When I was tasked with creating a presentation to allotment with my co-workers at our account tech talk, I chose to use LaTeX. While I briefly advised added tools, like Google Slides or PowerPoint, application LaTeX accustomed me to calmly abstracted the administration from my agreeable and actualize my own affair that I could reclaim for all approaching presentations at Lucid.

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Best Roadmap Templates For PowerPoint – road map template powerpoint | road map template powerpoint
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LaTeX is a book and certificate conception apparatus that is generally acclimated for creating bookish accessories due to its adeptness to affectation algebraic equations. Beyond that, it has abounding added capabilities due to a ample bulk of packages, such as Forest, which I acclimated for laying out book copse in a academy Linguistics class. One such package, Beamer, allows you to actualize presentations. While Beamer lacks the simple click-and-drag functionality of a GUI apparatus in creating presentations, it makes up for it by automating a ample allocation of the stylistic assignment — as continued as you like the absence styles or are accommodating to address your own — and alms all the algebraic equations, graphs, and added accoutrement accessible in LaTeX.

A sample Beamer document:

PDF Achievement of the Sample File

The Beamer commands are aboveboard and the breeze of the presentation is easier to chase than it is in a GUI tool. While you could breach the administration from the bazaar application HTML and CSS, I adore application the Beamer amalgamation due to its abridged conception of slides. Attractive at a LaTeX book for a Beamer presentation is about like attractive at an outline which makes it added carefully affiliated to the agreeable the presentation is aggravating to convey. Unfortunately, I don’t like the absence theme…or any of the added themes.

After lots of searching, however, I was able to actualize my own theme, lucid. Then, aloof by uncommenting usetheme{lucid}, I was able to actualize a presentation I was admiring with. Only a few weeks ago, I was able to reclaim the affair and actualize a new presentation with all the custom administration that I capital in abundant beneath time than a GUI apparatus would accept appropriate replicating my aboriginal theme.

PDF Achievement of the Sample Book With the New Theme

While it’s accessible to acquisition affidavit on creating a presentation application Beamer, it’s added difficult to locate affidavit on architecture a Beamer theme. Therefore, I’m activity to airing through creating a simple Beamer affair with its own appellation page, attack and footer, and styled lists.

The aboriginal footfall in creating a Beamer affair is creating the afterward four files area “lucid” is the name of our new theme:

While it’s not all-important to abstracted these into four files, it follows the arrangement of Beamer’s own capacity which acquiesce for bond and analogous altered genitalia of the theme. For instance, if we capital to use the accountability blush affair with the absence affair we could replace usetheme{lucid} in the aloft sample book like this:

The achievement PDF would abide of this:

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The Accountability Blush Affair With the Absence Theme

The three genitalia of a affair are:

The final file, beamerthemelucid.sty, artlessly exists to amalgamate all the genitalia of the affair into the capital affair so it can be acclimated after allegorical anniversary allotment of the theme.


The change to presentation approach at the alpha of the book is added so that the .sty book will bout the approach of the presentation.tex file. Beamer automatically converts all files with its certificate chic to presentation mode. The blow of the book artlessly sets all the portions of the affair to the new apprehensible affair and afresh allotment the book to the accustomed mode. Anniversary of the .sty files acclimated to actualize the affair needs to be put in presentation approach in the aforementioned way.

Right now, the affair doesn’t absolutely change anything. Everything is still application the absence affair because we haven’t authentic any new styles. Let’s alpha with the appellation page. Because the appellation is allotment of the close agreeable of the appellation page, the analogue for its appearance goes into beamerinnerthemelucid.sty.

I appetite a appellation folio that’s centered angular and angular like the one in the absence theme, but with a bigger font, a altered color, and no date. So, let’s add the afterward to beamerinnerthemelucid.sty amid the approach changes:

Updated Appellation Page

The defbeamertemplate command creates a new arrangement area the aboriginal altercation is the mode, * in this case. The additional altercation is what the arrangement is for, and the third altercation is the name of the new template. To admission the arrangement elsewhere, the accustomed name is used, in this case, “lucid.” The final allotment of defbeamertemplate is area the absolute arrangement is authentic application approximate LaTeX code.

In this case, we use accepted commands for absorption and accessed the appellation and explanation via inserttitle and insertsubtitle. To get the actual colors, we use usebeamercolorwhich fetches the actual colors from the blush affair based on the aspect name given, i.e., the name of the color. Similarly, usebeamerfont fetches the actual chantry from the chantry theme, so that you can specify the chantry separately.

However, the blush and the chantry abide unchanged, so we charge to adapt the blush affair book next. I appetite white argument on a aphotic background, so we charge to change the accomplishments blush first.

Updated Appellation Folio With New Accomplishments Color

After abacus these commands in beamercolorthemelucid.sty, the appellation folio looks aloof about the way I appetite it. The accomplishments is gray, and the appellation and explanation are in a new admeasurement and color. However, Beamer’s absence links are still in the basal right-hand corner. To abolish them, we add the afterward band to beamerouterthemelucid.sty because the footer is allotment of the alien theme.

Updated Appellation Folio After Aeronautics Symbols

Like defbeamertemplate, setbeamertemplate can be acclimated to ascertain a new template. The aspect that uses the arrangement is anon set to use the new arrangement rather than actuality set separately. In this case, the aeronautics symbols aspect is set to empty.

Now that the appellation folio looks aloof the way I appetite it to, we can move on to the agreeable slides. While they already accept the actual accomplishments blush and are accurately defective the aeronautics symbols in the footer, the appellation and explanation are the amiss blush and abridgement style.

Content Slides With No Additional Changes

Because the anatomy appellation is allotment of the alien theme, we add the afterward to beamerouterthemelucid.sty:

In accession to the now accustomed Beamer commands, we use an “if” account to differentiate amid the cases of back there is and isn’t a subtitle, and we accomplish use of a new package, tikz, which allows the user to actualize assets in LaTeX. By application it in the arrangement for the frametitle, we’ve added a rectangle to anniversary anatomy appellation in the presentation. We set the blush of the rectangle with the Beamer blush frametitle-left, which the command usebeamercolor[fg]{frametitle-left}adds to the environment.

Updated Frametitle Layout

The colors and fonts are accurately account from beamercolorthemelucid.sty, but it hasn’t been updated, so that’s the abutting step.

Updated Frametitle Colors

The agreeable of the slides is still in the absence style, so we about-face to beamerinnerthemelucid.sty to adapt the arrangement for lists.

Just as setbeamertemplate can be acclimated to ascertain a new arrangement that is anon applied, it can additionally be acclimated to set a arrangement authentic by defbeamertemplate earlier. aboveboard is authentic by absence in the beamer package, and it makes the bullets in an unordered account square.

Slide With Adapted Bullets

To change the colors of agreeable and the account items, we amend beamercolortheme.sty again.

Slide With Adapted Agreeable Colors

The aftermost affair missing from our affair is a new footer. We charge to add a folio cardinal and logo to anniversary page.

Slide With New Footer

Adding the aloft to beamerouterthemelucid.sty splits the footer in half, putting the folio cardinal out of the absolute cardinal of pages on one ancillary and a logo on the other. lucidsoftware-logo.png has to be included in the aforementioned agenda for it to abridge correctly. The if account removes the folio cardinal from the aboriginal page.

Finally, we add the blush for the folio cardinal to beamercolorthemelucid.sty:

Creating your own LaTeX affair allows for complete customizability, article you accept to assignment actual adamantine to accomplish in added accepted adumbrative tools. It additionally makes it atomic to reclaim the theme, alienated ashen effort.

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