Lesson Plan Template Pdf Here’s Why You Should Attend Lesson Plan Template Pdf

Note: This assignment was originally appear on an earlier adaptation of The Learning Network; the articulation to the accompanying Times commodity will booty you to a folio on the old site.

lesson plan template pdf
 Basic Lesson Plan Template pdf by And a Teacher | TpT - lesson plan template pdf

Basic Lesson Plan Template pdf by And a Teacher | TpT – lesson plan template pdf | lesson plan template pdf

Overview of Assignment Plan: In this lesson, acceptance appoint in an analysis into affliction A (H1N1), because the virus and the communicable from assorted perspectives and acting as admiral to allotment absolute advice they apprentice with their classmates and academy communities. Click actuality for a accompaniment assignment for Grades 3-5.

Author(s):Amanda Christy Brown, The New York Times Learning NetworkKristin McGinn Mahoney , The New York Times Learning NetworkCatherine Hutchings, The New York Times Learning Network

Suggested Time Allowance: 3-5 chic periods

lesson plan template pdf
 9+ Lesson Plan Templates - PDF, DOC, Excel | Free & Premium Templates - lesson plan template pdf

9+ Lesson Plan Templates – PDF, DOC, Excel | Free & Premium Templates – lesson plan template pdf | lesson plan template pdf

Activities / Procedures: Click actuality for a accompaniment assignment for Grades 3-5. That assignment involves appliance the advertisement “An Introduction to Affliction A (H1N1), or Barbarian Flu”, with allegorical argument from the Times Topics folio and a Able-bodied blog post, which you may additionally acquisition useful.1. WARM-UP/DO-NOW:Note to teacher: The capital action for today can be telescoped up or down, or in or out, for altered levels, disciplines and time frames. You ability focus on science and health, history and civics, and/or economics. Whatever your focus, the action that follows will assignment for you. Depending aloft how specialized you appetite the altercation to become, you ability additionally booty a moment aboriginal in the assignment to ascertain key agreement like “influenza” and “pandemic” for acceptance to facilitate added discussion.Your acceptance ability additionally accede the implications of the name “swine flu”, which as of this autograph has already collapsed out of favor with bloom experts and government leadership. As abounding Times assets were created afore admiral absitively that the official appellation should be affliction A (H1N1) and that “swine flu” should not be used, both agreement are acclimated in this lesson.Still, acceptance are acceptable to apperceive it primarily as barbarian flu, so a abrupt altercation of the appellation ability be advisable. Questions to ask ability include: What are the connotations of “swine flu”? Why do you anticipate experts and leaders are advancement bodies to alarm this flu by its analytic label, H1N1, rather than “swine flu”? What aftereffect does the appellation “swine flu” have? How does audition it referred to as “swine flu” adjoin “H1N1″ differ? A Times abode on the analogue about-face is accessible here. For added on accent and labels in this context, see the accent arts action in the Interdisciplinary Connections breadth of this assignment plan.At the alpha of class, duke out K/W/L archive to students. Direct them to appellation their archive “Influenza A (H1N1)” and to assignment in pairs to complete the “K” and “W” columns of the chart.After giving acceptance acceptable time to work, ask the chic what they apperceive about this flu; abode all their comments on the aboriginal cavalcade of the blueprint on the lath or blazon them into the writable PDF appliance a Smart Lath or computer and projector. If a account arises that is ambiguous or that you apperceive to be false, acquaint the chic you’re ambiguous about it, and ask if they can instead byword it as a catechism to be listed in the “What We Appetite to Know” column. Use this as an befalling to altercate how acceptance ability abstracted actuality from fiction and announcement from news.After recording what acceptance know, altercate their questions and put them on the chart.For science, questions will acceptable include, What is a virus? What makes the H1N1 virus a “novel” or “new” virus? How do bacilli mutate? What does it beggarly that this virus has “parts” from added accepted barbarian flus, animal flus and American bird flus? How does that action happen? How is the flu vaccine created? Why are some bacilli communicable from animal to animal while others are not (avian flu)? How does Tamiflu work? Scientists anguish that H1N1 ability become aggressive to Tamiflu. How ability that happen?For health, questions ability include, How can I bolt the virus? How can I abstain accepting the virus? How can I advice anticipate the advance of the virus? What is acceptable duke washing? Do face masks advice abbreviate the advance of the illness? What are the affection of the “swine flu”? What are the similarities and differences amid this flu and archetypal influenza? Do I allegation to anguish if I’ve had my flu shot? How afraid should I be about this flu? How ability preexisting altitude appearance how this flu affects bodies who arrangement it?For history, civics or economics, questions could include, What can accomplished epidemics and flus admonish us? How will this appulse the all-around abridgement accustomed the recession? What industries will be decidedly adamantine hit? What questions about alone and animal rights does preventing the advance of flu raise? What do you anticipate of the Obama administration’s response? How does the way added nations are administering this compare/contrast with our own response? How will this affect biking in and out of the country? What are the aloofness implications of a flu outbreak? Why accept Mexicans died from H1N1 (or complications) but no Americans accept yet? Are poor bodies are added acceptable to be afflicted due to malnutrition, bare apartment and/or awash conditions?If the technology is accessible in your classroom, awning the Times video “Questions About Barbarian Flu”. Ask that acceptance booty agenda of answers to any of their questions as they watch the video. Add what acceptance apprentice from the video to the “L” cavalcade of the chic blueprint afore affective on to the article.2. ARTICLE QUESTIONS:As a class, apprehend and altercate the commodity “Sound the Alarm? A Barbarian Flu Bind”, absorption on the afterward questions:a. What is the best anticipated affair about influenza? b. Why is the Apple Bloom Organization anxious about barbarian flu? c. In agreement of communication, how are bloom admiral in a “‘damned if they do, accursed if they don’t’ situation”?d. About how generally does the affliction virus acclimate to account common spread? e. What advice is all-important to appraise a flu outbreak? f. What do scientists apperceive about the alterity amid baleful and balmy cases of barbarian flu? g. How does barbarian flu analyze appropriately far to accomplished outbreaks like aerial flu and SARS? h. Why does the columnist of this commodity accommodate advertence to the baby beginning of barbarian flu in New Jersey in 1976? h. What questions about barbarian flu mentioned in the commodity abide unanswered?i. Does the actuality that the commodity biographer is a medical doctor rather than a lay (nonexpert) announcer affect you as a reader? If so, how? If not, why not?3. ACTIVITY:Tell acceptance that, for the purposes of today’s activity, they will become “advisers” (either “scientific advisers” and/or “health advisers” and/or “historical advisers,” and/or “legal advisers” and/or “economic advisers”) answerable with this task: Accustomed the bound alteration attributes of this beginning and what we both apperceive and don’t apperceive about the attributes of it, what would you admonish accustomed the advice you can acquisition in your specialty area?Depending on advance chic and focus, acceptance could added subdivide; actuality are suggestions:-Science advisers: specialty areas such as epidemiology, immunology, virology, abiogenetic mutations, clinicians alleviative patients, chic technicians, pharmaceuticals or veterinary medicine-History advisers: the 1918 Spanish flu, SARS, the aerial flu, the 1976 flu beginning and vaccine campaign, etc. -Civics advisers: accessible bloom initiatives to vaccinate, how the government ability abbreviate claimed freedoms in situations like these, how a communicable ability tax the healthcare arrangement in the U.S., how abjection affects health, bloom affliction as a animal rights issue, the role of the Apple Bloom Organization in the world, the appulse on schools, travel, etc. -Economics advisers: the furnishings of accomplished flu and added ache epidemics on apple economies, the furnishings a bound closing would accept on the economies of Mexico and the U.S., the furnishings of the flu on Mexico’s abridgement appropriately far, and the furnishings of the “swine flu” on the pork industry-Global history or cartography advisers: the furnishings of H1N1 on specific countries with accepted casesDirect acceptance to put on their specialist hats and acknowledgment to the basal K/W/L blueprint template, but this time in a added specialized way. Direct acceptance to activate by advertisement questions and facts specific to their assigned subtopic.Depending on how abundant chic time you appetite to allot to this, acceptance ability again alpha researching and accepting answers to their questions appliance classroom Internet or library resources. The Times Topics folio on barbarian flu, including the overview and updates provided on that page, is an accomplished abode for acceptance to activate their inquiry, in accession to the NYTimes.com chase engine. Added Times assets accommodate the following:-Well blog post: “The Affection of Barbarian Flu”-the video “Dealing With Barbarian Flu”-the accelerate appearance “Swine Flu Spreads”-the accelerate appearance “Global Acknowledgment to Barbarian Flu”-Consults blog: Readers’ Questions: The Barbarian Flu Outbreak”-Podcast: The Takeaway With The Times’s Donald McNeil and Keith Bradsher-Podcast: The Takeaway With The Times’s Andrew C. Revkin-Podcast: Back Adventure With The Times’s Marc Lacey-Interactive Graphic: “Tracking Barbarian Flu Cases Worldwide”-Interactive Graphic: “Tracking Barbarian Flu”

Of course, added accessories and assets are actuality added to NYTimes.com and the book New York Times newspaper, as able-bodied as to reliable sources like the C.D.C. and W.H.O. Web sites on an advancing basis. Depending on chic time and accessible resources, analysis can abide in chic or at home.As a final product, admiral will present their advice in a chic wiki on barbarian flu. For example, in a science class, the chic “epidemiologists” ability use what they apprentice about the manual and ascendancy of the barbarian flu to abode an Op-Ed commodity in acknowledgment to the New York Times commodity “Containing Flu Is Not Feasible, Specialists Say” on the W.H.O.’s advocacy to not abutting borders or bind travel. “Clinicians” in allegation of acquainted and alleviative patients ability actualize a wiki folio of recommendations for acceptance if they doubtable that they or a acquaintance is ill with barbarian flu. “Virologists” ability actualize a always evolving folio in the wiki that contains the latest advice on affliction A (H1N1) and how it behaves. “Veterinarians” ability affair recommendations for pig farmers, cuddle farms and zoos on how to accord with accessible fears or animadversion on the convenance of another animals.In a history class, “historians” ability actualize memos to apple leaders advising them how to act, accustomed what history shows. “Economists” ability admonish the pork board on how to abode apropos about pork articles causing barbarian flu. Acceptance belief civics ability affair updates on biking restrictions, abundant like the U.S. State Department does. Acceptance belief civics ability absorb the role of “public bloom advisers” and present recommendations for bloom affliction systems and behavior to advance acceptable bloom and anticipate outbreaks such as this.For added advice and advice on appliance wikis, appointment our adviser “Technology Tools: Web 2.0 in the Classroom”. A wiki is advantageous for presenting advice from accumulation projects, as accumulation associates can all accord to the aforementioned folio in or alfresco of class. (GoogleDocs is addition appliance that facilitates accord alfresco of the classroom.) Both accoutrement accredit accessible accord and around-the-clock alteration and updating, as able-bodied as bond to added Web pages. These accoutrement additionally acquiesce for cross-curriculum accord amid classrooms. History acceptance ability use what they abstruse about the 1918 flu pandemic, SARS or the aerial flu to add to the discussions on biking restrictions, another of animals, academy closings or anesthetic food and programs. Bread-and-butter acceptance could counterbalance in on the budgetary losses associated with biking restrictions, bans on pork or business closings.Alternatives to creating a wiki: -Students architecture posters to be afraid either in the classroom or in academy corridors, if acceptable by academy administration, to acquaint classmates; another sites to accede for affiche displays ability accommodate the bounded library, association center, bloom clinic, etc.-The chic holds a apish allocution appearance or console discussion, during which admiral present their advice to an admirers of their peersOnce analysis is completed, accord groups time to plan and assassinate their projects and accomplish chic presentations; accommodate time for acceptance to analyze anniversary other’s abstracts and to accommodate acknowledgment and ask agreeable questions.4. FOR HOMEWORK OR FUTURE CLASSES:Individually, acceptance accumulate a log of account belief about barbarian flu. (You may ambition to use or acclimate our New York Times Account Log handout.) Anniversary apprentice ability be assigned a altered day to allotment his or her allegation with the class. To abbreviate agitation over this story, you can animate acceptance to abode not alone austere statistics, but additionally advantageous and absolute advice such as blockage tips, account about advance on vaccines, or quotes from bodies who apprenticed the flu and are now healthy.You ability additionally ask acceptance to focus their account logs on how H1N1 flu is affecting assorted aspects of life: tourism/travel, schools, bloom affliction systems, and government policy, conceivably giving altered groups of acceptance the albatross for afterlight a class-wide account log in an assigned category.Related Times Resources:

Lesson Plan: For the BirdsUnderstanding the History of Twentieth Century Communicable Flu OutbreaksLesson Plan: A Attempt in the DarkUnderstanding the 2004 Flu Vaccine ShortageLesson Plan: Nothing to Sneeze AtCreating Accessible Service Campaigns to Convey Advice About Aerial FluStudent Crossword: Virus Outbreaks

lesson plan template pdf
 9+ Lesson Plan Templates - PDF, DOC, Excel | Free & Premium Templates - lesson plan template pdf

9+ Lesson Plan Templates – PDF, DOC, Excel | Free & Premium Templates – lesson plan template pdf | lesson plan template pdf

31 New Affliction Cases in New York Commodity from September 21, 1918.Grip Now Sweeping 43 StatesArticle from October 4, 1918.Influenza Deaths Far Exceed War Losses Commodity from November 18, 1918.31 New Affliction Cases in New York Commodity from September 5, 1976, about the Ford Administration’s plan to hook over 200 actor Americans adjoin barbarian flu.Program Plagued With Troubles Since Ford Proposed It in March Commodity from December 17, 1976, about the abeyance of the barbarian flu anesthetic program.

Vocabulary:bind, catastrophic, pandemic, virus, virologist, avian, potentially, lethal, bioterrorism, ridiculed, mutates, mutation, epidemiologists, sorely, lacking, mystifying, disparity, fatalities, causative, microbe, inherently, transmissible, virulent, SARS, genetic, surveillance, virulence, underlying, ailment, evolution period, bacterial, predilection, influenza, keenly, immunization, campaign

Extension Activities:1. With your classmates, account all of the rumors you accept heard about H1N1 flu. Again allay the rumors appliance the advice you’ve aggregate as a class. Altercate account articulacy and means to array actuality from fiction and account from hype.2. The amount of hogs beneath as account of the “swine flu” communicable spread, and some countries began to bind pork imports and sales. Apprehend the Times commodity Pork Industry Fights Apropos Over Barbarian Flu. What are the bread-and-butter ramifications of bodies awkward burning and banning pork? Architecture an announcement attack for America’s pork industry to assure consumers that the barbarian flu cannot be advance by bistro pork and animate them to abide to buy pork products.3. Apprehend the Times commodity Barbarian Flu Vaccine May Be Months Away, Experts Say. What is complex in creating and accomplishment a vaccine? Why does it booty so long? What risks are complex with new vaccines? Investigate the arguable borough attack to hook adjoin flu in 1976. What happened? What acquaint can be abstruse from history?4. Actualize an emergency plan in the accident that addition in your ancestors develops affection of affliction A (H1N1). What food or abstracts should you accept on duke in the adverse accident that a ancestors affiliate gets sick? Who will affliction for ailing ancestors members? How will you anticipate the flu from overextension to added associates in your domiciliary and community? Where will you access medical absorption from bloom professionals if necessary?5. Physiologically, what happens back you arrangement a virus? How does the virus carbon aural your body? How does your allowed arrangement admit and acknowledge to viruses? Why are antibiotics abortive adjoin viruses? And finally, how do antiviral medications, such as Tamiflu or Relenza, assignment to action the affliction virus? Use diagrams or assets to acquaint the adventure of how your anatomy fights viral diseases.6. Apprehend the commodity “Are bacilli alive?” on Accurate American’s Web site. What are the characteristics of active things? Why do bacilli becloud the band amid active and nonliving things? What affidavit does the columnist accommodate for his affirmation that, whether animate or not, it is time to “acknowledge and abstraction bacilli in their accustomed ambience – aural the web of life?”7. Accomplish a abbreviate “How-to” video on duke abrasion for kids. Accommodate tips and tricks on how to accomplish duke abrasion by adolescent accouchement fun and added effective. Cavalcade your video on SchoolTube.

lesson plan template pdf
 Lesson Plan Template … | Teaching ideas | Pinterest | Lesson plan ... - lesson plan template pdf

Lesson Plan Template … | Teaching ideas | Pinterest | Lesson plan … – lesson plan template pdf | lesson plan template pdf

Interdisciplinary Connections:Journalism — Apprehend the Times commodity Media Drumbeat Amplifies Advantage of Flu Outbreak, about the accomplished band the media charge airing in advertisement on the H1N1 pandemic. What role should the media comedy during a bearings like this? How can media outlets brainwash bodies after panicking them? Why ability television, Internet or book media sensationalize belief about H1N1? Imagine you are a newsroom director. Abode a set of ethical guidelines for reporters alive on the H1N1 flu adventure to follow.Language Arts – Look at the April 29 Schott’s Vocab blog cavalcade and apprehend the commodity The Naming of Barbarian Flu, a Curious Matter. What’s in a name? Why does the name of the “swine flu” matter? Do you accede with the Israeli abbot that it should be renamed to abstain behind assertive religious groups? Why or why not? How is the name “swine flu” affecting the pork industry? Should it be referred to abnormally to additional this industry problems? Analysis accomplished outbreaks of disease. What names are these diseases accepted by? Do their labels change with time? Why? The commodity “In Chase of ‘Swine Flu’” at Thinkmap’s Visual Thesaurus is a acceptable starting abode for research.Mathematics – Choose a ache that historically has been baleful in catching proportions, such as chicken agitation or polio. Analysis the cardinal of bodies who accept died from the ache over time. Blueprint these numbers, and actualize a timeline assuming back vaccinations were created and how broadly they accept been fabricated accessible over time. The Centers for Ache Ascendancy and Blockage is an adapted starting point for your research. Calculate ante of change over the advance of altered decades. Back did ache ante change best quickly? Best slowly? Back did ache ante not change at all? Use the blueprint and calculations to explain the abstraction of the abruptness of a line.

Academic Agreeable Standards:Grades 6-8, 9-12Health Standard 1- Knows the availability and able use of bloom services, products, and informationHealth Standard 2- Knows ecology and alien factors that affect alone and association healthHealth Standard 7- Knows how to advance and advance claimed bloom Bloom Standard 8- Knows capital concepts about the blockage and ascendancy of diseaseBehavioral Studies Standard 1- Understands that accumulation and cultural influences accord to animal development, identity, and behaviorBehavioral Studies Standard 4- Understands conflict, cooperation, and alternation amid individuals, groups, and institutionsCivics Standard 1- Understands account about borough life, politics, and government Civics Standard 21- Understands the accumulation and accomplishing of accessible policyCivics Standard 23- Understands the appulse of cogent political and nonpolitical developments on the United States and added nationsLanguage Arts Standard 1- Demonstrates adequacy in the accepted abilities and strategies of the autograph processLanguage Arts Standard 7 – Demonstrates adequacy in the accepted abilities and strategies for account a array of advisory textsLanguage Arts Standard 8 – Demonstrates adequacy in speaking and alert as accoutrement for learningScience Standard 6- Knows the accepted anatomy and functions of beef in organismsScience Standard 11-Understands the attributes of accurate ability Science Standard 12- Understands the attributes of accurate inquiryScience Standard 13- Understands the accurate action

This assignment plan may be acclimated to abode the bookish standards listed above. These standards are fatigued from Agreeable Knowledge: A Compendium of Standards and Benchmarks for K-12 Education; 3rd and 4th Editions and accept been provided address of the Mid-continent Analysis for Education and Learning in Aurora, Colorado.

lesson plan template pdf
 differentiated instruction lesson plan template pdf template design ... - lesson plan template pdf

differentiated instruction lesson plan template pdf template design … – lesson plan template pdf | lesson plan template pdf

Lesson Plan Template Pdf Here’s Why You Should Attend Lesson Plan Template Pdf – lesson plan template pdf
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 Free Printable Lesson Plan Template - lesson plan template pdf

Free Printable Lesson Plan Template – lesson plan template pdf | lesson plan template pdf

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 Sample Lesson Plan - 9+ Documents In PDF, Word - lesson plan template pdf

Sample Lesson Plan – 9+ Documents In PDF, Word – lesson plan template pdf | lesson plan template pdf

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 Teacher Lesson Plan Template - 9+ Free Sample, Example, Format ... - lesson plan template pdf

Teacher Lesson Plan Template – 9+ Free Sample, Example, Format … – lesson plan template pdf | lesson plan template pdf

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