adapted apprenticeship for an English-learner in a boilerplate classroom is establishing a affable and safe classroom space, followed by alive on architecture able bonds, establishing alternate respect, and, finally, administration a joy for learning. Actuality are the seven means I authorize an across-the-board classroom ambiance that differentiates acquirements for all learners:

 English-learners adorn my boilerplate classrooms. I differentiate for my English-learners by ensuring that we accept a amplitude breadth all acceptance are amenable for their acquirements and amount anniversary other’s strengths, languages, and differences.


Response From Becky Corr

Becky Corr is the admiral of EdSpark Consulting, which is committed to igniting partnerships for assorted learners through able development, abstruse writing, and systems analysis. In her role as an English-language-development aggregation advance in the Douglas County academy commune in Colorado, she coaches, mentors, and supports teachers, and facilitates family-engagement opportunities:

English-learners admission in our classrooms accustomed with them a abundance of knowledge, talents, and strengths. Approaching adverse from that angle reframes the chat and allows agents to accede what acceptance can do. Therefore, agents are bigger able to plan differentiated apprenticeship and assessments.  

Typically, English-learners absorb best of their day with “mainstream” teachers. The clear beneath shows that abundant of an ELL’s accent acquirements will action in the boilerplate classroom. Therefore, it is actual accessible for boilerplate agents to coact with ESL/ ELD teachers. 

Begin by extensive out to the ESL teacher(s) and allurement about students’ backgrounds, interests, abilities, acquirements preferences, and accent levels. Architecture profiles of what acceptance are able to do will admonition agents to body on what acceptance can do. Ask parents and acceptance to participate by commutual a clear organizer advised to arm-twist accomplishments information, strengths, and goals. Visit my blog for ready-to-use templates and examples.

Create accent objectives. Multilingual and monolingual acceptance account from absorption on bookish language. Analyze the accent demands of the assignment and anticipate about the supports accessible to admonition acceptance accommodated those expectations. Actuality are examples of accent objectives for acceptance belief the breadth and ambit of shapes:

Emerging (Level 1) acceptance will altercate algebraic cant of breadth and ambit application book stems and a chat bank.

Developing (Level 3) acceptance will altercate algebraic cant of breadth and ambit application book stems. 

Bridging (Level 5) acceptance will altercate algebraic cant of breadth and ambit application circuitous book stems. 

As you can see, the agreeable is the aforementioned in every accent objective. However, the supports are accumbent to what acceptance are able to do at their accepted accent proficiency. This allows agents to advance accurate expectations while accouterment supports and acknowledging apprentice abilities. 

Make acquirements comprehensible. Use assorted means of authoritative the agreeable barefaced for students. One way to accomplish agreeable apprehensible is by authoritative acquirements added visual. Utilizing pictures and cartoon helps acceptance contextualize information. Application Google Images to chase and acquisition photos can admonition for alpha and avant-garde acceptance akin (be abiding that safe-search approach is on). Adding graphs and archive that represent admonition in assorted means helps acceptance to accomplish acceptation of abstruse concepts. Anchor archive and posters accommodate acceptance with scaffolds and reminders as they convenance new abilities and apprentice new concepts. Clear organizers accommodate means for acceptance to adapt their thoughts and authenticate their learning. They can be acclimated for aggregate from defining a new abstraction to planning an essay.

Another way to accomplish agreeable apprehensible is by application gestures. Both elementary and accessory acceptance account from agents application gestures and from application gestures amid peers. Whether pointing to important words, demonstrating actions, or assuming relationships amid words and ideas, gestures are calmly and bound congenital into accustomed instruction.

Collaborating with the ESL/ ELD abecedary as able-bodied as added colleagues, parents, and acceptance allows agents to body a contour of what a apprentice is able to do, in acclimation to body in supports for acceptance at all levels of English proficiency. Actuality advised about bookish language, through the use of accent objectives, supports and extends apprentice compassionate of agreeable knowledge. Back acclimated in affiliation with strategies for authoritative agreeable barefaced for acceptance through the use of visuals, clear organizers, and gestures, acceptance are honored, supported, and are provided with candid admission to accurate content.


Response From Sydney Snyder

Sydney Snyder co-authored Unlocking English Learners’ Potential: Strategies for Authoritative Agreeable Attainable (Corwin, 2017). Chapter 3 explores the affair of axle apprenticeship for ELLs in greater depth. Snyder is additionally a arch accessory at SupportEd, LLC, a woman-owned baby business based in the the Washington, D.C., breadth that supports ELLs’ and their families’ educational disinterestedness by accouterment able development and abstruse abetment to schools and districts. Sydney has added than 20 years of acquaintance in the acreage of ESOL and EFL (English As A Foreign Language).  In her accepted position, she provides able development to agents on such capacity as culturally acknowledging instruction, able strategies for teaching ELLs and acceptance with bound or disconnected bookish apprenticeship (SLIFE), abecedary collaboration, and abecedary leadership:

One of the best able means to differentiate apprenticeship for English-language learners in a agreeable classroom is to use scaffolded apprenticeship and materials. Axle is acting abutment that enables acceptance to complete a assignment that they would be clumsy to auspiciously complete apart (Gibbons, 2015). Axle can accommodate the abstracts you accommodate students, how you acquaint and advise content, and how you accumulation acceptance (Staehr Fenner & Snyder, 2017).  

creative curriculum lesson plan template
 Pin by Sonal v on School Year 5-5 | Pinterest | Lesson plans ... - creative curriculum lesson plan template

Pin by Sonal v on School Year 5-5 | Pinterest | Lesson plans … – creative curriculum lesson plan template | creative curriculum lesson plan template

If you accept a solid compassionate of your ELLs’ strengths and needs as able-bodied as the linguistic challenges that they may face with an bookish task, lesson, or unit, you can accommodate the adapted arch and advance accent development. I action three suggestions for axle apprenticeship for ELLs, while teaching the blow of your students, that can accommodate opportunities to differentiate what is actuality taught, how it is taught, and how acceptance authenticate their learning.

Determining and developing adapted scaffolds for anniversary bookish assignment can feel daunting. I animate you to alpha baby and activate by axle one bookish task. See how your ELLs acknowledge to those scaffolds. Over time, you will apprentice which scaffolds are best benign to your students. It’s agitative to see the advance that your ELLs can accomplish back they are provided with engaging, language-appropriate tasks and supports.


Response From Adria Klein

Adria Klein, Ph.D. is the centermost administrator and trainer for early-intervention programs at Saint Mary’s College of California and the columnist of Scholastic Edge™ – a affairs advised to abode the needs of appetite readers. She is additionally a assistant emerita of account apprenticeship at California State University, San Bernardino, breadth she was the administrator of the Department of Elementary and Bilingual Education; she has served as admiral of the California Account Association and on the ILA (International Articulacy Association) Board. Dr. Klein has accounting a cardinal of able books and accessories as able-bodied as children’s books:

We are all developing accent in accession to architecture agreeable adeptness as we apprentice about accent through conversation, advanced reading, autograph in acknowledgment to reading, and accretion our vocabularies. So let’s alpha by acknowledging that differentiated apprenticeship is the apprehension of Acknowledgment to Intervention in any Tier 1 classroom setting. We mostly allocution about interventions in Tier 2 and Tier 3 settings, but the basal apprehension is that every abecedary is accouterment Tier 1, differentiated axle for all learners in a “mainstream” classroom, including English-language learners (Klein et al., 2017).

The aboriginal affair to accede in acclamation the needs of English-language learners is how chat is actuality fostered in the assorted acquirements environments aural a classroom, whether in accomplished group, baby group, accomplice collaboration, and through conferring. We can anticipate about how we accumulation English-language learners to differentiate, not by levels of accent development, but by interests, creating opportunities for them to allocution with altered acceptance at assorted times throughout the day. Perhaps during reading, acceptance accept several ally to accept amid as they assignment together. In writing, there are added groupings, and those accumulation ally adeptness alter in yet added means during math. This is not about adeptness grouping, nor actuality at the aforementioned accent akin based on an assessment; it is about developing accent through conversation. For example, we charge to accede putting quiet acceptance calm as partners, rather than a added articulate apprentice with a quiet student. I alarm these “talk-alike groupings,” and this action is best accessible to abutment English-language learners (Nemecek et al., 2014).

A added adverse befalling is to absorb aggregate account in baby groups in the classroom. While frequently acclimated at the whole-group level, aggregate account is a abundant arch in baby groups (Avalos, et al., 2007). English-language learners charge to get accent to the ear by listening, to the aperture by speaking, to the eye by reading, and to the duke by autograph (Clay, 2004. P. 5).

Third, we can accede assorted options for ally to abode together. Best classroom practices for adapted are affiliated to account or pair/share-type acknowledgment options. Accepting acceptance abode calm is a way for them to assignment on a autograph acknowledgment assignment application a aggregate pen. Surprisingly, it is one of the easiest means to abutment English-language learners in the boilerplate classroom, but it is not acclimated often. This action works beyond the agreeable areas for quick acknowledgment writing, and it may accommodate the use of dictation, alternating sentences, and alike booty the anatomy of a write/pair/share, which is one of the arch means to accommodate accent convenance time afore any whole-group acknowledgment activity. Don’t anguish too abundant about the “rules” of autograph together; kids are airy and can assignment this out as they collaborate.

Above all, acknowledging English-language learners in a boilerplate classroom requires seeing all acceptance as both articulacy and accent learners, alike in the ancient grades (Klein, et al., 2017).


Avalos, M.A., Plasencia, A., Chavez, C., and Rascon, J. (2007) Adapted Guided Reading: Gateway to English as a Added Accent and Articulacy Learning. The Account Teacher. 61(4) p. 318-329.

Clay, M. M. (2004). Talking, account and writing. Journal of Account Recovery, 3(2), 1-15.

Klein, A., Zuniga, J., Briceno, A., Torres Elias, A. (September/October, 2017). Articulacy and Accent Acquirements as Ally in the Classroom. Principal. NAESP.

Nemecek, D., Klein, A.F., Briceno, A., and Wray, S. (2014). Acceptance Are Talking … Now What? ASCD Express, Vol. 10, No. 5.


Response From Michael D. Toth

Michael D. Toth is the columnist of the award-winning book, Who Moved My Standards, the co-author with David Sousa of Improving Social, Emotional, and Cognitive Acquirements Through Bookish Teaming (forthcoming, 2019), and the co-author with Dr. Robert J. Marzano of The Essentials of a Standards-Based Classroom, Academy Leadership for Results, and Abecedary Evaluation That Makes a Difference. Toth founded Acquirements Sciences International, breadth he serves as the CEO and leads LSI’s Applied Research Center. Toth addresses teachers, academy leaders, and admiral at civic conferences, action forums, and workshops, including accomplished addresses to the U.S. Department of Apprenticeship and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:

ELL Acceptance in Team-Centered Classrooms

English-language learners can advance in admittance or boilerplate classrooms, as connected as an able advisory archetypal is in place. Team-centered classrooms account ELL students’ speaking abilities while giving them a personalized, accurate experience, alike in ample boilerplate classrooms.

Close Monitoring and Abutment by Acceptance and Teachers

Differentiated apprenticeship is added focused on what the abecedary does. What we accept begin is that apprentice teams absolutely personalize apprenticeship for anniversary aggregation affiliate through aggregation structures, as illustrated in Improving Social, Emotional, and Cognitive Acquirements Through Bookish Teaming (Sousa & Toth, in press).

In a team-centered classroom, acceptance are accepted to adviser the aggregation tasks and verify the team’s ability of a acquirements target. The aggregation associates and abecedary ensure that all acceptance in the aggregation can authenticate affirmation of their learning.

If an ELL apprentice needs added support, that charge will become added arresting in a team-centered classroom than it would in a traditional, teacher-centered classroom, breadth it’s abundant harder to apperceive what acceptance are thinking. Through celebratory acceptance discussing, questioning, and debating aural their teams, agents can adjudge what affectionate of added abutment ELL acceptance need.

Engaging Peer Abutment in Bookish Teams

Students are generally able of accouterment abutment to anniversary other. Acceptance can be amazingly perceptive, and back accustomed the chance, we accept apparent them footfall up to drillmaster their peers.

One archetype comes from a 3rd brand admittance classroom we observed. A apprentice with disabilities acquainted he couldn’t accumulate up with the clip and became upset; the aggregation encouraged their balked aggregation affiliate to abode bottomward alone folio numbers for the affirmation they were citation together, rather than the abounding quotes. They came up with this band-aid absolutely on their own, the abecedary approved, and this acclimation to the assignment accustomed the aggregation to ability their acquirements ambition while still befitting the assignment rigorous. Besides practicing their analytic and analytical thinking, these acceptance were additionally practicing acute social-emotional abilities in an accurate situation.

As a aftermost resort, the abecedary can footfall in to remediate students, acclimation misconceptions or accouterment altered acquirements strategies (the abecedary will accept added time for this affectionate of abundant abutment in a team-centered classroom than in a acceptable classroom, due to beneath time spent on absolute instruction).

ELL Teaming Success in the Des Moines Accessible Schools District

Des Moines accessible schools confused against team-centered apprenticeship and saw able outcomes with their ELL students. 2017-2018 algebraic and account appraisal array adumbrated that ELL acceptance in Des Moines accessible schools breadth teaming was implemented outperformed ELL acceptance in Des Moines accessible schools breadth teaming was not implemented.

In accession to the appulse on apprentice bookish ability for ELL students, our LSI Applied Research Centermost has additionally empiric evidences which appearance absolute student-behavior changes and added social-emotional-learning competencies activated to bookish teaming.

Team-centered apprenticeship has astronomic abeyant to ability English-language learners in boilerplate classrooms after accepting to abstracted them or action them beneath accurate tasks than their peers.


Response From Barbara Gottschalk

Barbara Gottschalk is a afresh retired English-language-acquisition abecedary from Warren Consolidated Schools in burghal Detroit. She accomplished ELLs in average and elementary academy allurement programs and was a school-based elementary ELL teacher. Her book, Get Money for Your Classroom: Easy Grant Autograph Account That Work, was appear by Routledge in 2017:

“What should he do?” asked a apprentice as I was walking by her lath during morning-bell work. She gestured against the new apprentice from Albania built-in abutting to her. His aboriginal day in our chic was already annoying her. 

“Tell him to copy, copy,” I replied, alive both acceptance batten Albanian. I acicular to the lath and to the new student’s paper, gave him an auspicious smile, and connected blockage in with added students. 

This barter was from a video of me teaching a independent chic of 4th and 5th brand newcomers over 10 years ago. I afresh retired and accept been activity through old computer files, deleting what I’ll never charge and crumbling time watching old videos in the process. I apparent it’s not a complete decay of time, though. I’d absolutely abandoned this incident, but watching the video reminded me of how I was adapted apprenticeship on the fly for a new ELL. Boilerplate agents adeptness admiration why I bare to differentiate in the aboriginal abode back all the acceptance in this chic were ELLs. Still, alike with anybody almost new to the United States, I begin myself adjusting apprenticeship for the absolutely new acceptance who bare commodity different. This is accurate for all teachers, no amount who or what we teach. 

We generally balloon one important affair about differentiation. Alike admitting ELLs charge apprenticeship that’s different, they don’t appetite to feel different. Back I told the new apprentice to “copy, copy” the sentences added acceptance were artful and editing, I was artlessly giving him a assignment he could do after calling him out. I advised to aggregate all the students’ papers, including his, to analysis completion. I was afterward the admonition I generally accord boilerplate teachers—find out what your ELLs can do and then hold them answerable for accomplishing it.   

The acceptance in my newcomer chic generally spent several weeks in accepted apprenticeship classrooms afore actuality transferred to our district’s newcomer center. After their English bigger abundant to call the experience, they sometimes told me how apathetic and “different” they had acquainted in their accepted apprenticeship classrooms. For example, their well-meaning agents would esplanade them in advanced of a computer for abundant of the day. There are abounding acceptable websites for ELLs, but allurement an ELL to assignment on them while the blow of the chic is accomplishing commodity abroad doesn’t accommodated the “don’t distinct out an ELL” test. Accepting an ELL do computer assignment back added acceptance are accomplishing so too is adapted after authoritative anybody feel different.

My video additionally reminded me I had built-in the new apprentice abutting to addition apprentice who batten his language. I was additionally allurement that added able apprentice to use her built-in accent to acclimatize her new classmate. That’s differentiating. In contrast, some ELLs accept told me they were assigned seats abutting to acceptance who batten their language, evidently to accommodate help, but again were chastised for allurement their bench ally about the lesson. In this case, agents were differentiating, but again calling out the ELL as different.

I deleted the video by the way—no charge for it now back it was fabricated for a alum chic completed connected ago. Ironically it concluded up actuality aloof as advantageous to me years after for pointing out the adverse I was aback doing. I’d acclaim agents be added alert about this than I was, but if you can differentiate your apprenticeship after authoritative your ELLs feel different, you’ll be accomplishing it in the best attainable way!


Thanks to Sandra, Becky, Sydney, Adrea, Michael, and Barbara for their contributions.

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