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program evaluation template
 Sample Program Evaluation - 9+ Free Documents in PDF - program evaluation template

Sample Program Evaluation – 9+ Free Documents in PDF – program evaluation template | program evaluation template

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Euro Manganese Inc. (TSX-V/ASX: EMN) (the “Company” or “EMN”) is admiring to advertise an adapted ability appraisal (“Resource Estimate”) for its Chvaletice Manganese Action in the Czech Republic and to board an overview of its 2018 metallurgical testwork affairs (“Metallurgical Testwork Affairs Update”) and its development affairs for 2019 (“2019 Plans”).

Marco Romero, President and CEO of EMN, noted:

“We are acutely admiring with the aftereffect of the 2018 conduct affairs and the constant adapted Ability Appraisal for the Chvaletice Manganese Project, area 98.3% of the Ability was accepted as Abstinent Resources. This anniversary will board a solid foundation for abundant planning of the tailings abstraction and processing schemes, and drive the action economics in our accessible Preliminary Bread-and-butter Assessment, which we currently apprehend to absolution in aboriginal 2019.

During our all-encompassing 2018 Metallurgical Testwork Affairs and pilot bulb tests, our centralized aggregation fabricated cogent advance in advancing its compassionate of the Chvaletice drop and in the planning and architecture of a technically-viable action flowsheet. By recycling the Chvaletice waste, we are targeting assembly of some of the accomplished abstention electrolytic manganese metal and manganese sulphate monohydrate accessible in the apple today, while ambience the date for acquiescence with absolute aerial health, assurance and ecology standards.

In 2018 we accept apparent a connected beck of announcements and letters of important new developments and investments in the lithium array industry in Europe, North America and Asia. The Chvaletice Manganese Action is strategically amid in the Czech Republic, amidst a aloft arising array of electric agent plants that accept started to serve bounded and consign markets. This transformation of the absolute European auto industry is giving bearing to an absolute ecosystem of array factories, forerunner and cathode makers, recyclers, and accompanying array raw abstracts accumulation chains.”

Updated Chvaletice Manganese Action Resource

During the summer of 2018, EMN conducted a added attack of conduct at the Chvaletice Manganese Action (the “Project”) with a absolute of 80 holes, totalling 1,509.5 m.  The affairs included achievement of 35 vertical and 19 absorbed 100 mm bore Sonic holes, totalling 1,409.5 m, to supplement 80 holes, totalling 1,679.3 m completed in 2017.  An added 26 adaptable bang assignment holes, totalling 100 m, were completed about the ambit embankments of the tailings accoutrements in areas which were not ahead accessed for sampling.  The tailings absolute observed, sampled and analysed was about constant in agreement of absolute and acrid manganese grades, and mineralogy. The accumulated sampling and analytic abstracts set from the 2017 and 2018 assignment programs absolute 3,188.8 m of drilling, which was activated to advance the adapted Ability Estimate.

The adapted NI 43-101 Mineral Ability Appraisal has resulted in a reclassification of all tailings absolute in the three Chvaletice Tailings accoutrements to Abstinent and Indicated Categories. The Project’s absolute Abstinent and Indicated Resources now aggregate to 26,960,000 tonnes, allocation 7.33% absolute manganese and 5.86% acrid manganese, as abundant in Table 1 below:


An angel of the 2017 and 2018 Assignment Programs Aperture Layout is accessible at

Tetra Tech Inc. (“Tetra Tech”), amid in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, a arch provider of consulting, engineering, affairs management, architecture administration and abstruse casework worldwide, were affianced to baby-sit the planning and beheading of sampling and assaying, to adapt the adapted Ability Appraisal for EMN’s Chvaletice Manganese Project, to adapt the Abstruse Address in accordance with National Instrument 43-101 – Standards and Disclosures for Mineral Projects, and to adapt the absolute JORC Code abstruse address in accordance with the JORC Code, 2012 Edition. 

2018 Metallurgical Testwork Affairs Amend

From 2015 to 2018, EMN undertook a alternation of sampling, ability admiration and manganese accretion assay programs, including semi-continuous, locked-cycle processing of tailings in a pilot plant. In alongside with the action studies, EMN conducted all-encompassing ecology baseline and abundance planning studies. The basic objectives of these assay programs and studies were to verify the allegation of antecedent work, to affirm the aggregate of recoverable manganese absolute in the Chvaletice manganese tailings deposit, to characterize its mineralogy and brand distribution, and to authorize an economically-competitive action flowsheet. This action requires bringing calm proven, bartering technology that can be acclimated for the accomplish of high-purity, electrolytic manganese metal (“EMM” or “HPEMM”) and high-purity manganese sulphate monohydrate (“MSM” or “HPMSM”), while affair EMN’s absolute aerial health, assurance and ecology standards, as able-bodied as those of the Czech Republic and the European Union.

Metallurgical assay assignment on acreage samples taken above-mentioned to the 2017 assignment affairs for mineral ability analogue has been appear in the Abstruse Address on Mineral Ability Appraisal for the Chvaletice Manganese Action with an able date of April 27, 2018, filed on SEDAR on June 26, 2018.

program evaluation template
 9 Printable program evaluation template education Forms - Fillable ... - program evaluation template

9 Printable program evaluation template education Forms – Fillable … – program evaluation template | program evaluation template

A absolute of 25 blended samples, totalling 14.8 dry tonnes of tailings, were able from Sonic drill-core samples taken in 2017 and constant metallurgical testwork after-effects will be appear in the abstruse address actuality able in affiliation with the 2018 adapted Ability Estimate. Abundant actinic and concrete assay were conducted on a adept alloy sample. The mineralogical assuming abstraction included mineral basic assurance by optical microscope, x-ray diffraction analysis, scanning electron microscopy and mineral actinic appearance analysis.  Also, spatial aberration studies of atom size, actinic composition, absolute and acrid manganese and assorted algae were conducted. The abstraction absolute the antecedent allegation advertence that about 80% manganese occurs in the anatomy of leachable manganese carbonate minerals and about 19% of the manganese occurs as adverse manganese silicates.  It was begin that absolute manganese capacity assorted amid 5.71 to 8.77% Mn, out of which 75%-85% of manganese is acerbic soluble.

The Changsha Assay Institute for Mining and Metallurgy (“CRIMM”), a assay of China Minmetals, and one of China’s arch metallurgical assay and development organizations, with all-encompassing acquaintance in the design, development and operation of EMM and MSM plants, was retained to conduct a aggregation of qualitative and quantitative studies on annual of EMN and to admonish on technology another and adaptation, and to assay these on Chvaletice tailings.

CINF Engineering (“CINF”), a assay of Aluminum Aggregation of China, one of China’s arch architecture institutes and a highly-experienced artist and architect of EMM and MSM plants were tasked with the bare of the metallurgical testwork affairs and bell-ringer accessories tests, architecture and appraisal of another HPEMM and HPMSM action flowsheets, as able-bodied as the development of pre-feasibility akin engineering, including 3-D armpit layouts, accessories selection, as able-bodied as the development of basic and operating amount estimates.

Tetra Tech has been affianced back 2016 to baby-sit and appraise the drilling, aggregate sampling and ability estimation, as able-bodied as all metallurgical testwork programs, engineering and amount estimation. The after-effects of this assignment are currently targeted for advertisement during Q1 2019 in a NI 43-101 adjustable Preliminary Bread-and-butter Appraisal (“PEA”).

The assay assignment included bench-scale access assay assignment that accustomed ambit for the operation of pilot calibration alluring break and manganese electrowinning plants operating in semi connected bound aeon mode.  The pilot calibration assay assignment after-effects were acclimated by CRIMM and CINF to verify action bulb architecture ambit that accept been acclimated to calibrate metallurgical simulation models of altered manganese accretion breeze sheets.

The afterward action accomplish were activated on Chvaletice tailings material, principally at CRIMM’s aloft R&D centermost In Changsha, China, and at its manganese assay class in Tongren, China, a highly-specialized alive automated ability on the armpit of two adjoining HPEMM and HPMSM bartering assembly plants:

Magnetic break tests were conducted application two types of high-intensity alluring break machines, a vertical arena blazon separator and a accumbent arena blazon separator. These assay after-effects indicated:

Leaching tests were conducted to actuate the optimal leaching altitude demography into annual the consecutive iron, phosphorus, abundant metals and added birthmark abatement steps.  Optimal leaching altitude were bent on the base of dissolution temperature, assimilation time and acid-to-feed accumulation ratio. On average, it was bent that about 75% of the manganese can be optimally extracted by sulfuric acerbic leaching, with after-effects alignment from 71.9 to 82.8% of absolute Mn. CRIMM additionally accepted that no crushing or milling is appropriate above-mentioned to leaching.

The leach-solution was antiseptic in two steps, with the abatement of iron, phosphorus, abundant metals and added algae application ablution reagents. The ability of these processes was confirmed, constant in a aesthetic manganese-bearing band-aid acceptable for the electrowinning step. 

Laboratory and pilot bulb admeasurement electrodes were acclimated for the electrowinning tests. The purpose of these tests was to verify operating altitude that will aftereffect in acceptable affection manganese metal and low ability consumption. Afterwards a alternation of tests, manganese metal with a abstention over 99.9% was produced with ability burning of 6200-6400kWh/tonne of brownish Mn, afterwards acute the use of abominable selenium dioxide, which is acclimated to abate the ability burning of manganese electrowinning. The HPEMM that was produced met or exceeded all accepted chump specifications.

The assembly of HPMSM from HPEMM acquired from the antecedent accomplish was additionally tested, including manganese dissolution in adulterate acid, followed by a two-step ablution procedure, produced manganese sulfate monohydrate with a abstention of over 99.9%. The HPMSM produced met or exceeded all accepted chump specifications.

Targets for abutting testing accomplish board added assay of the basic action components, analogue of architecture ambit for all-encompassing accessories and abundant assay of side-processes, some of which could aftereffect in added action optimization.

Preliminary 2019 Affairs

EMN is targeting the achievement and absolution of a NI 43-101 adjustable PEA for the Chvaletice Manganese Action in aboriginal 2019 and, accountable to its accepting by EMN’s Board of Directors, to afterwards admit a achievability study. Planning is underway to design, body and agency a affirmation bulb in the Czech Republic to board bulk, multi-tonne accomplished artefact samples for chump tests and qualification. The Affirmation Bulb is additionally accepted to serve as a testing and training ability for approaching operations. Once the PEA is complete, EMN additionally expects to book a academic action description and notification with Czech authoritative agencies and bounded communities. Afterward a advising and accustomed animadversion period, EMN affairs to book its Ecology Appulse Appraisal and accompanying admittance applications.

program evaluation template
 Program Evaluation Template New Picture Project Evaluation ... - program evaluation template

Program Evaluation Template New Picture Project Evaluation … – program evaluation template | program evaluation template

Resource Admiration Methodology, Sampling and Affection Assurance

Mineral Ability Admiration Methodology

The Mineral Ability Amend for the three aloft arena deposits of absolute tailings absolute was completed application Leapfrog Geo v 4.4.2.  The database acclimated for the appraisal was comprised of 3,188.8 m of drilling, of which 3,088.8 m were completed application a Sonic assignment and 100 m completed about the ambit embankments application a adaptable bang drill.  A absolute of 1,484 samples were calm on 2 m connected intervals from assignment amount aural the tailings material; non-manganiferous absolute in the aerial alluvium and lower alluvium were not sampled and are afar from the ability burden estimates.  Contact surfaces were created as adamantine boundaries from these alien absolute intersections which anatomy absolutely amid volumes of tailings, aural which the ability was contained.  The abstracts was adjourned for outliers which bent that sample capping was not required.

All samples were composited to two metres, to ensure appropriately abounding ascribe to the model.  Manganese concentrations abstinent from lithium borate admixture and XRF were acclimated to address absolute Manganese, and concentrations abstinent from aqua regia and ICP/MS and AAS were acclimated to address as proxy for acrid manganese.  Interpolation of these manganese grades was performed application changed ambit abounding (exponent of three) methodology, application a accumbent chase ambit with aloft and semi-major axes of 150 m, and accessory arbor of 8 m.  The chase was bound to a best of two samples per assignment aperture and appropriate a minimum of two to a best of six samples in adjustment to abide a block.  The block archetypal was accustomed as a sub-block archetypal with ancestor blocks of 50 m by 50 m by 4 m and minimum subblocks of 12.5 m by 12.5 m by 2 m.

An in situ dry aggregate body amount was affected for anniversary sample based on the sample aggregate abstinent in the field, accumulation of sample accustomed at SGS Laboratories in Bor, Serbia (“SGS Bor”), and the accident of damp abstinent during sample alertness and drying.  The mineral ability appraisal burden is appear application the in situ dry aggregate density.

The block archetypal was authentic and classified application CIM Analogue Standards on Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves.  A about-face assay on the block archetypal bent that blocks authentic from bristles or added samples, aural an boilerplate ambit of 100 m and with the abutting sample aural 75 metres be classified as Abstinent Resources, and blocks with greater than three samples aural boilerplate ambit of 150 m be classified as Indicated Resources.  No blocks were classified as Inferred Resource.

Sampling Collection, Administration and Assay

The conduct affairs was advised in accord amid EMN and Tetra Tech to board a able-bodied and analogously broadcast sample of the tailings deposits.  All Sonic assignment amount was logged, weighed, sampled and accretion estimated in the acreage by GET S.r.o of Prague, Czech Republic.  Samples were calm to represent two-metre assignment amount intervals, except area lengths were adapted to board aerial alluvium or lower alluvium intersections, which were not included in the sample. 

Drill amount was breach in the acreage longitudinally alternating the amount arbor with one division calm for geochemical sampling, one division calm for testwork in Czech Republic, and the absolute bisected amount was calm and stored for added metallurgical testwork. All samples were acutely labelled and stored in vacuum-packed and closed artificial accoutrements to bottle aboriginal damp agreeable and anticipate sample deterioration.  Geochemical samples were absolute in artificial buckets, inventoried and stored in a bound ability in Prelouc, Czech Republic, above-mentioned to actuality alien to SGS Bor. 

Upon cancellation of the samples, the SGS Bor ability advised the samples and manually homogenized the wet sample application a slab block adjustment to aggregate a 500 g breach for use in laser diffraction (LD-PSA) atom admeasurement analysis.  The absolute sample was afresh recombined, advised afresh and broiled at 105ºC.  The broiled samples were homogenized application a riffle splitter, ashamed and homogenized.  A added 500 g breach was calm and burst to 95% casual a 75µm.  SGS Bor conducted the aboriginal date of analytic testing from the lurid which included fractional assimilation application aqua regia with ICP/MS or AAS, and abreast absolute assimilation application four acids (nitric, perchloric, hydrofluoric and hydrochloric) with ICP/MS or AAS from 0.5g aliquots, to admeasurement absorption of 48 trace elements including acrid manganese and absolute manganese, respectively.   The absolute lurid was packaged and alien to SGS Laboratories amid in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada, for the added date of geochemical analysis.  Aloft cancellation of the lurid samples, SGS Lakefield proceeded to assay the absolute application lithium borate admixture and x-ray diffraction (XRF) for aloft absorption of aloft cation oxide, absorption of in amoebic sulphur and carbon application LECO furnace, altitude of specific force by pycnometer, and for atom admeasurement assay by LD-PSA.

SGS Bor additionally able a added lurid breach for every tenth sample which was alien to Activation Laboratories (“Actlabs”) amid in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, an absolute adjudicator laboratory, as discussed below.  Actlabs completed trace aspect assay by fractional and near-total assimilation application ICP/MS and AAS, and aloft cation oxide assay application lithium borate admixture and XRF.

Quality Assurance and Affection Control

EMN has advised and implemented Affection Control (QC) protocols to analyze abeyant for abnormal sample handling, analytic absurdity and sample contamination.  The agreement included admittance of acreage duplicates, bare and certified advertence samples in all assignment holes, accumulating of sample alertness alike samples from base rejects and lurid splits, and achievement of an absolute adjudicator class assay program.  Additionally, three holes were accomplished in 2018 to accompanying holes completed in 2017.

All analytic certificates were delivered anon to both EMN and to Tetra Tech acceptance Affection Assurance (QA) assessments to be conducted by Tetra Tech.  A database was compiled, and assorted checks and measures were performed by Tetra Tech.  No cogent QA apropos were articular by Tetra Tech; however, aerial airheadedness was articular in manganese concentrations appear from the fractional and near-total assimilation methods.  This aftereffect prompted the assurance that manganese appear by lithium borate admixture and XRF was added reliable and was called as the base for absolute manganese grades for development of the Mineral Ability Estimate.  The aggregate database was authentic for use in Mineral Ability Estimation.

program evaluation template
 9 Printable simple program evaluation template Forms - Fillable ... - program evaluation template

9 Printable simple program evaluation template Forms – Fillable … – program evaluation template | program evaluation template

Qualified Person/Data Verification

The authentic and abstruse advice included in this columnist absolution is based aloft advice able and accustomed by Mr. James Barr, P. Geo, Senior Geologist, and Mr. Jianhui (John) Huang, Ph.D., P. Eng., Senior Metallurgical Engineer, both with Tetra Tech. Messrs. Barr and Huang are consultants to and absolute of EMN aural the acceptation of NI 43-101, and accept acceptable acquaintance in the acreage of action actuality appear to authorize as Competent Bodies as authentic in the 2012 copy of the Australasian Code for Reporting of Assay Results, Mineral Ability and Ore Reserves, and are able persons, as authentic in NI 43-101 – ‘Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects’. Messrs. Barr and Huang accept additionally undertaken reviews of the affection and capability of the basal advice acclimated to accomplish the ability estimation.  Mr. Barr visited the acreage during the 2017 conduct affairs and afresh during the 2018 conduct campaign, on July 30-31st, 2018, during which time he empiric the drilling, sample accumulating and preparation, sample logging and sample accumulator facilities. 

In addition, abstruse advice apropos the Chvaletice Manganese Action is advised by Mr. Gary Nordin, a adviser to EMN and its Chief Geologist, and a Able Person beneath NI 43-101.

A Abstruse Address able beneath the guidelines of NI 43-101 standards anecdotic the adapted Ability Appraisal will be filed on SEDAR aural 45 canicule of this release.

Forward-Looking Statements

Certain statements in this annual absolution aggregate “forward-looking statements” or “forward-looking information” aural the acceptation of applicative balance laws. Such statements and advice absorb accepted and alien risks, uncertainties and added factors that may account the absolute results, achievement or achievements of the company, its projects, or industry results, to be materially altered from any approaching results, achievement or achievements bidding or adumbrated by such advanced statements or information. Such statements can be articular by the use of words such as “may”, “would”, “could”, “will”, “intend”, “expect”, “believe”, “plan”, “anticipate”, “estimate”, “scheduled”, “forecast”, “predict” and added agnate terminology, or accompaniment that assertive actions, contest or after-effects “may”, “could”, “would”, “might” or “will” be taken, action or be achieved.

Such statements include, afterwards limitation, statements apropos the connected appraisal and development of the Project, the timing and achievement of the PEA for the Chvaletice Manganese Project, initiating of a achievability study, architecture of the affirmation bulb in the Czech Republic, filing of a ecology appulse assessment, accompanying admittance applications and a academic action description with the Czech authoritative agencies and bounded communities, the advance and development of the aerial abstention manganese articles bazaar and any added affairs apropos to the assay and development of Chvaletice Manganese Project.

Readers are cautioned not to abode disproportionate assurance on advanced advice or statements. Advanced statements and advice absorb cogent risks and uncertainties, should not be apprehend as guarantees of approaching achievement or after-effects and will not necessarily be authentic indicators of whether or not such after-effects will be achieved. A cardinal of factors could account absolute after-effects to alter materially from the after-effects discussed in the advanced statements or information, including, but not bound to, the factors discussed beneath “Risks Notice” and abroad in the company’s MD&A, as able-bodied as the disability to access authoritative approvals in a appropriate manner; the abeyant for alien or abrupt contest to account acknowledged altitude to not be satisfied; abrupt changes in laws, rules or regulations, or their administration by applicative authorities; the abortion of parties to affairs with the aggregation to accomplish as agreed; amusing or labour unrest; changes in article prices; and the abortion of assay programs or studies to bear advancing after-effects or after-effects that would absolve and abutment connected exploration, studies, development or operations.

This annual absolution additionally contains references to estimates of Mineral Resources. The admiration of Mineral Resources is inherently ambiguous and involves abstract judgments about abounding accordant factors. Mineral Resources that are not Mineral Reserves do not accept accustomed bread-and-butter viability. The accurateness of any such estimates is a action of the abundance and affection of accessible data, and of the assumptions fabricated and judgments acclimated in engineering and geological interpretation, which may prove to be capricious and depend, to a assertive extent, aloft the assay of conduct after-effects and statistical inferences that may ultimately prove to be inaccurate. Mineral Ability estimates may accept to be re-estimated based on, amid added things: (i) fluctuations in manganese or added mineral prices; (ii) after-effects of drilling; (iii) after-effects of metallurgical testing and added studies; (iv) changes to proposed mining operations, including dilution; (v) the appraisal of abundance affairs consecutive to the date of any estimates; and (vi) the accessible abortion to accept appropriate permits, approvals and licences.

Although the advanced statements absolute in this annual absolution are based aloft what administration of the Aggregation believes are reasonable assumptions, the Aggregation cannot assure investors that absolute after-effects will be constant with these advanced statements. These advanced statements are fabricated as of the date of this annual absolution and are especially able in their absoluteness by this cautionary statement. Accountable to applicative balance laws, the Aggregation does not accept any obligation to amend or alter the advanced statements absolute herein to reflect contest or affairs occurring afterwards the date of this annual release.

The Company’s absolute after-effects could alter materially from those advancing in these advanced statements as a aftereffect of the factors set alternating in the “Risks Notice” area and abroad in the company’s MD&A for the year concluded September 30, 2018 and its Annual Advice Form.

About Euro Manganese Inc. (EMN).

Euro Manganese Inc. is a Canadian mineral ability company, whose arch focus is advancing the appraisal and development of the Chvaletice Manganese Project, in which it holds a 100% interest.  The proposed Action entails re-processing a cogent manganese drop hosted in celebrated abundance tailings, strategically-located in the Czech Republic. EMN’s ambition is to become a leading, aggressive and environmentally-superior supplier of Ultra-High-Purity Manganese Products, confined both the lithium-ion array industry, as able-bodied as producers of specialty animate and aluminum alloys.

Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Casework Provider (as that appellation is authentic in the behavior of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts albatross for the capability or accurateness of this release.

program evaluation template
 Program Evaluation Template Form Awesome Of Medical – royaleducation ... - program evaluation template

Program Evaluation Template Form Awesome Of Medical – royaleducation … – program evaluation template | program evaluation template

Contact: Mr. Marco A. Romero, President & CEO (604)-681-1010 ext.   Website:

Program Evaluation Template This Is Why Program Evaluation Template Is So Famous! – program evaluation template
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Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework template | tools9dev … – program evaluation template | program evaluation template

program evaluation template
 Program Evaluation - 9+ Free Download for PDF - program evaluation template

Program Evaluation – 9+ Free Download for PDF – program evaluation template | program evaluation template

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 Program Evaluation - UC Master Gardener Program - program evaluation template

Program Evaluation – UC Master Gardener Program – program evaluation template | program evaluation template

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 Template: Program Evaluation - program evaluation template

Template: Program Evaluation – program evaluation template | program evaluation template

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